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Item #: SCP-1990-EX l1.png Object Class: Explained
Level 1 Clearance Threat Level: Green



Special Containment Procedures: No special containment procedures are necessary. SCP-1990-EX-01's remains are currently buried at Memorial Park Cemetery in Dalhart, Texas, United States. The computer disk containing the unfinished text of SCP-1990-EX-02 is stored in the private collection of Waco Siege survivor ████ ██████, with a digital copy of the text publicly available.

Description: SCP-1990-EX is the joint designation assigned to SCP-1990-EX-01 and SCP-1990-EX-02. SCP-1990-EX-01 is the deceased 33-year old Caucasian male identified as David Koresh, the messianic leader of the Branch Davidians, a Christian denomination split off from the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

SCP-1990-EX-02 is the manuscript entitled The Decoded Message Of The Seven Seals Of The Book Of Revelation, a theological gospel explaining the divinity of David Koresh, as written by him. SCP-1990-EX-02 was only partially completed before SCP-1990-EX-01 was terminated by █████ █████████, one of the Branch Davidian followers inside the Mount Carmel Compound.

Discovery: SCP-1990-EX-01 was brought to the attention of the Foundation when a Foundation operative embedded within the US Department of Defense uncovered a search warrant issued to the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms that included the involvement of the Unusual Incidents Unit. Mobile Task Force Iota-10 ("Damn Feds") operatives were authorized to partner with the ATF task force responsible for conducting the search warrant, forming Joint Task Force Šin-12 ("Fate Sealers"), after reports surfaced that a significant number of men, women, and children were living in Mount Carmel Center, the headquarters of SCP-1990-EX-01's followers, including a small number of people associated with the Horizon Initiative.

Originally identified as PoI-1990-01, SCP-1990-EX-01 was designated an SCP entity after a trilateral working committee ("The Triptych Committee") was formed with representatives from the UIU and the HI. The committee members discovered their intelligence sources were all suggesting SCP-1990-EX-01 may possess reality bending abilities, possibly as a result of Incident I-1990-01, where SCP-1990-EX-01 experienced a transformative vision in Israel in 1985.1

Addendum: In the aftermath of Incident I-1990-04, the event now known as "The Waco Siege", SCP-1990-EX was reclassified from Neutralized to Explained.3

  • 06/09/1992: The US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms is notified of reports alleging SCP-1990-EX-01 and its followers are stockpiling high-capacity firearms and illegally modifying them into automatic weapons, as well as reports of narcotics manufacturing and other statutory offenses committed by SCP-1990-EX-01.
  • 06/15/1992: The ATF opens an investigation into the allegations, uncovering rumors of supernatural events related to the ministry of SCP-1990-EX-01, including claims of religious divnity and divine revelation. The Federal Bureau of Investigation Unusual Incident Unit is debriefed by an anonymous source on the ATF investigation, and the UIU proceeded with requests to join the ongoing investigation.
  • 07/20/1992: The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, with the support of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation Unusual Incidents Unit, authorized clandestine operations to ascertain more intel regarding PoI-1990-01. Special Agent ██████ █████████ infiltrates the organization and begins to provide intelligence back to the Bureau.
  • 08/25/1992: The ATF Bureau, with the support of the UIU, receive a government search warrant to investigate the Mount Carmel compound. The ATF Bureau requests assistance from the Department of Defense and Drug Enforcement Agency due to unsubstantiated reports of the Branch Davidian's operating a methamphetamine lab in the building.4
  • 10/01/1992: The Triptych Committee is assembled following debriefs from embedded Foundation operatives in the Department of Defence. A pre-existing cooperation agreement between the HI and Foundation is utilized to question HI representatives about the high-number of HI members inside Mount Carmel Center. HI representatives voiced support for a trilateral discussion committee to ascertain information on SCP-1990-EX-01, leading to the inclusion of the Unusual Incidents Unit.
  • 02/28/1993: The Waco Tribune-Herald published an expose of SCP-1990-EX-01, entitled "The Sinful Messiah". Fearing that operational cover could be blown, JTF Šin-12 acts on the search warrant two days in advance on February 28, 1993, under operation name "Showtime".

"Operation: Showtime" quickly unraveled when an unknown gunshot prompted JTF Šin-12 agents to open fire on the compound, severely wounding SCP-1990-EX-01, and resulting in the casualties and fatalities of several civilians and JTF operatives.5


Mount Carmel Center

Deputy Director of Contingency Planning Operations General William Pendergast authorized Mobile Task Force Xi-3 ("Body Snatchers") to be deployed to facilitate the capture of SCP-1990-EX-01, and relieve MTF Iota-10 of their duties. However, before any action was taken, an emergency vote by the Foundation's Ethics Committee resulted in a moratorium on further aggressive action in the capture or termination of SCP-1990-EX-01.

In a 6-3 vote, the Committee cited concerns over the lives of the civilians who could be further injured in the crossfire, citing the loss of life so far and issuing a fierce condemnation to the Triptych Committee on authorizing agents to fire automatic weapons into an occupied building with families and children still inside. General Pendergast ordered the MTF Iota-10 forces to stay on site and monitor the crisis alongside the federal agents, with MTF Xi-3 stationed a couple blocks away.

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