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Item #: SCP-2546

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2546 is contained in a standard containment locker in Site-19, enclosed in a plexiglass frame. Access codes are in the possession of the six most senior Researchers of the SCP-2546 project. No further physical containment procedures deemed necessary.

Testing with SCP-2546 is indefinitely suspended. See Incident Log SCP-2546-2 for further details. Level 3-PSY/COG/MEM credentials required.

Description: SCP-2546 is a sheet of a standard letter size paper. Analysis of the material has revealed no anomalous properties, and it does not react to Class A or B supernatural reagants. When examined with a microscope, no foreign material (pencil, ink, etc.) is visible.

Individuals observing SCP-2546 report seeing a hand-drawn monochrome image done in pencil, ink, or charcoal, typically of a photo- or hyper-realistic nature. The exact image seen is unique to the individual, though common themes1 have been recorded. What is seen is hypothesized to have some connection to the [REDACTED] of the observer, but the apparent image does not change after the first observation as predicted.

When SCP-2546 is directly viewed, the image fills the observer's entire field of vision until they make the conscious decision to cease interaction. Though static at first, the image gradually animates. As the image continues, observers report strong feelings of security, peace, and comfort, with a few claiming to feel as though they were "███████████". Photographs or video of SCP-2546 do not retain these effects, but the unique image is still displayed.

If the image is maintained long enough (usually about twenty minutes), the observer will begin sensing a very soft voice2 with no apparent source. The contents of what is spoken to the observer cannot be disseminated to other persons, and attempts to share this information are fruitless. As a result, SCP-2546-1 has been classified as a Class W antimemetic agent.

Addendum 2546-1: Interview with Agent W█████████ after observing SCP-2546.

Incident Log SCP-2546-1: Level 3-PSY/COG/MEM security credentials required.

Further testing with SCP-2546 is unadvised.

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