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Item #: SCP-2435

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2435-1 and SCP-2435-2 are to be sealed in a 2 cubic meter block of copper and 0.5 cubic meter block of silver, respectively. Both are to be contained inside separate secure vacuum containment chambers. Under no circumstances are SCP-2435-1 and SCP-2435-2 to come in physical contact with each other (see Incident 2435-D).

An emergency inspection for any imperfections in SCP-2435-1 and SCP-2435-2's containment cubes will be carried out immediately following any earthquake or explosion within 10 km of containment. If the containment cubes for SCP-2435-1 or SCP-2435-2 show signs of damage, maintenance personnel are to be alerted to make immediate repairs. If SCP-2435-1 or SCP-2435-2 are uncontained for longer than 336 hours SCP-2435 is deemed a potential risk for a ZK-class "Reality Failure" scenario and Protocol 987-Israfil is to be enacted immediately.

Description: SCP-2435-1 (formerly SCP-2435) is a 1.017 cubic meter block of empty space. Almost all matter that attempts to occupy the same space as SCP-2435-1 vanishes at the quantum level. Matter is only lost up to what enters the space occupied by SCP-2435-1. SCP-2435-1 expands as it consumes matter, gaining 0.00000017 meters on all sides for every 1 gram it consumes.

Copper is immune to SCP-2435-1's matter consuming properties and is incapable of entering the space SCP-2435-1 occupies. SCP-2435-1 appears to be a solid object when touched by copper instruments, capable of being moved and manipulated. SCP-2435-1 is not restricted in growth by copper but can be cut off from other elements with proper shielding by copper. SCP-2435-1, if not acted upon by a copper object, will remain in the exact location it was last moved to. SCP-2435-1, if left in the air, can exist above the ground independently for an indefinite period of time.

Photons along the electromagnetic spectrum from 400 THz to 890 THz are immune to SCP-2435-1's properties, and are able to pass freely through the space it occupies.

SCP-2435-2 is a 0.12 cubic meter block of empty space. SCP-2435-2 exhibits nearly all the same anomalous properties of SCP-2435-1. However, in testing SCP-2435-2 it was discovered to be able to consume copper, unlike SCP-2435-1. SCP-2435-2 is incapable of consuming silver, which has the same effect on it as copper does on SCP-2435-1.

Addendum 2435-01-A: If SCP-2435-1 were allowed to exist in a non-vacuum environment, due to diffusion of naturally occurring gas and impact with solid objects, Foundation research personnel have predicted it would expand at an exponential rate, consuming all non-copper matter in the known universe within ███ years.

Addendum 2435-01-B: Following extensive imaging of SCP-2435-1 shortly after recovery, it was determined that there was an irregular layer of copper dust covering the top surface of SCP-2435-1, consistent with the amount of copper atoms in the bodies of approximately 12 adult humans.

Addendum 2435-01-C: If SCP-2435-2 were allowed to exist in a non-vacuum environment Foundation research personnel have predicted it would consume all non-silver matter in the known universe within ████ years.

Incident 2435-A: (3-5-████) SCP-2435-1 was discovered in an airtight copper chest with a dozen illegible names inscribed on the surface. Agent Wilson opened the chest, breaking the airtight seal and, believing it was empty, attempted to search the insides of the chest. Agent Wilson extended his right hand into SCP-2435-1, which was consumed up to the wrist. Approximately 3 hours after breaking the chest's seal, SCP-2435-1 grew beyond the confides of the chest and forced the sides apart.

Incident 2435-B: (9-17-████) During a breach in containment of SCP-███ at Site-19, 6 D-Class personnel attempted to hide from SCP-███ in SCP-2435-1's containment chamber. SCP-2435-1 was not under current containment procedures, and was instead placed on a copper platform in the center of a hermetically sealed vacuum chamber for testing. D-Class were able to gain access to SCP-2435-1's containment chamber. While attempting to hide, D-19098 ran into SCP-2435-1 and was consumed. The remaining 5 D-Class were found and [DATA EXPUNGED] by SCP-███, which avoided SCP-2435-1. A layer of copper was later observed on SCP-2435-1 consistent with the amount in an adult male body.

Incident 2435-C: (9-12-████) D-19098 spontaneously reappeared in SCP-2435-1's containment chamber in a delirious state. D-19098 expired from asphyxiation within 4 minutes of emerging from SCP-2435-1 due to the absence of oxygen in SCP-2435-1's containment chamber. Medical personnel attempted to resuscitate D-19098 but were unsuccessful. During autopsy of D-19098, researchers noted D-19098 was suffering symptoms of extreme copper deficiency, as well as the removal of D-19098's tongue, digestive tract, and [REDACTED], resulting in discovery of SCP-2435-2. Upon further examination, a series of numbers was discovered carved into the underside of D-19098's rib bones, appearing to be a message in binary. Upon translation, this message read "You Lose. Try Again?"

D-19098 left enough dust on SCP-2435-1 for one body when he went in, and when we found SCP-2435-1 there was enough dust for a dozen bodies on it, maybe more. When he came out of it, next thing we knew SCP-2435-2 was found inside D-19098. It was like it had been planted in there, like some kind of bomb, with wires coming out of the empty space attaching it to him. Given all this, there's a theory among the other researchers that there are potentially a dozen more of these cubes out there somewhere. Some even think this could be a kind of deliberate attack, invasion, or even a challenge, given the message we found under D-19098's rib cage. Either way, if this is correct, then retrieval and containment of them should be a top priority. - Dr. Hays

Incident 2435-D: (12-24-████) 2 D-Class personnel were instructed to attempt to return SCP-2435-2 into SCP-2435-1. This resulted in a spontaneous release of energy as SCP-2435-1 and SCP-2435-2 came in contact. This discharge also revealed irregular ripples on the surface of both instances of SCP-2435, and caused power failures throughout Site-19. Within 30 seconds of exposure to each other, SCP-2435-1 and SCP-2435-2 created a vacuum effect at their point of impact, which caused an unprecedented increase in their growth speeds. D-17839, the D-Class handling SCP-2435-1, was unable to resist the vacuum pull and was consumed entirely by SCP-2435-1. D-18987 was able to remove SCP-2435-2 from contact with SCP-2435-1, which eliminated the vacuum effect. Power was restored to Site-19 within 2 hours. To date, D-17839 has not emerged from SCP-2435-1.

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