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Item #: SCP-2664

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2664 is contained at its initial point of discovery, in the GRU Division "P" Psionics Research Facility (SCP-2664-A) in the Verkhoyansk Range, Siberia. The area within a 10 km radius of the facility (designated as the 'hot zone') is off-limits to all non-expendable assets. The area outside the hot zone within a 50 kilometer radius of the facility (designated as the 'yellow zone') has been cordoned off to the public under the guise of a munitions test facility.

A camp has been established five kilometers outside the yellow zone to house on-site expendable, medical, and security personnel. Once every week, two healthy, physically fit expendable assets that have undergone Reconditioning Program Zeta-Umbrage are to be fed five orichalcum supplement capsules and given standard cold-weather equipment, video cameras, vitals monitors, and snowmobiles; they are then to be deployed into the yellow zone with instructions to reach SCP-2664 and report on its condition.

If either asset dies of a traumatic brain injury within the yellow zone that cannot have been caused by environmental factors, SCP-2664 is to be immediately reclassified as Uncontained, Protocol 148-Zeta is to be immediately put into effect, and Overwatch Command is to be alerted of an impending YK-Class End-of-World Scenario. Other excursions to the facility are forbidden without the express authorization of at least two members of Overwatch Command.

The Foundation has negotiated with world governments to ensure that all global satellite imaging of SCP-2664-A be doctored or destroyed.

Description: SCP-2664 is a psionic eigenweapon developed by GRU Division "P", the anomalous investigation branch of the Soviet Union, from 1950 to 1961 under the name "Project Redline". Per the orders of then-General Secretary Joseph Stalin, SCP-2664 was intended to act as a psychic deterrent that would immediately brainwash the global populace into following the tenets of Soviet socialism. However, GRU Division "P" secretly designed SCP-2664 to mitigate and remove human tendencies towards violence.

Physically, SCP-2664 consisted of three Ukrainian triplets suffering from cephalothoracopagus1. In this case, each of SCP-2664's heads faced a separate direction, while their bodies joined at the navel. They possessed three arms total and six legs. The extent of their internal conjoinment remains unknown.

Psionically, SCP-2664 is a single gestalt entity with three mental subdivisions - a control division, effector division, and receptor division - pertaining to its physical selves, enabling it to perceive and interact with its environment. SCP-2664 is capable of self-levitation and long-range manipulation of objects that weigh up to 100 kilograms; however, its psionic capabilities are primarily for affecting other sentient and sapient beings around it.

Unshielded sentient organisms that come within 100 meters 3 kilometers 5 kilometers of SCP-2664 will be subjected to severely altered brain chemistry and tissue mutation, particularly in the thalamus, prefrontal cortex, amygdala, hippocampus, and septum. Sapient beings undergo a dramatic shift in personality, experiencing a 90% decrease in secretion of norepinephrine and other hormones linked to aggression and a general depression of the sympathetic nervous system; this induces an aversion to witnessing and engaging in violence, a severely diminished acute stress response, and a strongly negative reaction towards all forms of weaponry. Nonsapient beings such as mice suffer rapid-onset spongiform encephalitis and toxic sulphate buildup, dying within minutes.

Mentally, SCP-2664 is thought to possess the equivalent intelligence and disposition of a six-to-ten year old child. Its mental state has likely been adversely affected by the conditioning and training program to which it was subjected by GRU-Division "P"2.

SCP-2664-A is the former GRU Division "P" Psionics Research Facility, where SCP-2664 was created. Until its transformation into an anomaly during Exploratory Mission Alpha, the Facility was designed and built in such a way as to diminish the strength of all psionic transmissions within the structure by 99.5 percent. To this end, it incorporated materials such as electrum into the insulation and its layout was designed to maximize reflection and dissipation of psionic transmissions within the structure.

Addendum 2664.1: The majority of the Foundation's knowledge of SCP-2664 comes from a former GRU Division "P" researcher, designated "Iceman", who led numerous research and development projects for the Division, including the development of SCP-2664. On 25 December 1962, Iceman defected to the Foundation through an attaché in the British Embassy in West Berlin, carrying several thousand classified Division documents and records on ultrafiche encompassing ███ different projects and initiatives, including SCP-2664. The Soviet government officially denied knowledge of the existence of both the project and the facility during the clandestine Paraweapon Cessation Treaties of 1963. As a result, the Foundation implicitly assumed custody of both SCP-2664 and the facility.

Addendum 2664.2: Investigation of SCP-2664

Following aerial reconnaissance of the Verkhoyansk Range and confirmation of the existence of the Psionics Research Facility, Mobile Task Force Lambda-9 ("Mind over Matter") was dispatched to investigate the facility and ascertain the status of SCP-2664 and any other anomalies within.

Subsequent attempts to investigate the sphere resulted in rapid growth of the sphere and the losses of all personnel involved. Based on the final logs transmitted by Lambda-9 as well as SCP-2664's original documentation, Psionics Division eventually devised the current method of containment: sending psionically stunted personnel and psionically-dampening materials into the anomaly to retard its growth. At this time, the radius of the sphere is increasing at a rate of 1.5% per month.

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