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Item #: SCP-2679

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2679 is to be stored in a standard inanimate-item locker at Site-19. SCP-2679's connectors are to be fully insulated to prevent contact and activation. No other containment is necessary.

Description: SCP-2679 is a large vacuum tube. SCP-2679 lacks soldered input and output contacts, and cannot be attached to a circuit.

When a biological entity completes a circuit with SCP-2679, all nerves within the entity's body will forcibly exit the skin and fuse with the tube contacts. This is not protected by any anomalous effect, and is extremely painful. Without proper medical attention, most subjects die of blood loss within several hours. Separation from SCP-2679 is impossible without massive tissue trauma.

Once connected to SCP-2679, rapid electrical stimulation of the nervous system occurs. While not painful, this state is reminiscent of eletrotherapy or continual seizure; this is usually debilitating, but not necessarily deadly.

Long-term exposure to SCP-2679 results in nerve elongation and branching. Affected nerves will grow into and mesh with nearby electrical systems. Exposed nerve endings have been observed entering electrical sockets, cable ports, vacuum tubes, magnetrons, and circuits.

Discovery: SCP-2679 was discovered after reports of localized appliance failure in the town of Corvalis, Oregon. These were due to the local power grid's normal supply of AC power being replaced with low-voltage DC power. Investigations into the area's power lines discovered large-scale organometallic complexes and organic matter, at which point the Foundation intervened. Triangulation of the cause was initially ineffective; due to the large biological component inherent in the anomaly, a novel neural network simulation was designed to locate the epicenter.

The original source of the phenomenon was traced back to ██████ ██████████, a 23-year old unemployed male living alone. ██████ had been using SCP-2679 for over six months, and had developed enough of a tolerance to allow for rudimentary functionality and mobility. He had been making posts to multiple occultist websites and message boards claiming that the device was a method of spiritual transcendence. Foundation neurologists performed large-scale neurectomy over the course of two weeks and administered amnestics, while Foundation censors took over his account, leading to the collapse of his credibility. As no other instances of SCP-2679 have been discovered, this was deemed sufficient public management.

██████ claimed to have invented SCP-2679 himself; the materials and craftsmanship of SCP-2679 do not support this. Tentative estimations place SCP-2679's date of construction sometime within the 1870-1920 time period; however, no further leads have been discovered to date.

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