SCP-2305-A Extended Documentation Log
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SCP-2305-A Extended Documentation Log

The following is a collection of brief summaries of instances of SCP-2305-A. Researchers are advised to enter their summaries in the following format:

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Proposed Neutralization Method:

Result of Neutralization Attempt:

"The moral of the story:"

Item #: SCP-055

Object Class: Keter

Proposed Neutralization Method: Following several failed neutralization attempts by the Antimemtics Division, an attempt to capture a total description of SCP-055 through the use of finite partitions of descriptive space was initiated. The initial coding schema assigned subsets of the continuum of prime numbers to descriptive tags, thus defining a set of descriptive composite numbers. After preliminary experiments, it was discovered that SCP-055 was 35, and thus had the attributes of [DATA LOST] per the schema. The Foundation proceded to full description, ultimately resulting in a 289,672,521 digit recursively encoded composite number which described SCP-055 perfectly. Upon factorization, this number absorbed SCP-055's anomalous properties. Inductive proofs written during the encoding process led to the rapid propagation of this effect, and [DATA LOST]

Result of Neutralization Attempt: [DATA LOST] destruction of the Quasireals and [DATA LOST] anomalous proof showing that sets with cadinality ℵ1 exist [DATA LOST] has been determined that Enn[DATA LOST] not ano[DATA LOST] and declared the Real Numbers.

"The moral of the story:" Theta prime is only inconsistent in your head.

Item #: SCP-096

Object Class: Euclid

Proposed Neutralization Method: Use the Foundation's resources to teleport a SCP-096-1 instance to a celestial body many light-years away from the Earth and try to get 096 to follow the subject all the way to said celestial body. Due to the distance between effectively trapping it on space for hundreds of thousands of years until it reaches 096-1. Additionally, it's possible that SCP-096 wouldn't be resistant enough to survive a planetary explosion if caught point-blank in the range of the blast.

Result of Neutralization Attempt: With the use of SCP-████, Agent Dwight, one of the agents involved in the previous S.C.R.A.M.B.L.E fiasco, is teleported to the Galactic Center of the Milky-Way after viewing SCP-096's face, most especifically to the surface of ██████ ████, a previously undiscovered planet about 8 kiloparsecs away from Earth. SCP-096's containment cell has already been relocated to the exosphere of Earth, and approximately two minutes later, the containment breach is confirmed via sonar video feed as 096 is "seen" heading past the Moon. However, contrary to the Foundation's expectations, SCP-096 accelerates to speeds much bigger than it has ever been known to assume, bursting out of the Solar System seconds after breaching containment. In a matter of seconds, SCP-096 travels entire light-years as it passes several star systems in the Milky-Way in an attempt to reach SCP-096-1.

Approximately one hour later, SCP-096 is seen closing on the location of SCP-096-1. Moments later, SCP-096 reaches SCP-096-1 and [DATA EXPUNGED] the subject, sitting down. At this moment, SCP-████ and its wielders are instructed to fire its cannon wave in the atmosphere of the planet, which is easily accomplished by it. As a result, the cannon violently shatters the planet, overpowering its gravitational binding energy and pulverizing it. However, the sonar feed reveals that SCP-096, despite being "heavily wounded", has survived the termination attempt. It begins to head back to its natural habitat on

Item #: SCP-233

Object Class: Keter

Proposed Neutralization Method: Destruction via an explosive, measured 232 in size capable of outputting 23 tons of TnT.

Result of Neutralization Attempt: After destruction, SCP-233's effect seems to occur within 23.2323° N, 23.2323° W (which has been noted to be off the coast of Western Sahara), which grows at a rate of 23 meters every 23 micro seconds. Human civilization becomes unable to function within ██ seconds.

"The moral of the story:" Math is my least favorite subject.

Item #: SCP-139

Object Class: Keter

Proposed Neutralization Method: Incineration of SCP-139.

Result of Neutralization Attempt: Incineration chamber is destroyed, killing personnel tending to the chamber. A humanoid entity (dubbed SCP-139-A) composed of fire and metal pieces appears, with SCP-139 as its head. It claims to be "Sepid the White", a high-ranking Daevite general. Changes are noted in SCP-140, addressing SCP-139-A's revival and the return of the Daevite heralded by SCP-139-A. Activity is detected in Daevite sites worldwide, unleashing entities believed to be the Daevite. Human civilisation in Africa, Europe and Asia is destroyed, replaced with the Renewed Daevite Empire. Humans residing in those regions are enslaved wholesale by the Daevites. A resistance movement called "Rebirth of Adytum" is found in Greece, the Sahara, Northwestern India and the Urals, led by an individual named "Grand Karcist Ion". Humanity is centred in the Holy Pacific Coalition, a dictatorship controlled by the Global Occult Coalition and an escaped SCP-2131. Foundation personnel are actively hunted down by either the Renewed Daevite Empire, Holy Pacific Coalition, or Rebirth of Adytum.

"The moral of the story:" To kill with fire is alright, but remember that a phoenix is born through fire as well.

Item #: SCP-718

Object Class: Keter

Proposed Neutralization Method: All SCP-718 instances placed in a single containment cell equipped with several napalm explosives and a sprinkler system filled with napalm. The bombs would explode, clearing the eyes initially, and the sprinkler would spray for 5 hours straight, removing all SCP-718 substance still in containment.

Result of Neutralization Attempt: Upon full neutralization of all SCP-718 instances, every eyeball on Earth transformed into SCP-718 instances, eventually ending in a GH-class dead greenhouse end of the world scenario, where the entirety of Earth's surface becomes covered in SCP-718 instances. The SCP-718 instances would slowly conjoin overtime, eventually turning Earth into a giant eyeball after 5 thousand years.

"The moral of the story:" I'll keep my eye on you.

Item #: SCP-946

Object Class: Euclid

Proposed Neutralization Method: Convince SCP-946-1 and SCP-946-2 that their debates and the reality altering effects it can produce have a net negative effect upon reality. And that for the sake of stability and a more secure universe it is best that they cease.

Result of Neutralization Attempt: After several days a team of twelve debaters successfully convince both entities of this fact. Upon agreeing all anomalous effects of SCP-946 cease. However, a side effect of this is that all previous alterations to reality performed by SCP-946 are undone. This results in the losses of major cornerstones of modern society such as heavier than air flight, fossil fuels, and all plant based sources of Vitamin C. Furthermore major alterations to history and the planet itself are reverted with multiple rivers and lakes, several countries, such as Belgium, Japan and █████████, as well as the Moon and the entire continent of Australia ceasing to exist. Finally, the fall of the Daevite Civilization is undone, resulting in a CK-Class Dominance restructuring of all known civilization.

"The moral of the story:" Change is good. Deal with it.

Item #: SCP-1775

Object Class: Euclid

Proposed Neutralization Method: Destruction of SCP-1775 via controlled demolition

Result of Neutralization Attempt: SCP-1775-X instances break containment, fleeing SCP-1775 shortly after its destruction and attacking nearby Foundation forces. SCP-1775-X prove to be extraordinarily powerful, and the Foundation suffers numerous casualties in their attempt to neutralize them.

"The moral of the story:" Don't fix what ain't broken

Item #: SCP-1909

Object Class: Euclid

Proposed Neutralization Method: Removing all historically valuable items from SCP-1909 and filling it with wet cement.

Result of Neutralization Attempt: Immediately after SCP-1909 is sealed off, the corpse of Alexander the Great (hereafter SCP-1909-A) becomes active, and exhibits Type Green ("Greatest Concern") reality bending capabilities. After escaping confinement, SCP-1909-A produces a hypnotic effect on all citizens of the Hellenic Republic and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, as well as all human beings with the given name "Alexander" or some variant of it. SCP-1909-A creates widespread global unrest via its actions, and proclaims its desire to conquer the world.

"The moral of the story:" Render unto Caesar…

Item #: SCP-2123

Object Class: Keter

Proposed Neutralization Method: Cut all power to the supercollider and destroy the electromagnets with conventional explosives.

Result of Neutralization Attempt: SCP-2123 undergoes an excursion event 5 ms before electromagnetic destruction, causing an aborted, incomplete excursion event. Immediate effects include an explosive gamma ray burst from SCP-2131, causing complete destruction of the containment site, but no other casualties are reported. Gamma ray bursts become more prevalent throughout the universe, indicating high levels of matter/antimatter annihilation. Two days later, SCP-1548 accelerates to 0.98c and transmits, "Now you've done it!" before undergoing a supernova and creating a relativistic bow shock that collapses the Crab Nebula. Three days later, SCP-736 redirects Iapetus towards Saturn, causing the ejection of Titan towards the Earth. Two weeks later, SCP-2631 enters an active state and emits multiple waves of nanites, but Operation 99-Tripurantaka is successful in disrupting communication with the Kuiper Belt, preventing the release, apparently with 0.1% of the mass involved in the explosions being anti-matter, igniting the upper atmosphere of the Earth in the process of destroying the satellites. Gamma radiation in the upper atmosphere seen to increase. 37 hours later, a relativistic payload enters the inner solar system and, apparently due to the misaligned communications and antimatter collisions, enters the opposite side of Earth's orbit and collides with SCP-2092 instead, vaporizing both. Final communication detected from SCP-2092 states that despite the correct answer, Earth must still wait 2 more millennia. Two months later, SCP-2399 starts repairs at a greatly accelerated level, successfully launching from the Great Red Spot and accelerating towards the Earth. Twelve hours later, extreme levels of gamma ray bursts are detected throughout the Triangulum Galaxy. The launch of SCP-2399 causes SCP-2722 to activate and autonomously engage to intercept. On approach to the Earth, SCP-2399 collides with Titan, and the resulting explosion annihilates 37% of Titan's mass, and diverts the surviving portion into the Moon. SCP-2460 is gravitationally separated from the Earth and collides with the Titan-Moon conglomeration, just as SCP-2722 fires planet-busting weapons at the lunar mass. The Titan-Moon conglomeration undergoes quantum spin annihilation, and the weapons fire passes harmlessly through the lunar mass to impact the Earth, causing its destruction. SCP-319-2 is released, and the universe undergoes energy state reduction, but is reversed by the sudden activation of SCP-2700, causing the universe to remake itself at the Earth.

"The moral of the story:" Everybody hates you. Everybody.

Item #: SCP-2137

Object Class: Keter

Proposed Neutralization Method: Damaging SCP-2137 in such a way as to render track 7 unplayable

Result of Neutralization Attempt: A double album from Tupac Shakur, titled "██ ████ Can't Fuck With Me" and billed as a compilation of unreleased tracks, is shipped to record stores worldwide for sale on 09/13/20██ from an unidentifiable source. All 25 tracks feature bands and individuals Tupac Shakur has never performed with, such as Gorillaz, Talking Heads, Merzbow, and SCP-2143. Every track explicitly details various aspects about the Foundation's history, members, site locations, and procedures, as well as revealing the existence of anomalies and possible methods for creating them. Multiple Foundation resources are put into stopping the production of the double album, as well as destroying all copies, but 15 million copies are sold worldwide in three weeks, and multiple reviews appear in various publications. One month after release, the masquerade is considered lost. Support for the United Nations' Global Occult Coalition is elevated worldwide, and the Foundation loses funding and downsizes its operations by 90%.

"The moral of the story:" You best protect ya neck.

Item #: SCP-2144

Object Class: Euclid

Proposed Neutralization Method: Lock SCP-2144 in a hermetically-sealed container. SCP-2144 expires via asystole.

Result of Neutralization Attempt: On the night after successful neutralization, all personnel involved in neutralization attempt claim to have been visited by an entity known as SCP-2144-1 (referring to itself as "Mel") in their respective dreams. SCP-2144-1 accuses said personnel of murder [of SCP-2144] and that they "will pay dearly". Over the course of the next 9 months, targeted personnel had expired via cyanide poisoning. Instances of SCP-2144 have been found with the corpses of each personnel, albeit these instances appear to be heavily disfigured or malformed.

"The moral of the story:" Don't fuck with mommy.

Item #: SCP-2282

Object Class: Euclid

Proposed Neutralization Method: Euthanize it as it approaches the end of its natural lifespan.

Result of Neutralization Attempt: SCP-2282 undergoes sudden spatial distortion upon expiry, its non-Euclidean digestive tract expanding to fill Euclidean space. There are extensive descriptions of the effects of the spatial distortions on the attending doctors, along with a calculation of lost productivity and distraught family members. The smell of 16 million kg of decaying goat entrails is described in detail. A Foundation-wide barbecue is recommended.

"The moral of the story:" Oops, you already tried this. Lol.

Item #: SCP-2513

Object Class: Euclid

Proposed Neutralization Method: Destruction of the bridge via timed C4 explosive charges.

Result of Neutralization Attempt: SCP-2513's anomalous effect spreads to every bridge located within the territory of the Republic of Italy. Massive public anti-Carthage hysteria ensues; before the attempted cover-up can be completed, Italy declares war on Tunisia, resulting in widespread geopolitical turmoil.

"The moral of the story:" Et tu, Foundation?

Item #: SCP-2516

Object Class: Euclid

Proposed Neutralization Method: Send SCP-2516-1 (which is still alive) through SCP-2516-2, followed by destruction of SCP-2516-2 via explosives.

Result of Neutralization Attempt: Three months following the destruction of SCP-2516-2, individuals from SCP-2516-1's universe enter baseline reality and begin attacking all civilians sighted. Apparently, SCP-2516-1 informed members of its reality of baseline reality and the Foundation. Due to the Foundation's "illegal" detainment of SCP-2516-1, war is declared on baseline reality. Western Europe is then engulfed by an invasion from the Elohimite Latin Pontiffate, a supra-national political entity in which Taured is apparently a leading member state.

"The moral of the story:" Don't be selfish. Think about the other side.

Item #: SCP-2660

Object Class: Euclid

Proposed Neutralization Method: Destruction at close range with small arms fire.

Result of Neutralization Attempt: At the moment of firing, the bullet used accelerates to approximately 2.5km/s, burying itself in an adjacent cell wall, weakening the containment structure to the point where it subsequently begins to collapse. SCP-2660 is observed to shatter. All persons who were at the time already aware of SCP-2660, including 95% of the personnel at Site-18 and four members of the O5 Council, instantly become singularly focused on SCP-2660 and unable to think of anything else. Mobile Task Forces are deployed to contain the situation, but many agents are unavoidably exposed to knowledge of SCP-2660 in the process and thus become fixated upon its concept. SCP-2660-affected persons who are terminated by uninfected Mobile Task Force operatives are observed to become incorporeal but remain animate. At this point, nearly two hours after the initial neutralization attempt, all knowledge of the ongoing situation begins to exhibit SCP-2660's cognitohazard, and a majority of Foundation leadership become infected. Site-18 is successfully locked in an information quarantine, but the Foundation as a whole suffers heavily from irreparable cognitohazardous infection. Two days later, all knowledge of the SCP Foundation begins to exhibit SCP-2660's infohazard. A massive breach of information occurs shortly after, followed by the complete infection of the human race. The log ends as large numbers of people suddenly become incorporeal.

"The moral of the story:" Sometimes breaking things puts them back together.

Item #: SCP-2707

Object Class: Euclid

Proposed Neutralization Method: Termination of SCP-2707 via injection of hydrogen cyanide, followed by cremation of its carcass.

Result of Neutralization Attempt: No observable side-effects are detected until 20 years following the termination of SCP-2707. A magnitude 8.4 earthquake occurs on Iceland, triggering volcanic activity in the island. Simultaneously, a Category 5 cyclone occurs in the Indonesian Archipelago and devastates the nation of Greater Indonesia. In addition, an unknown venomous liquid is detected in the waters of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, causing the extinction of over 90% known species of marine animals and plants. About 90% of the world's water is deemed unfit for drinking.

"The moral of the story:" Wars begin when you kill off the messenger.

Item #: SCP-2935

Object Class: Keter

Proposed Neutralization Method: Unknown. The first 10 pages of SCP-2305-A's documentation are blank.

Result of Neutralization Attempt: The phrase "Keller came back" is repeated several hundred times for approximately two dozen pages, each numbered (e.g. "#1: Keller came back", "#2: Keller came back", etc). Each iteration of the phrase is hand-written via pen or pencil. Handwriting is inconsistent between iterations, suggesting each phrase was written down independently of the other (albeit in sequential order) over a substantial period of time.

"The moral of the story:" Don't touch it. Seriously.

Item #: SCP-2950

Object Class: Keter

Proposed Neutralization Method: Foundation personnel would upload a picture of SCP-2950 in its current form with the caption "This isn't a chair. This is nothing" at the bottom to the internet. The image would become an internet meme, and many people would believe that the chair is nothing, thus demanifesting SCP-2950 completely.

Result of Neutralization Attempt: Image was successful at becoming a popular internet meme, being shared over ████ different websites, each gathering thousands of views. However, shortly after becoming an internet meme, a separate version of the internet meme spawned from the original image which shows a picture of SCP-2950 along with the caption "This isn't a chair. This is GOD" along with an image of the famous painting "God the Father" by Pieter de Grebber. This image was sufficiently more popular than the original, and on ██/██/████, SCP-2950 transformed into [REDACTED], causing a YK Subjective Reality Reconstruction Scenario.

"The moral of the story:" Seeing is believing.

Item #: SCP-3098

Object Class: Euclid

Proposed Neutralization Method: Detonate explosive charges spaced every two meters on the sides of SCP-3098 and SCP-3098-1

Result of Neutralization Attempt: Objects destroyed. One week later they remanifested, with no change in their anomalous properties

"The moral of the story:" What? They can't all be exciting.

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