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A picture of SCP-2471 taken with Schlieren photagraphy1 .

Item #: SCP-2471.
Object Class: Euclid.

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-2471 is to be contained within two spheres both composed of a soundproof thermoplastic (currently Plexiglass) with the inner sphere having a radius of 11m and the outer sphere having a radius of 11,5m, both spheres having a thickness of 2,5cm.
The void hermetically sealed by the two spheres to be in a state of vacuum.
Six playback devices placed outside the containment cell in each direction.
Six Schlieren imaging devices, one mounted on each playback device, viewing the containment cell.

The playback devices are able to contain SCP-2471 by using the principle of refraction2. By emitting a random set of frequencies the playback device should be capable of forcing SCP-2471 to remain on-location.
The Schlieren imaging devices3 are a real-time feed camera that allows SCP-2471 to be seen. The Schlieren imaging devices automatically feed information into the playback devices. Locating SCP-2471 by physically hearing it is a last resort.

Should the containment cell be breached, be in need of maintenance, or if testing of SCP-2471 is required; the Schlieren imaging devices will continuously monitor SCP-2471. Should SCP-2471 move the Schlieren imaging devices will detect SCP-2471 off-location then activate the appropriate playback device(s) to keep SCP-2471 on-location until it can once again be contained. Otherwise the playback devices and the Schlieren imaging devices will remain inactive.
Should containment fail, phase cancellation4 has been considered as a means of neutralizing SCP-2471, however this may not be possible due to lack of understanding regarding SCP-2471. The playback devices may be capable of this.

Visual inspections of the containment cell are to be performed on a monthly basis. Inspections of circuitry and electric components whenever a fault is reported with the exception of power-outages and planned inspections.

Description: Properties of SCP-2471 & anomolous effects.
SCP-2471 is an region of space which has constant mechanical vibrations acting in different ranges of frequencies, causing sound in an localized area with a radius of approximately 10m. SCP-2471 is naturally invisible and can currently only be detected with the use of Schlieren photagraphy or by physically hearing it. SCP-2471 is currently contained at storage-site██.

SCP-2471 acts like a drug which causes extreme bliss accompanied with moderate dazedness and confusion. These symptoms of SCP-2471 withdraws almost instantly when leaving SCP-2471's sphere of influence and are replaced with severe withdrawal syndrome (treatment elaborated in appendix B). SCP-2471 causes these symptoms by stimulating the brain through sound to release Dopamine, Serotonin and Endorphins in great quantities and the brain ceasing to release these when the sound of SCP-2471 can no longer be heard, the rapid deprivation of these causing the withdrawal syndrome (known treatment and cures are elaborated in appendix B).
SCP-2471 stimulates hearing cells through sound in the cochlea portion of the inner ear causing the hearing cells to significantly increase in amount and their cell structure to be altered. This allowing SCP-2471 to act as a drug but causes irreparable changes to the hearing cells. Hearing on a normal scale is possible but the change of standard sound is considered unpleasent, different, distorted as told by the SCP-2471-A. As a result; people affected by SCP-2471are granted legally deaf privileges (known treatment and cures are elaborated in appendix B).

Testing equipment has failed in analyzing SCP-2471, SCP-2471 is undetectable by current testing equipment and the sound waves of SCP-2471 being too complex to specifically analyze. Due to this much is left to speculation about SCP-2471. The sound waves of SCP-2471 are deflected with no deterioration, causing the sound of SCP-2471 to remain within the 10m radius sphere of influence and never dissipate. The SCP-2471-A revealed that every five minutes within SCP-2471 sound has no continuity during approximately half a second, possibly to reset the sound of SCP-2471 thus preventing expiration. New sound introduced to SCP-2471 is not affected by SCP-2471 but become severely deteriorated passing through SCP-2471. The sound of SCP-2471 has a constant decibel count of, estimated by the SCP-2471-A, approximately 70 decibel regardless of proximity to the center of SCP-2471. According to the SCP-2471-A, SCP-2471 sounds like a better version of all known music, leading to the expression music 2.0. No direct genre of SCP-2471's sound has been described nor any instruments which may possibly have been used to create SCP-2471.

Further testing of SCP-2471 has been suspended until more advanced testing equipment is to be utilized by the SCP-Foundation.

The following is a list of declassified tests that involved SCP-2471 before testing of SCP-2471 was suspended.
(For specific dates, full test subject names, order of tests, etc. see add-on document ██████).

Test: Determine if SCP-2471 can be beneficial for deaf people.
Subject: ██████, ███████.
Procedure: Introducing a deaf class-█ test subject to SCP-2471.
Results: The deaf class-█ test subject regained lost auditory senses.

Appendix A; The SCP-2471-A,
The SCP-2471-A is the term applied to those who come in direct contact with SCP-2471. As of writing date only seventeen beings have had direct contact with SCP-2471; nine people and eight birds.
(Recommended that the recovery log and primary description is read before continuing reading)

The people SCP-2471-A where medically examinated then interrogated and the animal SCP-2471-A where medically examined then dissected (information learnt found in primary description).
The SCP-2471-A where given the choice - with the exception to the three SCP-Foundation personnel who where automatically classified as class-E - to either be quarantined then placed in a medically-induced coma and administered class-A amnestics to be transported to a recovery hospital near their previous location under the cover story that they had been in an accident or become class-C test subjects specifically for SCP-2471. Five SCP-2471-A chose to become class-C test subjects with the remaining four SCP-2471-A being quarantined until deemed safe to transport. It is believed in retrospect that the majority of the SCP-2471-A chose to become class-C test subjects to be reunited with SCP-2471.
All SCP-2471-A, regardless of career path, where granted legally deaf privileges and are required to submit to medical examinations on a routine basis.

The SCP-2471-A test subjects where tested in ranges from drugs (Morphine, etc.), visual (hypnosis, etc.), physical (shock therapy, ect.) and mental (music, etc.) to standard medical procedures; physical examinations and imaging scans - MRI, CT, and PET, etc. From extensive testing, treatments and cures (detailed in appendix B) and knowledge in general about SCP-2471 (detailed in primary description) was learnt. The SCP-2471-A test subjects often refused to leave SCP-2471's sphere of influence; requiring to be threatened or forcefully removed. It was noted that the SCP-2471-A always knew where the center of SCP-2471 was, the SCP-2471-A claimed it was instinct.
The withdrawal syndrome the SCP-2471-A test subjects experienced on a regular basis was managed with drugs to allow further testing.
The SCP-2471-A's closest description of SCP-2471's sound was something unheard off but awesome.
When the SCP-2471-A where offered the means to recreate the sound of SCP-2471 but failed, claiming that it was too complex.

When testing of SCP-2471 was suspended, theSCP-2471-A test subjects where given the choice to sign a confidentiality agreement and be allowed to leave the SCP-Foundation or continue working for the SCP-Foundation as class-C test subjects. Two SCP-2471-A test subjects continued to work for the SCP-Foundation and two ended their co-operation with the SCP-Foundation.

The following is a list of declassified tests that the SCP-2471-A test subjects conducted before testing of SCP-2471 was suspended.
(For specific dates, full test subject names, order of tests, etc. see add-on document ██████).

Test: Determine if there is a correlation between SCP-2471 and SCP-012.
Subject: E██████, M███████.
Procedure: Introducing an SCP-2471-A to SCP-012.
Results: SCP-2471-A is not immune to SCP-012, no correlation found between SCP-2471 and SCP-012.
Test: Preview the difference between SCP-2471 withdrawal and standard drug withdrawal.
Subject: J████, N███████.
Procedure: Cure an SCP-2471-A from the SCP-2471 withdrawal then induce standard drug withdrawal to then introduce the SCP-2471-A to SCP-2471.
Results: Standard withdrawal syndrome is cured when entering SCP-2471 and expected SCP-2471 withdrawal is inflicted once leaving SCP-2471.
Test: Undoing the physical alterations & curing the withdrawal syndrome caused by SCP-2471 using SCP-427.
Subject: J████, N███████.
Procedure: Having an SCP-2471-A in visual and physical proximity to SCP-427.
Results: The withdrawal syndrome of the SCP-2471-A was cured but not the physical alterations.
Test: Undoing the physical alterations & curing the withdrawal syndrome caused by SCP-2471 using SCP-1832.
Subject: Charlie, Faith.
Procedure: Using SCP-1832's healing abilities to cure an SCP-2471-A's withdrawal syndrome and physical alterations.
Results: The withdrawal syndrome and physical alterations was cured for one hour until both afflictions returning, test subject died of shock.

Appendix B; treatment from exposure to SCP-2471,
The withdrawal syndrome caused by SCP-2471 is currently cured by treating it as a normal drug withdrawal syndrome, alternative treatments is re-introducing the syndrome-afflicted to SCP-2471 once again however the withdrawal syndrome will fully return once left SCP-2471's sphere of influence with all recovery progress made thus far reset.
There is currently no viable cure nor treatment for the physical alterations caused by SCP-2471.

Recovery log:
SCP-2471 was recovered during 1997-08-15 in Germany, Heidelberg, though not believed to be SCP-2471's originating location due to the mobile nature of SCP-2471. The SCP-Foundation sent in a recovery team when it had been reported that a large amount of exotic birds that where not indigenous to Germany had been seen flying in a group and people drastically chasing them.
When the recovery team attempted to apprehend the SCP-2471-A chasing SCP-2471, three recovery team-personnel entered SCP-2471's sphere of influence and where incapacitated.
SCP-2471 was at a constant move with the SCP-2471-A following it. The speed of SCP-2471 ranging from approximately 1mph to approximately 10mph - speed heavily dependant on wind factor, the city acting as a shield. The birds being fast enough to remain within SCP-2471's sphere of influence was constantly marking SCP-2471's location, making it easy to the recovery team and the SCP-2471-A to find SCP-2471 if seperated.
The recovery team deduced that SCP-2471 was sound by interrogation of the SCP-2471-A.
Acting on this information, the recovery team modified camera equipment into Schlieren photography. The Schlieren photography cameras allowed the recovery team to assess
SCP-2471. The recovery team devised the means to secure SCP-2471 by jurry-rigging several local speaker devices5 from their own equipment and random stores. The recovery team managed to contain SCP-2471 and keep it on-location until a modifed freight ship was ready to transport SCP-2471 to a SCP-Foundation containment site.

Addendum #1 , 1998, 04, 07:
It was theorized that SCP-2471 could be split into two anomolies using a range of different means, resulting in two SCP-2471-1 both with a radius of 5m. This would allow risky testing of one SCP-2471-1 and safe storage for the other SCP-2471-1. In theory one could replicate the procedure and split SCP-2471-1 into yet two other, smaller, SCP-2471-2.

Addendum #2 , 1998, 10, 24:
Dr. ██████, ███████'s note: We know that SCP-2471 improves hearing in order for its subjects to hear its sound. But not why.. SCP-2471's sound has been described as music.. Or more like music 2.0… Sound that addicts… I digress. If SCP-2471 is a sample of the next kind of music that will be created one day then it must come from another dimension or from the future. Many theories alike that are popping up around our testing site about SCP-2471 but this specific idea explains why the subjects who have come in contact with SCP-2471 are so altered and why testing equipment is not capable of analyzing SCP-2471. SCP-2471 was never meant to function here, not with these set of physics.. Or we just where never meant to experience something like SCP-2471 currently. This leading to many sub-theories on how SCP-2471 came into existence, how SCP-2471 is able to interact with our observed reality, and so on. There are many such theories going about the site and too many for just me to write here so I leave that to another young strapping scientist to add those theories in another addendum.

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