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WARNING: Dissemination of cognitohazard Kyash has been authorized.


Inoculation complete. Welcome, [LEVEL 3 PERSONNEL].

Item #: SCP-2641

Object Class: Euclid

Threat Level: Orange

Special Containment Procedures: Information regarding SCP-2641 and its related anomalies is to remain restricted to personnel with at least a Level 3 Security Clearance.

SCP-2641-1 instances are to be stored in standard containment lockers within the Testing Wing of Site-82. SCP-2641 is not to be used to revert modified instances of SCP-2641-1 back into their "initial" states due to variances in the interpretation of any object's conceptual framework1.

The current instance of SCP-2641-2 is to be stored within a restricted offline data repository separate from Site-82's intranet. Any attempt to access said file is to be filtered through Foundation intranet AI Theta-02 ("ALEXANDRIA BEFORE THE FIRE").

Theta-02 is to ensure that SCP-2641-2 remains intact in its current state. All revisions, authorized or otherwise, are flagged by Theta-02 and logged within its database for cross-referencing purposes. As well, Theta-0 is to ensure that all information regarding SCP-2641 within Site-82 intranet systems, as well as any systems directly or indirectly connected to Site-82, remains adequately vetted. In the event of a security leak, Theta-02 is to expunge all data created by SCP-2641 faster than median human perception.

Members of GoI-2641 are to be administered yearly influenza vaccinations. All members are also to be vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B when applicable. The existence of GoI-2641 is not to be disclosed on any official documents other than Document SCP-2641 and has been expunged from all documents kept by the Brazillian government. Foundation disinformation campaigns regarding the existence of the group are to be maintained under the guise of local conspiracy theories.

Update: As of 31/10/2020, the item designated as SCP-2641-2 is Document SCP-2641. No further proposals for item re-designation are being considered at this time.

Description: SCP-2641 is a potent and easily transmittable sentient memetic agent in the form of a geas2. SCP-2641 is characterized by two distinct features, designated 2641/Type-Lambda and 2641/Type-Mu anomalies.

Type-Lambda: Upon exposure to a medium containing SCP-2641, exposed persons become the means by which the agent spreads to any surrounding objects. In its weakened state3, SCP-2641 is only capable of being transmitted into a single object per person per exposure and requires physical contact to ensure transmission.

After exposure, persons typically become aware of the manifestation of an additional internal monologue similar in intonation to their own. Subjects without an identifiable internal monologue4 generally report the manifestation of one to be peculiar. In most cases, this leads to mild to severe discomfort. Subjects regularly afflicted with a critical internal monologue5 often report the presence of an additional internal dialogue to be exacerbating.

This internal monologue is conceived of as the recitation of unknown linguistic expressions, typically ones poetic in nature. These expressions are often nonsensical or eccentric and are bereft of any symbolic meaning. The recitations are paired with instructions, given by SCP-2641 to the subject, on what procedure to fulfil to ensure the further spread of SCP-2641's anomalous effects.

Type-Lambda instructions are generally positive or constructive in nature and include references to subject's desires, ideological frameworks, and idiosyncrasies as a means of persuasion. Subjects are not compelled to act upon the instruction but retain an atypical internal monologue until the instruction is carried out. Many subjects report the internal monologue to be pervasive, tending toward intolerability over an extended time period.

Over years of extended testing with SCP-2641 since its discovery in 2003, Type-Lambda monologues have been increasingly rendered as highly personal negative or critical dialogue against the subject. The reason for this phenomenon is currently unknown.

After transmission, SCP-2641 will alter an individual's chosen object (designated SCP-2641-1) by transforming the way it functions. The "transformed" function is considered to be the opposite, or the approximate opposite, of the "initial" function. The "transformed" function alters local reality based on the magnitude a change in an object's function implies. See Experiment Log 2641 for an extended list of all object function transformations encountered during testing.

The changes made to SCP-2641-1 are fully dependent on an affected individual's perception of the object's function, which is often determined subconsciously. As well, "transformed" instances of SCP-2641-1 appear identical to their "initial" form, which negatively impacts one's assumption of how an affected object will change. Affected objects have been noted to display a decrease in their Hume reading when compared to initial measurements.

Type-Mu: Type-Mu refers to contact between a subject and a medium, and occurs in a manner similar to Type-Lambda contact. This results in the transfer of SCP-2641 into a selected medium, which has been designated SCP-2641-2. Television, literature, autobiographical accounts, video games, movies, works of art, and music are all susceptible to this effect. Unaffected individuals engaging in contact with SCP-2641-2 are afflicted with SCP-2641.

The agent continues to spread to various other media after person-to-person, person-to-medium, and medium-to-medium contact. SCP-2641 will attempt to make revisions to a selected media in an attempt to alter its properties in real time. SCP-2641 is persistent in its revisions, necessitating the use of Theta-02 to ensure uninhibited containment. Attempts at redirecting SCP-2641 into a different medium has only resulted in the affliction of multiple media concurrently. SCP-2641 will remain a part of SCP-2641-2 until the medium is destroyed, at which point it will spontaneously re-manifest in a randomly selected medium within 300 m of its initial destruction.

When SCP-2641 has gained a significant amount of influence6, it attains the ability to subvert information within affected media to evidently suit its own needs. Specifically, the agent maintains the capacity to directly manipulate local reality, such that local reality summarily conforms to the agent according to information supplanted in SCP-2641-2. This has the potential to provide SCP-2641with immense autonomy and influence over assigned reality constructs. It is suggested that the uninhibited spread of SCP-2641 would result in a CK-class restructuring event.

It has been hypothesized that an uncontained SCP-2641-2 fragment or cluster of fragments exist in an unknown medium or media outside of Foundation control. This would explain the tenacious and persistent behaviour of SCP-2641 despite its containment. However, additional fragments have yet to be located.

Addendum 2641-1:

Experiment Log 2641

Addendum 2641-2:

Document 2641-Solidão


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