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Item #: SCP-2730

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2730 is to be contained in a secured yard at Testing Facility Site-18. This binder containing SCP-2730 is to be placed in the center of the compound, at least 75 meters from any other wall or barrier. SCP-2730 is to be observed at hourly intervals by CCTV camera and to be guarded by one security officer at all times. Under no circumstances is SCP-2730 to be opened or individual instances of SCP-2730 be removed without approval from the site director.

Image No #: 2730-A
Collar No: Malamute | Legendary | Neutral | First Edition | HOLO | Rescue Rovers
October 20, 1996 - Artist: Ken Sugimori
SCP-2730-Malamute often takes this pose when removed from its sleeve. While the collar indicates the object is "holofoil" no unusual color patterns or visual aberrations can be observed.
Image No #: 2730-B
Collar No: Platinum Retriever | Uncommon | Light | Rescue Rovers
October 20, 1996 - Artist: Mitsuhiro Arita
Photo from testing with SCP-2730-Platinum Retriever and SCP-2730 False Ball. Both SCP-2730 objects function as a common mundane object, however, when False Ball is used in an attempt to misdirect an instance of SCP-2730, that instance of SCP-2730 will return to its owners hand.

Description: SCP-2730 is a deck of cards containing a collection of objects and entities that take the form of household objects, humanoids, vehicles, and dogs Canis lupus familiaris when removed from their playing card sleeves. SCP-2730 contains 21 dogs, one canine frog costume, dog repellent spray, a squeeze toy, a retractable fence, a featureless humanoid entity, a greyhound bus, a dog treat, a tennis ball, 22 13kg bags of chicken and potato based dog food, and 6 5.5kg bags of turkey and oatmeal based dog food.

SCP-2730 grow or shrink in size, and exist in two or three dimensional space. SCP-2730 will shrink when touched. This can be achieved while touching the object with the intent to shrink it. If the object is removed from a sleeve, it will grow to its standard size after a period of five seconds. SCP-2730 may cause damage to its surroundings if there is not enough space for them when they are removed from their sleeve. Miniaturized SCP-2730 continue to move around within their sleeve within the confines of the border.

Different values are visible, superimposed over the objects while SCP-2730 are in their sleeves. Attached is a detailed list of these items.1

Dogs contained within SCP-2730 are referred to as SCP-2730-1, followed by their breed. SCP-2730-1 dogs exhibit behavior typical of mundane dogs. SCP-2730-1 are effectively mundane, save for the SCP-2730 transfer effect that allows them to be placed in playing card sleeves. SCP-2730-1 require food if removed from their sleeve for an extended period. SCP-2730-1 will not eat mundane food, or food that does not match their typing.

SCP-2730-1's collars have language that would suggest that the dogs are part of a set of "collectible dogs". There are indicators on the tags for rarity, breed, minting, design, artist, date, and "Rescue Rovers", which may indicate a set or package. It is speculated SCP-2730 may also be a game of some kind, due to the specificity of dogs located in the set, and peculiarities of the behaviors between specific objects.

Image No #: 2730-A
Collar No: Golden Retriever | Common | Light | Rescue Rovers
-- Artist: Mitsuhiro Arita
One instance of SCP-2730-Golden Retriever has tarnish on its collar, obscuring its description. Its behavior could be considered typical of a normal dog.

Interactions between SCP-2730 objects:

An instance of SCP-2730-1 may consume an SCP-2730 artificial treat in place of SCP-2730 Dog Food when it is hungry, but the SCP-2730-1 Dalmatian will not do so.

SCP-2730 Food regenerates to capacity if placed back in a playing card sleeve. One bag of food was destroyed as per testing protocol. Fragments of the object did exhibit the primary SCP-2730 effect and could not be recovered. "Rescue Rovers" is written on the otherwise featureless bags of food.

The SCP-2730 Frog Suit can only be worn by the SCP-2730-1 Silver Chihuahua.

The SCP-2730 Tennis Ball, or "False Ball" is a standard tennis ball. When thrown in a way in an attempt to trick an SCP-2730-1, the dog will return to its sleeve. This effect propagates with all SCP-2730-1 save for the SCP-2730-1 Silver Chihuahua.

The SCP-2730 Squeeze Toy will attract all instances of SCP-2730-1 save for the SCP-2730-1 Saint Bernard. The toy appears to be an naked, adult human male constructed of polyester.

The SCP-2730 Retractable Fence is a .5 meter wooden retractable gate commonly used to partition parts of a home from pets. Only the SCP-2730-1 Malamute has been shown to be capable of passing the gate, and will ignore all other stimulus in order to do so. The SCP-2730-1 Malamute will sometimes passively remove the gate, but not pass through.

The SCP-2730 Dog Repellent will prevent SCP-2730-1 from moving near any space it is used. When the repellent was tested on the retractable gate, The SCP-2730-1 Malamute was still capable of passing the obstacle. SCP-2730-1 German Shepherd is attracted to the repellent.

The SCP-2730 Greyhound Bus is a 10.67 m, quad-axle intercity bus of indeterminate manufacture or branding. Located within the bus is a Greyhound Canis lupus familiaris with a driver's hat. The SCP-2730-1 Greyhound is not capable of piloting the bus.

Addendum A: History

SCP-2730 was discovered after a civilian [REDACTED] submitted a video to the website Youtube titled "Pack of Dogs DESTROY MY HOUSE" in which the possessor and his associate presented SCP-2730 to the audience, displaying its primary effect in disbelief. While the video had existed for six months on the website, reception to it was negative and did not receive popular exposure. The possessor claimed to have found SCP-2730 on the side of a road inside of a damaged cardboard card deck box; This object is now lost or hidden. No description of the markings or names on this box could be recovered. The possessor later transferred SCP-2730 to a binder after his initial opening the object, destroying his associate's home in the process. Civilian [REDACTED] retained for further questioning. Disinformation protocols were disseminated without issue.

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