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Item #: SCP-2139

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2139 is to be stored in a standard storage locker polyurethane foam-lined, locked wooden box, painted bright red. This is to be contained in a combination-sealed storage locker, likewise painted red. The box is only to be opened for experimental purposes, and then only with clearance from a minimum of two (2) Level 4 personnel. Researchers are only to access SCP-2139 remotely; physical access is restricted to D-class personnel. All personnel coming into contact with SCP-2139 must leave all valuables outside the containment area, particularly small, valuable items such as jewellery. D-class personnel coming into close contact with SCP-2139 are to undergo regular psychological screenings; any displaying obsessive-compulsive behaviour or kleptomaniacal tendencies are to be isolated immediately.

Description: SCP-2139 is a stylised carving of an Asian elephant (Elephas maximus). It is made of a white material, thought to be ivory; due to its anomalous nature, samples cannot be taken. Its surfaces are smoothly rounded and unmarked. It measures 21.3 cm at its tallest point, at its widest point measures 9.1 cm wide, and is 17.6 cm long. It weighs approximately 4.5 kg.

SCP-2139 ’s anomalous properties take effect when a subject sees it in person. Subjects who make direct visual contact with SCP-2139 will:

  • Express admiration for its perceived aesthetic beauty
  • Commonly report an opalescent glow emanating from the artifact
  • Report feelings of happiness and general well-being

This third effect is addictive, and almost immediately dissipates when SCP-2139 is taken from the subject, whereupon 85% of subjects express a desire for the object to be returned to them. This compulsion can be resisted, and fades after a period of approximately one week.

If subjects are allowed to remain in close contact with SCP-2139, the compulsion continues to intensify, following a linear three-stage progression. The first stage occurs after two to three days of sustained contact. Affected individuals are compelled to arrange small objects to either side of SCP-2139, often saying that it "looks lonely". Objects placed around SCP-2139 will be arranged symmetrically, and it is noted that subjects insist on using identical objects for this purpose. These objects will invariably be placed neatly and in precise alignment with one another, regardless of the former habits of the subject. Objects used in this way are initially of little value, including cutlery, stationery and sometimes small twigs; see Experiment Log 2139-J for details.

Subjects report that the “glow” it emanates diminishes when these actions are not performed, along with the changing of the subject’s euphoria to feelings of guilt and depression. When subjects are allowed to clean SCP-2139 and arrange items around it, subjects report continued feelings of contentment and peace; psychological assessment, at this point, will find a marked decrease in the intensity and frequency of violent or aggressive behaviour, as well as the diminishing of the symptoms of any pre-existing psychiatric disorders. Removal of SCP-2139 at this stage will result in vehement objection from the subject, strong emotions of depression and loss and a belief that his/her property has been stolen. This will fade over a period of two to three months, and total recovery is possible, albeit difficult. Amnestic treatment is effective in speeding up this process.

If SCP-2139's effects are allowed to continue unchecked, obsession begins to arise. Subjects will seek out objects of increasing value to place around the object, such as mobile phones, expensive pens and jewellery. Subjects will normally use their own money to purchase these items, but will resort to theft and violence to obtain them, if legal methods have been exhausted. By this stage, there are often twenty to thirty items “offered” to SCP-2139; these will be arranged in a radial pattern of concentric circles around it, with each circle containing only one type of item. The arrangement begins to take up increasing amounts of space, often forcing subjects to place SCP-2139 on the floor of their living quarters, which they do, in spite of the subsequent obstructions created by the clutter. Subjects will display severe obsessive-compulsive tendencies regarding the arrangement of items and cleaning of SCP-2139, counting and placing items with great meticulousness, 73% using measuring instruments such as metre rules and protractors to arrange items more precisely.

At this stage, SCP-2139 begins to demonstrate directly harmful effects. If the arrangement of items is disturbed, subjects report a feeling of intense fury radiating from SCP-2139. Subjects experience intense mental agony and pain until it is "appeased", usually through the offering of especially valuable items. Subjects become terrified of "angering" SCP-2139, and will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid its rage. Subjects will react to any attempt to disturb the items with extreme aggression and hostility; Dr █████ was [DATA EXPUNGED] by D-6728 when the former unintentionally knocked a watch out of place, resulting in Dr █████'s hospitalisation for two months. Separation from SCP-2139 will be met with significant hostility; subjects must be heavily restrained if it is carried out, to prevent injury to personnel. Amnestics are only moderately successful in alleviating these effects, as subjects, though unable to remember SCP-2139, will continue to harbour an obsession commonly described as “an itch I can’t scratch”, and will repeatedly attempt to breach containment to compulsively search surrounding areas until SCP-2139 is found once again.

If SCP-2139 is left in a subject's possession for more than four months, the third stage of the progression occurs. The subject, at this point, barely sleeps or eats, spending all his/her time acquiring new items for SCP-2139. The items include expensive jewellery and objects of high monetary value, and often take up extensive amounts of space, creating significant obstruction. Subjects are highly aggressive at this point, willing to blackmail and murder in order to acquire items for SCP-2139. The subject will often be unable to satisfy SCP-2139's exponentially increasing “appetites”, and thus spends large amounts of time in the abject pain caused by the artifact. Despite this, subjects seem incapable of harbouring any resentment towards SCP-2139; in fact, subjects will revere it as a god, reacting with shocked indignation at any suggestion of doing otherwise.

Eventually, subjects will come to believe that SCP-2139 is more easily satisfied by offerings of human biological tissue than it is by material goods, particularly by teeth. Subjects will attack other humans and forcibly remove their teeth, placing it around SCP-2139 in the same obsessively orderly fashion. The compulsion for offerings will continue to intensify, day by day, until the subject either drops dead from exhaustion, or bleeds to death via auto-extraction of teeth. Removal of SCP-2139 will result in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Recovery is no longer possible, in spite of any amnestic treatment, and the imminent death of the subject should be considered a certainty.

Multiple subjects can be affected by SCP-2139’s anomalous effects. However, the effects of SCP-2139 are known to be reduced by the colour red. If placed in a red-painted room, subjects under the influence of the artifact exhibit significant confusion and symptoms similar to sufferers of advanced Alzheimer’s Disease. In cases where SCP-2139 is separated from affected subjects and placed in a red-painted environment, these symptoms will swiftly fade, followed by recovery from the compulsive effects of the artifact. Full recovery is usually achieved in less than one hour.

Addendum 2139-a: Recovery of SCP-2139

SCP-2139 was recovered from the apartment of W████ Y██████, in █████████, Ohio, by local police. The area had, in the previous five months, experienced a spate of violent muggings and robberies. The incidents received widespread news coverage due to the gruesome nature of the victims' injuries: almost all had several teeth forcefully extracted by the attacker, using pliers. Police received a tip-off from Y██████'s neighbours, and broke into his home to find him in a severely emaciated and exhausted state in his living room. He had auto-extracted all of his molars, leading to severe blood loss. SCP-2139 was found in the master bedroom, surrounded by more than nine hundred (900) objects, including fifty-two (52) human teeth. Several police personnel were affected by SCP-2139's effects, attracting the attention of embedded Foundation agents. The artifact was contained with no further incident; a standard disinformation campaign was conducted, and amnestics were administered to all witnesses and involved police personnel.

Addendum 2139-b: Attempted removal of a sample of SCP-2139's material

On ██/██/20██, Junior Researcher H███████ attempted to collect a sample of SCP-2139's material for chemical analysis. Despite his wearing of protective red-tinted goggles, this resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in 32 casualties and the death of Junior Researcher H███████.

From now on, SCP-2139 is to be contained in a foam-lined box, to prevent any further physical damage. And someone get Janitorial to bleach the ventilation shafts; I think there's still some [REDACTED] left in there. - Dr. Tohma

Experiment Log 2139-J

Subject: D-5722
Procedure: SCP-2139 was placed in a containment cell with D-5722, who was permitted to interact with it for five (5) minutes. At the end of this time, the artifact was removed from D-5722's possession.
Results: Upon introduction to SCP-2139, D-5722 verbally expressed admiration for the artifact's smooth surface, and spent the allotted five minutes polishing it with her clothing. When the artifact was removed, D-5722 repeatedly requested its return, and exhibited signs of mild depression when these requests were denied. This persisted for six (6) days, after which D-5722 displayed no abnormal behaviour.

Subject: D-5749
Procedure: SCP-2139 was placed in a containment cell with D-5749, who was permitted to interact with it for four (4) days. All requests for objects to place around SCP-2139 were considered and approved. At the end of this time, the artifact was removed from D-5749's possession.
Results: Upon introduction to SCP-2139, D-5749 verbally expressed admiration for the statue's "amazing detail", and began to trace the edges of the carving with his fingers. D-5749 spent the four days arranging stationery around the artifact, which was placed on the floor of the containment cell. When the artifact was removed, D-5749 expressed significant outrage, attempting to assault security personnel in order to reclaim it. Afterwards, D-5749 exhibited symptoms of moderate to severe depression, repeatedly asserting that his property had been stolen. This lasted for two (2) months and fourteen (14) days, after which D-5749 displayed no abnormal behaviour.

Subject: D-5763
Procedure: SCP-2139 was placed in a containment cell with D-5763, who was permitted to interact with it until the arrangement of objects around SCP-2139 had reached three concentric rings. An object from the outermost ring was then removed.
Results: Upon removal of the object, a [BRAND REDACTED] blue ballpoint pen, D-5763 immediately began to scream in apparent agony. He attempted to assault the security personnel who had removed the object, and was restrained. D-5763 continued to struggle and scream for approximately seven (7) minutes, whereupon [DATA EXPUNGED].
Look, we know you people need to know about these things, but this thing makes the most indelible stains on God's earth. We're the people who had to clean up after Dr. Bright's coffee incident, so we know what we're talking about. Stop, please. - Janitorial

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