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A photo taken during initial exploration of SCP-2141's habitat from approximately 49 m inside the tunnel. Beyond 49 m light intensity decreases significantly as video distortion intensifies, inhibiting further documentation of the interior.

Item #: SCP-2141

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As of 7/04/20██, the entrance to the tunnel in which SCP-2141 resides must always remain unobstructed. Mobile Task Force Omega-23, under the command of Site Administrator L██████, has been designated as the primary unit responsible for secure containment procedure regarding SCP-2141.

Logistics for containment of SCP-2141 are provided by Provisional Containment Site-141, located at 44.0437° N, 73.9265° W, 6 km due east-by-northeast of SCP-2141. This Site operates under the front of a Forest Service outpost.

When SCP-2141-1 emerges from SCP-2141 and attempts escape, personnel must record the date and time of the anomaly’s appearance and its observable movement patterns, including average velocity and any instances of SCP-2141-1 delving underground. Following acquisition of requested data, personnel must fire upon SCP-2141-1 with rubber ammunition, only, until it is incapacitated. Personnel must lastly contact Site Administrator L██████ to confirm that SCP-2141 has retrieved SCP-2141-1 and returned to its underground dormant state.

Description: SCP-2141 is an immense earthworm-like creature located within a derelict tunnel at 44.0345° N, 73.9416° W, near the Adirondack Mountains. SCP-2141’s dimensions exceed the dimensions of the tunnel, with an average diameter of 8.5 m and a currently undefined length; no instance of SCP-2141’s emergence has resulted in the emergence of its entire body. It is theorized that SCP-2141 is a spatial anomaly, able to “condense” its body while within the tunnel in order to compensate for its massive size.

Mild video and radio interference occurs within approximately 5 km of the tunnel’s entrance. However, all electronic equipment used beyond 49 m of the entrance becomes permanently nonfunctional.

Following Incident-2141-I, SCP-2141 periodically emerges from a chasm of unknown depth estimated 200 m beyond the entrance of the tunnel between intervals of 23 18 days. Upon emergence, SCP-2141 deposits SCP-2141-1 at approximately 50 m within the tunnel.

SCP-2141-1 is a disfigured female humanoid believed to be a thorough mutation of the body of Mrs. ████ █████████ after extensive exposure to SCP-2141. Its prominent features include a severely bloated abdomen as well as a viscous coating of pale yellow fluid. To achieve displacement, SCP-2141-1 aligns itself face-up and parallel to surfaces upon which it “slithers,” using this fluid to mitigate frictional forces. This fluid also bestows SCP-2141-1 increased resistance to physical trauma, allowing the anomaly in one event to survive and make limited recovery from lower body amputation.


Damage caused to the forest near the area of SCP-2141's habitat observed shortly after Incident 2141-I.

Following Incident-2141-II, SCP-2141 is considered to be using SCP-2141-1 as a form of gestational “nesting probe” to discover suitable habitats for the birth of its offspring. Consequentially, SCP-2141 is fiercely protective of SCP-2141-1 and will immediately pursue it if it is incapacitated. However, SCP-2141 does not appear to respond to other non-fatal damage to SCP-2141-1.

Unless SCP-2141-1 is incapacitated outside of the tunnel during escape attempts, SCP-2141 does not attempt egress, facilitating containment procedures. However, SCP-2141 will not return to its dormant state unless it has retrieved SCP-2141-1 following incapacitation. When undergoing retrieval SCP-2141's high speeds (between 5██ and ███ kph) and size cause extensive damage to the landscape as a consequence of its size.

In rare circumstances, SCP-2141-1 has been known to emulate the behavior of SCP-2141, such as its velocity and tendency to momentarily delve underground (See Incident 2141-III).

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