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The following document was found in the Site-821 Precious Document Vault. Investigation into its existence is ongoing.

See the attached investigation for more information.

Item #: SCP-2759

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2759 is to be contained in a standard-sized humanoid containment cell, composed of concrete and lined with titanium-carbide plates. A dumbwaiter incapable of lifting weights greater than 10kg is to be installed for the purpose of providing food to the subject. The containment cell is to be outfitted with heat sensors and Kant counters. The ambient temperature must be kept at 18oC at all times.

The heat sensors and Kant counters in the cell should be calibrated to alert staff if the ambient temperature has risen 5oC above the fixed temperature or if hume levels rise above 1.3hm. If either alert occurs, containment operatives are to be dispatched with RA level mnestics. If possible, changes to reality should be documented.

Contact with, recording video of, and taking photographs of SCP-2759 is forbidden, with the exception of interviews following notable incidents such as a containment breaches. Interviews should be held by the project head, or in their absence an appointed secondary researcher. During interviews, containment staff are to be located immediately outside SCP-2759's cell, to escort the interviewer away and sedate the subject in the event its anomaly occurs.

Knowledge of SCP-2759 must be strictly controlled, to protect it and prevent any unintended changes. A copy of SCP-2759's file should be retained in an SRA protected data vault, as per standard reality alteration protocols. Documentation must be heavily censored, with full documentation only available to staff on the SCP-2759 project. The staff team for SCP-2759 should be kept to a limited number, at the discretion of the project head, to reduce the possibility of the subject's anomaly occurring. Personnel must have demonstrated eidetic control over their own memories. To reduce the possibility of a mistake being made, staff will be continually reminded of what SCP-2759 is and its history and past. Staff should avoid making assumptions concerning its past or personality, and should align their memories concerning SCP-2759 with known information and avoid deviation.

SCP-2759 has had changes intentionally induced to it to force obedience and responsiveness during interviews and containment.

The following documentation is limited to staff with Level 3/2759 security clearance.

(Please confirm your identity.)

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