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Item #: SCP-2576

Containment Level: Safe Safe/Keter

Object Type: Ectoentropic

Breach Level: Grün

Object Class: Safe/Keter

Authorized Response Level: Response Level 31

Special Containment Procedures Secured Containment Engagement Protocol: SCP-2576 is to be staffed and maintained by Foundation joint Foundation-GOC personnel. The building itself is to be established as a biomedical research center, and access from the general public is to be restricted.

All instances of SCP-2576-1 are to be stored in a warehouse in Sumner, Washington All instances of SCP-2576-1 are to be run through an industrial macerator and stored in the dimension accessed by SCP-25762345. Any instances of SCP-2576-1 that manifest are to be contained seized by MTF-Epsion-Rho-3 ("Boeing's Best" "Boeings Best") and destroyed in similar fashion.

Description: SCP-2576 is a set of 15 functional cryonic preservation tanks located in a building in Seattle, Washington State, United States of America, Earth67. SCP-2576 was registered as a subsidiary of Flyboy Cryonics; no such company is known to exist.

SCP-2576 utilizes a nonanomalous cryoprotectant8 in the preservation of its subjects; this cryoprotectant was independently discovered by the Foundation9 and is not considered a major part of the SCP-2576 anomaly.

The desired temperature for cryonic preservation is achieved via a system consisting of liquid helium and an extradimensional portal set into the concrete floor. This portal was created by anomalous nontraditional means10, and consists of a tungsten core covered with aluminum with a hole in the center on which several differential equations11 have been written in chicken blood.

The dimension accessed by SCP-2576 has a constant temperature of 3.15 Kelvin. This temperature appears to be constant across the entirety of this dimension. SCP-2576 uses this dimension as a heat sink in order to maintain a consistent supply of liquid helium.

All parts and machines used by SCP-2576, including circulation pumps, monitoring equipment, and the tanks themselves, are labeled as being manufactured by Flyboy Incorporated12; as is the case with Flyboy Cryonics, no such company is known to exist.

At the time of containment, six preservation tanks were in use13:

  • Fred Paulson (Film star, 1920-1927; believed to have died of Huntington's Disease in 1928; Huntington's disease; stored 1927)
  • William Boeing (Private citizen14; gunshot wound to upper torso; stored 1938)
  • Red (Golden retriever; dead; stored 1924)
  • Alexandria Williams (Private citizen; severe body trauma; stored 1938)
  • Marilynne Walton (Film star, 1919-1925; believed to have died of cancer in 1925; cancer; stored 1925)
  • Walt Disney (Businessman; disembowelment; stored 1929)15

All instances are either dead or in a state of severe injury or illness; as current medical technology is not capable of treating them, they have been left preserved16.

SCP-2576-1 is a phenomenon in which identical duplicates of William Boeing's preservation tank, containing the body of William Boeing, will spontaneously appear at certain locations. The locations and times between these phenomenons appear to follow a completely random distribution. The shortest period observed between two instances appearing is one second, with the longest being four months; however, these are almost certainly not the upper and lower limits for the phenomenon17. SCP-2576-1 instances can appear in any location; containment of SCP-2576 was almost broken when a fishing boat encountered a cluster of SCP-2576-1 instances in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that had been grouped by currents.

As SCP-2576-1 instances are not linked to the liquid helium maintenance system of SCP-2576, the liquid helium present in SCP-2576-1 instances will rapidly be converted to gas and will rupture the preservation tank, often resulting in the rapid decay of the corpse of Boeing. As the rate of SCP-2576-1 creation will, at some point, outpace the storage capacity of the Foundation (and, eventually, the Earth,) containment that focuses on storing SCP-2576-1 instances within the dimension accessed by SCP-00001819 has been implemented.

As the person of William Boeing appears to be nonanomalous, and is not connected to any anomalies known to the Foundation, the reason behind SCP-2576-1 is currently unknown.

Addendum 2576-1:20 Recently launched Foundation satellites have discovered that instances of SCP-2576-1 routinely enter and and burn up in the atmosphere; following this, the projected scope of SCP-2576-1 has been increased.

Appendix 2576-1:2122232425 The following note was discovered taped to the door of the building housing SCP-2576 on 5/14/1968. Although it appears to have no bearing on SCP-2576 or SCP-2576-1, it has been included here for completion26272829:

There is a painting in every one of us. This will help you get it out.

Are We Cool Yet?30

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