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Item #: SCP-2730

Anomaly Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A digital copy of SCP-2730 is kept on Site-99's mainframe. Access for testing requires permission from SCP-2730's HMCL supervisor. Testing may only be performed in a fully soundproofed testing chamber with a floor drain.

Foundation web crawling software is set to automatically remove any uploads containing material from SCP-2730 from all major video-, music-, and file-hosting services.

Description: SCP-2730 is an MP3 file of variable size containing original pieces of electronic music of numerous genres. Currently, SCP-2730 is composed of thirty-nine songs.

SCP-2730 has a small chance of affecting individuals who listen to it in its entirety while playing any video game. Upon the cessation of SCP-2730, the subject will lose all voluntary motor control, becoming paralyzed. This is followed by the production of gastric acid by all organs, which quickly kills the subject and dissolves their body over the course of 3-5 hours. This is accompanied by intense rhythmic vibrations in the subject's body, reminiscent of beats found on SCP-2730.

Between one and two hours after the dissolution of the subject, an additional original track will be appended to the end of SCP-2730. Its length will be roughly proportionate to the subject's mass. If the subject created and published any original music, the new track will contain at least one sample of it. All copies of SCP-2730 will change to accommodate this track, provided that there is sufficient space on the storage device in question.

At least once per day, a random YouTube account will upload a video combining SCP-2730 with a static background image, entitled "BEST LIQUID BASSSTEP / GLITCH TRAP HARDCORE GAMING MIX AUGUST 2014 LONGEST ON YOUTUBE"1; current containment procedures consistently remove these videos within seventeen minutes. The track listing for these videos consists of a list, in chronological order, of the full names of all individuals killed by SCP-2730.

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