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Item #: SCP-285

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-285 is to be stored in Site-15's low-security item storage when not in use. Testing of SCP-285 requires Level 2 clearance, as well as the approval and supervision of at least two Level 3 personnel. To minimize the spread of its effects, SCP-285 testing is restricted to Site-15's subterranean testing labs.

Description: SCP-285 is a handheld electronic megaphone with no identifying brand marks or serial number. Its body is composed of a white plastic cone, a blue rubber grip with a plastic trigger, and a black amplifier. Disassembly of SCP-285 shows that it runs on non-anomalous rechargeable batteries, and examination of its circuitry revealed it to be similarly mundane.

At the bottom of SCP-285 is a red switch, with the words "Speak" and "Think" crudely written above and below it respectively. Adjusting the switch sets SCP-285 into two distinct "modes".

When SCP-285's switch is set to "Speak", it will amplify any vocalizations uttered into it for a maximum range of 1750 meters. Said vocalizations are not relayed as sound waves, but are instead transmitted mentally into any subjects that are within SCP-285's radius1. Conversely, when set to "Think", SCP-285 will instead broadcast the thoughts of any subject who is placed in front of it in a similar manner.

Testing logs for SCP-285 may be found in document 285-T.

Abridged Recovery Log:

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