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Earliest known photograph of SCP-2691.

Item #: SCP-2691

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Containment focuses on keeping tourists, hikers, and kayakers away from SCP-2691 and the area upstream. Both intersections of the unnamed road that SCP-2691 lies on and Highway 81 are to be set up with a ranger station manned by a Foundation agent planted within the Park Ranger system and a concrete roadblock. A cover story detailing the area upstream of, and containing, SCP-2691 as a wildlife reservation for recently reintroduced red wolves has been released, and modern maps updated appropriately.

It is recommended that no tests are performed underneath SCP-2691 with claustrophobic D-class during high water.

Description: SCP-2691 is a covered bridge crossing ██████ Creek in the Appalachian Mountains. Its dimensions, when measured externally, are 3.1 m x 2.9 m x 24 m. When measured internally, they are 3.1 m x 2.9 m x 48 m.

This effect is expanded on the underside of the bridge. Clearance between the bottom of the bridge and the surface of the creek is variable, depending on the seasonal water levels of creek, but averages ~ 1 m, +/- .5 m. The max horizontal clearance under the bridge is 40 m, but does narrow to as little as 24 meters in places. Distances traveled under SCP-2691 appear to fluctuate with the seasonal water level, but average ~10 km, +/- 5 km.

Time appears to also fluctuate at the same ratio as the spacial discrepancies.

SCP-2691 was found when a tabloid ran a story about a group of kayakers that returned from a kayaking trip a day late, with no memory of the missing day. The tabloid also mentioned these kayakers encountered an anomalously long tunnel while they were kayaking ██████ Creek. The missing persons police reports have been purged, Class C Amnestics were administered, and the tabloid article discredited as an urban legend.

Experiment 2691-2 - 06/18/20██

Subject: D-26912
Procedure: Subject given a stopwatch and asked to time himself walking across the bridge
Results: D-26912 timed himself at 1 minute, 23.1 seconds to cross the bridge. Dr. Burns, standing outside of SCP-2691, timed D-26912 as having taken 41.7 seconds to cross the bridge.

Experiment 2691-7- 06/18/20██-06/19/20██

Subject: D-26914, chosen for his knowledge of kayaks and noted lack of claustrophobia
Procedure: Subject was placed upstream of SCP-2691 in a kayak, given a stopwatch, and asked to time himself kayaking under the bridge. Clearance under bridge measured at 1 m.
Results: Dr. Burns and his team were able to contact D-26914 through the floor of SCP-2691 every half-hour for the first three hours, at three hours thirty minutes onward they were unable to contact him through the floor or by hand-held radio. Dr. Burns was in the process of filing the paperwork for requisition of more D-class, helmet-mounted camera, and GPS units to mount a search and recover mission when D-26914 emerged from the downstream end of the bridge. D-26914 timed himself at three hours, twenty-seven minutes, one second. Dr. Burns, on shift with the rest of his team, timed D-26914 at one day, ten hours, twenty-eight minutes, seventeen seconds.

Experiment 2691-15 - 06/20/20██

Subject: D-26912
Procedure: Subject asked to walk slowly through to the other side of the bridge, turn to his right, walk past the outside edge of SCP-2691, and then wave at Dr. Burns.
Results: Agent ████████, who was stationed on the far end of SCP-2691, reported that he saw D-26912 exit the bridge at running speed and take off running into the woods. Agent ████████ shot the emerging D-26912 with his sidearm, wounding him fatally. Dr. Burns reported that he observed D-26912 was almost half-way through SCP-2691 when he heard Agent ████████ discharge his firearm and saw D-26912 fall prone. The test was aborted and D-26912 was requested to return to Dr. Burns' side of SCP-2691 and complied. D-26912 later admitted that he was "psyching myself up for making a run for it," taking his chances in the woods, since he was not aware that Agent ████████ was on the far side of SCP-2691. When he heard gunfire, he fell prone and then complied with Dr. Burns' commands to return to custody. Upon D-26912's later execution, his autopsy revealed that it was a perfect match of the body of D-26912 retrieved from the site.

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