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Item #: SCP-2238

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2238 is to be contained in a storage locker in Containment Site 66. While activated, SCP-2238 must be restricted to a testing environment with no utility pipes, wiring, or other infrastructural devices within 4 meters of the perimeter. No living organisms are to pass within 4 meters of SCP-2238 while activated except those marked disposable for testing purposes.

Following Stargazer Protocol, Section III: Internal Procedure, as with all LISP-emitting anomalies, all sapient test subjects are to be screened for possible Fifth Church affiliation before exposure to SCP-2238.

Description: SCP-2238 is an artificial device consisting of a stainless steel barbed spike measuring 22cm in length connected to a sphere constructed of the same metal. A soft plastic button containing a blue and a green LED protrudes from the top of the sphere.

SCP-2238 bears a square of adhesive residue on one side of the sphere, as if a sticker was applied and removed.

When the spike is embedded in the neck of a recently-deceased1 endothermic organism, the green LED on SCP-2238 illuminates. If the button is pressed, SCP-2238 generates a localized immaterial spectral phenomenon (LISP) within a 4-meter vicinity of itself.

The LISP is incorporeal and sustained by the absorption of kinetic, thermal, electric, and light energy from within a radius of approximately 4 meters, with the rate of absorption increasing on a logarithmic scale as proximity to the LISP increases.

Due to this process, the LISP visually manifests as a shadow in the shape of the deceased creature. Ambient temperature within the absorption range is lowered, and subjects who pass into the permimeter report chills, lethargy, hypothermia, low blood pressure, a sensation of torpor similar to walking underwater, and other symptoms.

If an LISP absorbs an excess of total energy, or absorbs energy at an excess rate, it may terminate, releasing all stored energy in an explosion of commensurate intensity. This can happen easily in a home or other location with internal electricity, water, and heating/cooling utilities, as these circulate large quantities of energy through a small space. If an LISP termination event occurs, a red LED on SCP-2238 illuminates until the device is removed. Further attempts to activate SCP-2238 with that subject result in a spontaneous drop of air temperature in a 4-meter vicinity of between 15 and 23 degrees Celcius and no other effects.

LISPs generated by SCP-2238 display limited intelligence. They display no capability of sight or speech, but react to sound. They display no ability to comprehend spoken language, but otherwise act as if they are the deceased subject, responding to sounds that would be familiar to the subject.

All LISPs manifested by SCP-2238 react with extreme fear to the works of Wilhelm Vagner. The reason for this is unknown.

Recovery: SCP-2238 was located by an MTF in the home of [REDACTED], a late UIU director, following readings which briefly detected an LISP in the area. When the MTF arrived, an explosion had occurred within the home, suggesting that misuse of SCP-2238 had resulted in damage to the kitchen and the death of Director [REDACTED]. Investigation showed that SCP-2238 had been inserted into a domestic dog which had been deceased since some time that morning.

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