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Item #: SCP-2429

Object Class: Safe Euclid (see test 2429-A-4)

Special Containment Procedures SCP-2429 is to be inside a non essential storage container at all times, no D-class testing is allowed to prevent a widespread containment breach, any instances of SCP-2429-1 are to be terminated on sight.

Description SCP-2429 is a generic gray fedora with a black ribbon around its base. No tags or manufacturer marks are located on SCP-2429. SCP-2429's anonymous features are apparent when put on any humanoid subjects head. The user, now designated SCP-2429-1 will experience gradual "luck", upon SCP-2429-1 taking SCP-2429 off his head SCP-2429-1 will experience gradual "bad luck" until death or put on another subject. When SCP-2429 is put on another subject SCP-2429's effects will "transfer" into the other subject. SCP-2429 was given to Dr.█████ while driving to his job on december 11, 19██ by a unknown caucasian male presumably (REDACTED). He gave Dr.█████ a box containing SCP-2429 and a note (see addendum 2429-A-1), the unknown male then proceeded to commit suicide by pointing a gun at his head and shooting his frontal lobe, dying of blood loss 3 minutes after.

Addendum 2429-A-1
contents of the note given to in the box with SCP-2429

Addendum 2429-A-2
test logs of SCP-2429

Test 2429-A-1

Subject: D-23428
Procedure: SCP-2429-1 would play a "luck" game consisting of 64 random cards, SCP-2429-1 would then be given a random card to find in the stack
Results: first 3 attempts incorrect the 4th being correct, 5th though 26th attempts all being correct after SCP-2429 was took off D-23429 died door malfunction. crushing him.
Analysis: Luck increases the longer a subject uses it. But decreases upon taking it off.

Test 2429-A-2

Subject: 1 Canis lupus familiaris1
Procedure: SCP-2429 is put on the Canis lupus familiaris head then told to play multiple "test your luck games"
Results: The Canis lupus familiaris won only 4 out of the 30 games played after SCP-2429 was took off no other effects were recorded.
Analysis: SCP-2429 seems to not effect animals other then humans beings, so i am just going to "theorize" that a statue won't be effected. Dr.██████

Test 2429-A-3

Subject: 2 D-Class personal, D-32655 and D-23411
Procedure: D-32655 is to put on SCP-2429 then after 3 minutes take it off and give it to D-23411
Results: After effects of taking off SCP-2429 were not reported in D-32655 after giving SCP-2429 to D-23411 but did with D-23411. D-23411 was later killed in an escape attempt
Analysis: There seems to be a transferring effect when SCP-2429 is put on 2 subjects

Test 2429-A-4

Subject: D-69698
Procedure:D-69698 was to put on SCP-2429 and [DATA EXPUNGED]
Results: [DATA EXPUNGED] causing major containment breach killing ███ staff and causing the escapes of SCP-███, SCP-████, and SCP-██. D-69698 was later found along with SCP-2429 dead, reason not known.
Analysis: (note: i need to request this thing to Euclid class2, Dr.██████)

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