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Item #: SCP-2258

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2258 has to be contained in 6x6m room on 1m stand whit round-iron Container that sized 50x50cm and has 10cm tall and 30cm Wide round-room whit electromagnetic base, Containers lid whit four Hydraulic locks can only be opened by level 4-5 personnel.

Description: SCP-2258 is a grey cube That is sized 10x10cm and is made of metallic material. When SCP-2258 has enough room to move, It’s can do so by rising form it’s side to its edge and falling back down to its other side, it has also ability to turn while it’s down to its side. SCP-2258 can also move on walls/ceilings. While on wall/ceiling SCP-2258 can drop down. If SCP-2258 comes to contact whit any organic material/creature the material/creature in question will disappear and reappear inside the SCP-2258. Do to the size of the material/creature SCP-2258 has to expand. The size of expand will vary from 20x20cm to 50x50cm and will take from 2/5s. After expansion SCP-2258 will start to shrink back to its original size and in the process crushes the material/creature that is inside of it. The shrink process will take from 2/5m [TO NOTICE: SCP-2258 can only move vertically, SCP-2258 can only move on flat surfaces/walls/ceilings, SCP-2258 is very sensitive to magnets, especially electromagnetic tools. SCP-2258 can only be carried in specially made container or using SCP’s electromagnetic tool. Only level 4-5 personnel’s can use SCP-2258 in testing]

SCP-2258 was found by agent from abandoned warehouse in wooden box and was taken to containment to site for further testing.



[SCP Foundation File Undone]

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