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Item #: SCP-2479

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its nature, SCP-2479 is currently impossible to fully contain, although research into containment is ongoing. Matters concerning research and public knowledge of SCP-2479 are to be dealt with by MTF Mu-397 ("Sleep Walkers"). This may be done via use of amnestics, destroying possible reports of SCP-2479, and publishing of false articles disproving SCP-2479's existence.

Description: SCP-2479 is an anomaly affecting sleeping human beings during the hours of 10pm-2am in relation to the subject's geopolitical timezone. Subjects affected by SCP-2479 will experience a dream, in which they are transported from their surroundings within the dream to a court room of various appearance. Subjects generally report this room to contain a large variation of medieval torture apparatus, stone circles, large monitors displaying multiple unknown symbols, buckets filled with dice, and large amounts of clocks, all of which display different times. The purpose of these is currently unknown, as subjects have all reported receiving different explanations for their use, including mind reading, gambling, religion, feeding equipment, and other subjects.

Subjects will then report being asked multiple questions by three unidentified humanoids, all random in appearance. These questions pertain to a variety of subjects, but seem to be mildly philosophical (see Addendum 2479-A1). Subjects find themselves answering these questions honestly and plainly.
Affected individuals have little to no memory of SCP-2479 unless given strong mnestics. Dreams involving SCP-2479 have been described as much more immersive than an ordinary dream. All subjects who have been treated with mnestics recall experiencing SCP-2479 roughly once every week.

Addendum 2479-A1: SCP-2479 was discovered during a mnestic drug test on 2016/02/10, when D-837 reported "a strange but realistic dream". This was theorised to be the effects of the drugs, but it was later discovered that it was the effect of an anomaly. Further testing was conducted.

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