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Note: This entry is not SCP-2758, but rather the article written when SCP-2758's effects were first discovered and thought to be an independent localized anomaly. This information is incomplete and outdated, and is only included for contextual purposes. Components later found to be infohazardous, including detailed exploration logs and some descriptive information, have been expunged and are only available to personnel with 2758/5 clearance. The SCP-2709 slot has since been cleared in the SCP database and replaced with an unrelated entry.


Figure A: Scan of the original 1997 revised floorplan of the B4 wing, with up-to-date camera number locations. Click to enlarge.

Item #: SCP-2709

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As of October 10, 2016, this document is to remain removed from its original location on the tertiary solid-state drive of the Room A2 desktop computer in Euclid Wing B4 of Site-81. Any personnel directly involved with the events outlined in the attached documentation are to be amnesticized or temporarily demoted to E-class1 until anomalous effects subside or desist entirely.

The entirety of the Site-81 B4 wing is to remain empty of any permanently residing personnel and SCP objects, sentient or otherwise, until SCP-2709's phenomenon is fully understood and safely contained. Two or more personnel assigned to SCP-2709 should patrol the hallways and stairwell adjacent to the B4 wing, as well as the surrounding area (including but not limited to the B3, B5, C4, and A4 wings) at least thrice weekly in order to ensure Hume readings remain below 1.5 Humes at all times. Hume readings should be recorded along with the date and time of occurrence and name of the employee(s) who took the readings in the recordkeeping section at the bottom of this document. If a reading higher than 1.5 Humes is ever detected by two or more individual Kant counters, the high reading should be transcribed in the aforementioned log and reported to the on-duty project manager.

If the B4 wing must be entered for research purposes, such action should be taken in groups of no fewer than five qualified personnel, all of whom must stay within eye- and earshot of each other at all times. All personnel are required to have memorized the default layout of the B4 wing. All personnel must be equipped with the following if planning to enter:

  • Timekeeping devices synchronized to within one minute of each other;
  • One Mark IV (or higher) Miniaturized Portable Scranton Reality Anchor (Mk. IV MPSRA) rated to at least eight Humes;
  • At least one flashlight;
  • At least one handheld radio, standard Foundation network cell phone, or similar communication device.

Attempted contact from SCP-2709-A is to be avoided, and SCP-2709-A is not to be spoken to if directly encountered by personnel conducting explorations. At first opportunity, SCP-2709-A is to be permanently contained in Room B52 or a similar room until such a point at which additional personnel can safely arrive and assist with further containment and research.

As of October 10, 2016, entry of Euclid Wing B4 is heavily discouraged.3

Description: SCP-2709 is the designation for a spacio-temporal anomaly continually manifesting in the B4 wing of Site-81. Following initial discovery of the anomaly, it was discerned that SCP-2709 has the following effects on its environment and those in it:

  • The entire B4 wing exhibits dangerously above-average Hume readings at any given time;
  • The surfaces and vertices of B4 wing's hallways and rooms cease to be geometrically finite, and instead pass through and into each other at illogical angles, leading to unpredictable and potentially infinite alternate layouts of the area;
  • The aforementioned effects cause the wing's electrical wiring and walls/framework to become dysfunctional and physically unstable, respectively;
  • The wristwatches of personnel present within the wing will quickly become un-synchronized with other clocks, sometimes by hours, in proportion to the aforementioned anomalous physical rearrangement events;

SCP-2709’s influence appears to extend from the back stairwell of Euclid Wing B4 to the opposite elevator door (approx. 90 meters) and from the east-side laboratory rooms to the west-side containment chambers (approx. 120 meters)4, with a particular concentration in and around Room B5, an unused humanoid anomaly containment chamber.5 SCP-2709’s effects are, thus far, limited to the aforementioned area; it is hypothesized that this is due to the unique construction of Euclid Wing B46 preventing the area of effect from expanding past its perimeter. However, as SCP-2709's effects cause the destabilization of walls and ceilings, it is hypothesized that said plates could eventually dislocate and allow SCP-2709 access to the rest of Site-81 within several months.

SCP-2709-A is the designation for a human reality bender appearing in the afflicted area at random. SCP-2709-A appears to make an effort to hide its face and identifying features when approached by personnel, and should be followed with caution during exploratory investigations of Euclid Wing B4. It is unknown if SCP-2709-A is the source of anomalous activity in Euclid Wing B4 or simply a part of SCP-2709's greater function. The possibility that SCP-2709-A is entirely a shared hallucination among all personnel conducting explorations, rather than a corporeal entity, has not been ruled out.

As of October 10, 2016, no definitive origin point of or source for SCP-2709’s effects and occurrence has been identified.

Discovery: On September 30, 2016, Level 3 Foundation field agent ██████ ████████ was working after-hours on [DATA EXPUNGED], having just returned from an offsite assignment three hours prior, when her Kant counter displayed a fluctuating reading of between 6.1 and 6.7 Humes. Agent ████████ then proceeded to relay the readings over her handheld radio to her supervisor, Agent Rogers, who was elsewhere in the site at the time. Agent Rogers then notified the appropriate containment response team(s), which were on standby response for the duration of the following conversation:

After this, Agent Rogers becomes unreachable via radio and no additional personnel arrive as was previously expected. Agent ████████ reportedly experiences a memory lapse of indeterminate length and is seen afterward in camera 8's feed walking in the direction of the back stairwell, immediately following the return of visual and auditory output by the cameras. Security feeds display the date as October 01, 2016 and the time as 00:09.

Following this, Agent ████████ is next seen fifteen minutes later in camera 21's feed. Camera 21 does not display Room B5 as floor plans indicate it should, but rather what appears to be a slightly altered version of the exterior hallway. Camera 21's feed is heavily distorted, but two figures appear to be visible. Audio is still functioning. The events of the following log are the last of the described string of events that Agent ████████ is able to recall without severe confusion and inability to distinguish order of events.




As of October 20, 2016, Agent ████████ continues to hold a constant reading of 4.5 to 7.0 Humes at any given time. She was precautionarily demoted to E-class on October 04, 2016 and placed in supervised care in [REDACTED] along with the other four Foundation employees affected during the first set of events leading to the classification of SCP-2709. Thus far, no affected personnel show signs of returning to normal Hume levels, and may only be allowed to return to work if carrying at least one Mk. IV or higher MPSRA on their person at all times and accompanied by no fewer than two qualified personnel.


Addendum II:

Following the precautionary demotion of Agents ████ and ████████, as well as the general results of SCP-2709 exploration, it has been deemed unnecessary and unsafe to investigate SCP-2709 further. We have enough information to keep it cordoned off, and other than that, we don't know enough of what we have on our hands here to make any intelligent decisions.



Until we get clear video footage of SCP-2709-A's face and body, I have no reason not to suspect that SCP-2709-A is nothing more than a hallucination, or at best a result of physical and temporal dislocation of the personnel in question. [DATA EXPUNGED] The two anomalies contained in the wing have been relocated as of October 10, 2016, and the wing is sealed off. Efforts from this point forward should be directed toward containing the spread of SCP-2709's area of effect, lest it affect all of Site-81; any individual exploration and research of Euclid Wing B4 may very well lead to nothing other than locking yourself in a box, and as such should be avoided.


-Acting Director of Site-81 ████ ███████ █████, 10.10.16

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