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Item #: SCP-2538

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: No weapons, armor, or other items generated by SCP-2538, are allowed outside of the containment chamber. At least 2 security personnel must guard SCP-2538 at all times. Security officers will rotate in shifts accordingly.

Description: SCP-2538 is a large van with a set of seats in the back, along with several containers. The vehicle has several crude steel plates attached to the sides and windows. SCP-2538 has no visible license plating and manufacturer labels. Due to this, manufacturer and previous owner of SCP-2538 are unknown. The left side of the vehicle has a spray painted rectangular symbol with the letters "R. S." written below.

When opened by an outside source, several objects will appear inside SCP-2538's back compartment. The objects known to appear include:

  • 4 sets of tactical bullet resistant vests
  • 4 loaded M4A1 carbine rifles
  • 2 bags of plastic explosives
  • 4 masks depicting various animals1
  • 20 magazines of 5.56x45mm NATO cartridges

Upon opening SCP-2538 again, a new set of the aforementioned items will appear, and will cause all previous items to disappear, regardless where they are. Any objects placed inside SCP-2538's back compartment will also disappear once a new set is created. Alongside this, any damage to SCP-2538 disappears after it is out of sight of human subject.

SCP-2538 was first discovered by the Foundation during a sudden increase in certain crimes in Belgrade, Serbia. Each incident involved at least 4 criminals preforming armed robberies, or weapon trafficking. Serbian reported all evidence, such as masks, ammunition casings, and empty magazines, disappearing almost immediately after suspects evaded capture.

Foundation forces managed to track SCP-2538 to an abandoned warehouse near the waterfront. SCP-2538 was recovered along with a phone hidden inside the vehicle's glove compartment. After recovery the incidents of crime decreased. It's currently assumed SCP-2538 was involved in the crimes directly or indirectly.

Addendum 2538/01 02/04/10: The phone recovered from SCP-2538's glove compartment contained several audio recordings. Each recording dated from 3 months, to 2 days before recovery. These recordings are view-able by personnel of level 2 clearance and above.

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