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Item #: SCP-1985

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1985 is contained at Sub-Site-███, and is to be kept in good condition and health. Ongoing research on SCP-1985-A is mandatory.

If SCP-1985 is judged to become a significant security risk due to exposure to another anomalous entity, device error, or any other reason, Protocol 1985-Adahn will be enacted. Protocol 1985-Adahn is classified Level 4 and will be automatically disseminated to all personnel involved with SCP-1985 in case of containment breach.

Mobile Task Force Omicron-1985 is responsible for retrieving SCP-1985 upon its return from an excursion. Deployment of mass amnestics is pre-approved if SCP-1985's return is witnessed by multiple members of the civilian populace.

SCP-1985 has been implanted with a tracking device and is currently allowed Class 1 (full/non-restricted) free-roaming and socialization privileges with approved site personnel, granted based on continued good behavior and additional classified information. Per Class 1 protocols, SCP-1985 is not allowed outside of approved areas of Sub-Site-███, and not allowed outside its containment without being accompanied by approved personnel (except upon temporary involuntary relocation). Approved personnel may interact with SCP-1985 under protocol guidelines, and may refer to SCP-1985 by its first name. Approval of personnel for Class 1 interaction with SCP-1985 is currently handled by Dr. Glass.

SCP-1985's containment chamber currently includes a computer with an Internet connection. All data sent to an outside network by SCP-1985 is managed by monitoring personnel. No real-time access is allowed. See Containment Protocol R-Zenith-13.

During excursions, SCP-1985 is to have assigned equipment on its person at all times. All retrieved items are to be secured as soon as possible once an excursion ends.

Description: SCP-1985 is a female human of African-American origin, named Jacqueline ███████. SCP-1985-A is a trans-universal teleportation device implanted in SCP-1985's body, including millions of ultra-thin components in its brain and spinal cord, and several large components located in its thorax and abdomen. Anomalous qualities of both SCP-1985 and SCP-1985-A appear to have been based on qualities of multiple other SCP items.

When SCP-1985 dies, SCP-1985-A is activated.

Upon activation, SCP-1985-A transports SCP-1985 to what appears to be a parallel reality. This parallel reality will usually (approx. 95% rate) be undergoing a K-Class scenario somewhat consistent with the Jackson K-Class Classification System. The 5% deviation is thought to result from utilization of a slightly different K-Class classification system than in use by any currently extant Foundation branches.1

The destination reality that SCP-1985 is transported to cannot be perfectly controlled, but certain realities and types of scenarios can be targeted by "priming" SCP-1985. SCP-1985 is primed by exposure to materials related to the goal topic in the period shortly before initiation of an excursion.

Any items or persons that SCP-1985 is in contact with (and specifically desires to transport) are transported with it. SCP-1985 cannot transport any material except what it is wearing if unconscious for more than 5 minutes prior to death.

Two-way communication is possible with SCP-1985 during an excursion; signals may be sent and received as if all equipment were located in the same reality. Signals are apparently shielded from carrying anomalous effects.

SCP-1985 arrives in the alternate reality in a random location close to the surface of Earth's crust. This location may be of any nature, whether underwater, underground, or mid-atmosphere. For this reason (and others), transportation of personnel with SCP-1985 is inadvisable.

SCP-1985 is returned to life in a significantly altered physical state. In SCP-1985's altered state, it is highly resistant to all forms of physical injury, as well as many anomalous effects. It is able to survive without food, water, and oxygen for a prolonged period of time (variant based on unknown factors). Components of SCP-1985-A extrude from its body, notably fine metallic threads covering the surface of its skin.

SCP-1985-A will return SCP-1985 from its excursion once one of the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • SCP-1985 dies.
  • SCP-1985 does not die, but is subject to completely crippling damage, or a loss of more than 10% of its body mass.
  • 6 (six) months have passed. SCP-1985 claims that this six-month time period is a "default setting" that can be altered with proper devices, and that it can stay in the destination reality for several years before running out of power.

SCP-1985 is returned alive and free of physical injury, in its baseline physical state. Usually, SCP-1985 will return to a random location not inimical to survival (in contrast to excursion initiation).

SCP-1985 will always undergo an automatic excursion event if 30 days passes with no triggered excursions occurring. Mechanism for cause of death in this case is unclear; all bodily functions simply cease to operate simultaneously. SCP-1985 claims the 1-month time period may also be altered with control devices.

Foundation researchers have been able to interface with SCP-1985-A. Information recovery is ongoing. Efforts to reconstruct SCP-1985-A control devices are currently underway.

SCP-1985 was discovered on ██/██/19██ in [REDACTED] Los Angeles, California, two days after it was witnessed by several locals in the act of appearing "out of thin air". SCP-1985 evaded witnesses and checked itself into a local hospital. SCP-1985 expressed confusion at the delay in recovery once Foundation personnel arrived. According to SCP-1985, the Foundation implanted it with SCP-1985-A and had been sending it on regular excursions, until contact was unexpectedly dropped midway through its last trip.

SCP-1985 appears to have been designed by the Foundation in an alternate reality or [REDACTED] under a program referred to as Project Rhodes. All anomalous traits of SCP-1985 appear to have been derived from anomalous objects contained by the Foundation. SCP-1985 was one of thirty-seven other "successful" products of Project Rhodes (which also produced five hundred and ninety-three "unsuccessful" products), and is referred to as "K-Class Scenario Research Device R-21".

See SCP-1985 Recovered Information. [DATA EXPUNGED] No other "successful" products of Project Rhodes have yet been discovered.

SCP-1985 displays the following notable physical traits:

  • History of clinical depression, anorexia nervosa, cancer, and alcoholism.
  • Extensive scar tissue present throughout its body, both internally and externally (particularly around the spine and back of head).
  • Drastically slowed aging process. Pre-recovery use of amnestics has made actual age difficult to discern. Appears to be in late twenties.
  • Possible protection from some restructuring events.
  • [Level 3 Access Granted] SCP-1985 has a duplicate living in [REDACTED]. Duplicate is identical to SCP-1985 except lacking anomalous attributes.

Protocol 1985-Adahn: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Excursions: Individuals with appropriate clearance level may access further details of SCP-1985's excursions in Disseminated Documentation 1985-Alpha.


Per request: A representative example of a lowered priming success rate is Excursion 289-0AJ-PO5, in which SCP-1985 was primed with information about [REDACTED], and agitated via references to SCP-1985's homosexuality and religious background. This resulted in SCP-1985 traveling to a reality in which a Christianity-based cult had successfully exterminated all non-heterosexual humans via anomalous means. I've attached a file listing similar results. This is why we don't recommend agitating SCP-1985 outside of guidelines. At best, you'll end up with a lowered success rate.
- Dr. ███████

Addendum: [DATA EXPUNGED] The list of distinct scenarios (without duplicates, and following the Jackson K-Class Classification System) includes ███ XK-class Type Alpha (scorched earth) end of the world scenarios, ███ XK-class Type Omega (religious) end of the world scenarios, ███ AK-class "madness" end of the world scenarios, ██ EK-class "consciousness-loss" end of the world scenarios, ███ NK-class "grey goo" end of the world scenarios, ███ CK-class restructuring scenarios, ███ RK-class "out-competition" restructuring scenarios, ███ SK-class dominance shift scenarios, ███ IK-class collapse of global civilization scenarios, [DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum: On 05/19/19██, SCP-1985 submitted a single request for administration of Class-N targeted amnestics. Request was denied.

Update: Personnel with Level 4 clearance may refer to Excursion XJU-034-IQ1 for further information on SCP-1985's nature.

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