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Item #: SCP-2510

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Armed Dimensional Containment Site-08 was successfully constructed around the entrance to SCP-2510's interior. No personnel are to enter SCP-2510-1 without authorization by Site Command. Type A hazmat suits are mandatory within SCP-2510-1, as is decontamination upon exit. Armed guards are to be in place at all times in order to prevent unauthorized access to the facility. In the event of a security breach by civilians or hostile entities, lethal force is authorized - in the event of a security breach from within SCP-2510-1, the on-site nuclear device will be detonated. Armed Dimensional Containment Site-08 is to maintain the facade of a French satellite tracking station.

Research staff must include individuals versed in Linear B,1 ancient automation, Pythagoreanism, and early Church of the Broken God history and doctrine. A disinformation campaign continues to falsify scientific reports, perpetuating the belief that SCP-2510 is strictly a landmass formed through a series of large volcanic eruptions 110 million years ago.

Special precautions must be taken when exploring SCP-2510's interior; some sections contain dangerous levels of ionizing radiation (> ~0.1 Gy). As SCP-2510 cannot be contained in its entirety due to its colossal size, security measures designed to prevent extensive visitation of SCP-2510 and access to its interior are present/are enacted.


Entrance to SCP-2510's interior.

Description: SCP-2510 is a machine, primarily submerged within deep water, geographically known as the Kerguelen Plateau. Its current state was created due to the cumulative effects of rust, sedimentation, volcanic activity, and large structural deformation of the Earth's lithosphere. Due primarily to damage, SCP-2510 is nonfunctional and its original purpose remains unknown. Reverse engineering has been applied to isolated portions of SCP-2510 with several positive results.2 Interior is composed mostly of a jet black material discovered to be cubic boron nitride with a wurtzite crystal structure. Tubes and wires are visible between the metal plating, exhibiting a dim, green light. 95% of SCP-2510's interior is flooded or too damaged to be directly accessed.

SCP-2510-1 is a circular trans-dimensional gateway crafted from re-purposed SCP-2510 parts. The inner-ring contains a flower-like pattern with the symmetrical structure of a hexagon.3 The outer-ring is engraved with the symbols Α (Alpha), Β (Beta), Γ (Gamma), Δ (Delta), and Ε (Epsilon) in a clockwise direction. SCP-2510-1 unfurls when activated, becoming a doorway to one of several possible environments. SCP-2510-1 draws energy from a still unreachable power source within SCP-2510. SCP-2510-1 is operated via SCP-2510-2.

SCP-2510-2 is a hydraulis4 constructed directly across from SCP-2510-1. Like SCP-2510-1, it is not believed to be an original part of SCP-2510. Engraved on its base is a tetrad, a triangular figure consisting of ten points arranged in four rows: one, two, three, and four points in each row, which is the geometrical representation of the fourth triangular number. The tetrad was a symbol sacred to Pythagoreans, each row denoting the Harmony of the Spheres.5 It has been assumed that the tetractys coincide with the Pythagorean music system. These rows can be divided into the ratios 4:3, 3:2, and 2:1; musically, these ratios correspond with the perfect fourth, perfect fifth, and perfect octave - the basic components of the Pythagorean scales.

SCP-2510 was first discovered by Breton-French navigator Yves-Joseph de Kerguelen-Trémarec on 12 February 1772, claiming the island for the French crown. The Foundation became alerted to the true nature of SCP-2510 on 20 August 1949 after the discovery of a military report in Occupied West Germany, detailing an incident involving the German auxiliary cruiser Atlantis in late December, 1940. The ship docked at SCP-2510 while the crew performed maintenance and replenished their water supplies. While harvesting ice the crew struck something with the appearance of artificial construction. Assumed at first to be an ancient shipwreck, the sailors attempted excavation with apparent hopes for "treasure". Nineteen would return to the Atlantis delirious and suffering from acute radiation poisoning; survivors, upon recovery, would report having found a "maschinenstadt" (machine city).

The Foundation, with permission of the French government, established a presence in the Kerguelen Islands. After extensive research, the entire Kerguelen Plateau would be classified as SCP-2510. Construction of Armed Dimensional Containment Site-08 was completed by 20 October 1951.

For further documentation with regards to Armed Dimensional Containment Site-08, contact Site Director.

Mobile Task Force Alpha-5 "Paranaughts" was created to explore SCP-2510-1 once its anomalous properties had been established.

Mobile Task Force Alpha-5 "Paranaughts" Roster:

Captain William Hadley - Commanding Officer
Doctor Albert Cronenberg - Zoologist/geneticist/microbiologist
Doctor Joseph Maxwell - Engineer/mathematician
Doctor Judith Low - Archaeologist/historian/anthropologist
Doctor Jacob Armitage - Astrophysicist
Doctor Laura Baker - Geologist/geographer

Capt. Hadley, Dr. Maxwell, and Dr. Armitage were veterans of the Second World War; due to their significant military training and experience, they were equipped with simple sidearms as a precautionary measure.

Addendum: Doctor Laura Baker would later die of her infection, believed to be the earliest recorded instance of SCP-███. Both Doctor Jacob Armitage and Doctor Joseph Maxwell would go missing under unclear circumstances. Jacob Armitage was last seen rambling about a "Fifth World" and "Black Stars". Joseph Maxwell injured several personnel, stealing Object 2309. Neither have been seen since 1958. See Incident Report 136B for details.

Neither have been apprehended and as of October 1, 2014, they have been listed as likely deceased.


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