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Item #: SCP-2543

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2543 is to be contained in a 1x2x2 meter sound proof room equipped with a magnetic code lock. The item should be stored on a fireproof non-conductive table attached to a reliable power supply at all times. Cooling and ventilation units are to be in place to ensure that the containment cell temperatures do not exceed 20°C. Due to its fragile nature, personnel are to avoid interaction with SCP-2543 when not testing.

During testing, only one person may be present in the containment chamber. All testing is to be performed with the door closed and locked. No fluids (beverages, etc.) may enter the room.

Description: SCP-2543 resembles a DOS computer of an unknown brand. The item was recovered in the apartment of deceased MIT student ████ ██████1 at NULL. Upon discovery, SCP-2543 was highly damaged, likely caused by attempted manual destruction2. No efforts were made to repair SCP-2543 to minimize the risk of corrupting its internal structures. Thorough scans of SCP-2543 only revealed a single file believed to be written by its former owner. All attempts at recovering and extracting the file have been unsuccessful.

Permission for disassembly and analysis of SCP-2543's internal structures have been indefinitely denied.

Addendum 1:
The file found on SCP-2543 is of an unknown type. beta.███ cannot be interpreted by any systems other than SCP-2543. When beta.███ is executed, SCP-2543 displays an empty command prompt.

Addendum 2:
The following report was written on the date of SCP-2543's discovery. Its contents regard the death of ████ ██████3.

The body was subsequently transferred to Site ██, Infirmary Sector ██ for further processing. Examination by ██████ ████, M.D. revealed pieces of an unknown blue material on several of the exposed nerves. This was expunged from the original report for security reasons.4

The material underwent analysis and was revealed to be an alloy of cobalt and an unknown element. The blue material was labeled as CoX and the only existing example resides in a 10 ml vial in EMS (Esoteric Materials Storage) 6. It is unknown whether or not the blue color is caused by the cobalt or the unknown material. Further testing of CoX has been delayed indefinitely.

A biopsy of the nerves affected, viz. the median nerve, revealed an integration of CoX in the individual neurons of the nerve.

Addendum 3:

Addendum 4:
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