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Access file SCP-2546

Accessing file…

Name: █████ Position: 05 Council Member. Password: ███████████

Security Clearance… confirmed. Accessing file: SCP-2546

Item #: SCP-2546

Object class: Keter

Special containment procedures: SCP-2546 is to be housed in a humanoid containment cell at Humanoid Containment Site-06-3. The cell should be big enough to house a small family so that SCP-2546 doesn't get upset and cause a containment breach, see Addendum-2546-1.
The walls and floors are to be made out of steel and are to be replaced routinely every 10 days. SCP-2546 containment cell is to have at least 1 staff member present at all times for SCP-2546 to communicate with.

Description: SCP-2546 is a sentient humanoid creature standing at 9'6'' that has a body of a human male skeleton with jet black robes. SCP-2546 is surrounded by black mist at all times and all tests are to be done while wearing hazmat suits. SCP-2546 is very passive and will never attack anyone unless attacked or forced to do something that it doesn't want to do. SCP-2546 will cause a containment breach at 7:00 PM on october 31 every year at the same time, said breach can happen at sites that SCP-2546 is not presently in and it is unknown how SCP-2546 causes these breach. When presented with another SCP, SCP-2546 will try and talk to the SCP and if that SCP tries to harm him then the SCP will vanish and reappear in it's cell 24 hours later in a docile state. SCP-2546 form of communicating is by writing on the floors or walls of it's containment cell. SCP-2546 was found within site 19 exploring the site. SCP-2546 actively seeks to communicate with something, either for knowledge or enjoyment. If a staff member inhales SCP-2536's mist or if the they anger SCP-2546 then they are to report for psychiatric evaluation. The effects of SCP-2546 mist are as followed, "Mental breakdown, depression, paranoia, anxiety, stress, psychosis, psychogenic, nightmare disorder, confusion and insanity. These symptoms all take effect 1 hour later after inhaling or angering SCP-2546.

Addendum-2546-1:During a breach at Humanoid Containment Site-06-3, SCP-2546 appeared in SCP-706's containment cell. With no staff present and only a visual only camera in 706's containment cell, only a small part of the conversation could be recorded. Instead of speaking it looked like SCP-2546 wrote on the walls by pointing at it and since the only camera on said wall couldn't capture was being writing on it. After a few minutes of dialogue between SCP-2546 and 706, SCP-2546 walked over to 706 and placed his right hand on her shoulder and they disappeared. Thanks to the tracking device embedded in a rubberband given to 706, mobile task force delta was able to reach the location of 706 and 2546 with amazing speed. They surrounded the building and proceeded to enter it to contain 706. 2 minutes into the operation mist started to appear and paralyze mobile task force delta. The mission was aborted after the freezing effect wore off and 2546 along with 706 appeared within 706's cell.

Addendum-2546-2: Interview.

Lt. James ████:

Foreword: [This is an interview with the Lt who discovered a new Keter class SCP.]

<Begin Log, [2009, June 19, 5:03 PM]>

Dr.█████: [ Tell us what happened during the breach on site ████]

Lt. James ████: [ The Man in the Mist came…
Dr.█████: [ Who's The Man in the Mist?

Lt. James ████: [ It's the one that shall protect humanity if humans fail to do that themselves…
Dr.█████: [ Did he tell you why it "protects" humanity?
Lt. James ████: [ it said we were needed for something…
Dr.█████: [ Did it say what we were needed for?
Lt. James ████: [ No….
Dr.█████: [ Before the interview you claimed it "took" you places?
Lt. James ████: [ Try to imagine being in the same room with your worst fear and then multiply that by 2000
Dr.█████: [ That's not what I asked for Lt.
Lt. James ████: [ Because that's where it took me…it made me be in the same room with every keter class known…i don't know how it did it….it felt like years….
Dr.█████: [ What did it look like?
Lt. James ████: [ To be honest it looked like the grim reaper….
Dr.█████:** [ What did it sound like?
Lt. James ████: [ W-what did it sound like? what did he sound like!? He made no noise at all! It was like he wasn't even there!
Dr.█████: [ Calm down, Lt!
Lt. James ████: [ Oh my god…It's right behind you!! Get me out of here!!!!
Dr.█████: [ Cut the tape!

<End Log, [2009, June 19, 6:10 PM]>**

Closing Statement: [After Lt ██████ had a psychotic breakdown he was quickly sedated for further questioning at later dates. Four days later Lt. ██████ was found dead in his cell]

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