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Item #: SCP-2391

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2391 is stored in a locker at Site ██. Experimentation may only be performed on Class D personnel.

Description: SCP-2391 is a dose syringe filled with a liquid which varies in colour, depending on the day ; On Mondays, SCP-2391-2 is filled with 300ml of a blood red liquid, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, SCP-2391-3 is filled with only 125ml of a thick,blue liquid. On Thursdays and Fridays, SCP-2391-4 is filled with exactly 227ml of a light pink liquid. However,during Saturdays & Sundays, SCP-2391 is empty. SCP-2391 can not hold any other fluids, and seems to slowly regenerate these liquids over a period of time, taking roughly up to three hours to refill SCP-2391 fully.

Addendum [SCP-2391-01a]: Subject is ordered to use SCP-2391-2, subject then begins to recite "Dulce Et Decorum Est" before stopping on the second stanza and then shouting words in German, before fainting. Subject does not recover for 24 hours, before waking up and continuing to shout words in German. Subject does not recover until Monday.

Addendum [SCP-2391-01b]: Subject is ordered to use SCP-2391-3, before flying into a rage and throwing SCP-2391-3 at the wall. Subject then sits down and begins to cry, Subject then fully recovers after approximately eleven minutes.

Addendum [SCP-2391-01c]: Subject is ordered to use SCP-2391-4, SCP-2391-4 has no effect on the subject. SCP-2391-4 effects begin roughly a month after use, before the user begins to slowly shrink. Subject can shrink up to 25% of its original mass, before slowly regrowing its lost mass ; the whole process can take up to 7 months.

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