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SCP-2235-0112 under spotlight (photograph taken by 1940 "Kodak 35").

Item #: SCP-2235

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-2235 instances are to reside in their initial location. No security measures are to be taken to secure SCP-2235, and all rights to the MV Goya shipwreck are kept with the German government, as to not potentially publicize the existence of SCP-2235. Despite this, civilian access to the shipwreck is forbidden due to emotional distress noticed among most agents assigned to SCP-2235 expeditions, human access to the shipwreck is forbidden.

Description: SCP-2235 collectively refers to 5███ human bones located in the MV Goya shipwreck belonging to passengers aboard the ship on 04/16/1945. Each instance is sentient, and capable of vocalizing in a tone and pitch identical to their deceased counterpart. Upon any individual coming within 5 meters of any SCP-2235 instance, said entity will generate a variety of humanoid noises, including but not limited to groaning, gasping, and/or sobbing1. On occasion, instances will speak, most commonly in German. Despite attempts using MTF Omicron Rho ("The Dream Team"), further conversion with SCP-2235 instances is yet to be achieved.

Though SCP-2235 instances can be seen through the naked eye, cameras not made before 04/16/1945 are incapable of showing them in any developed photographs.

Addendum 2235.1: Cited SCP-2235 instances

Addendum 2235.2: MV Goya Incident

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