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Item #: SCP-2867

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2867 is located at Sector 7 Delta and should only be worn by Class D Personnel. Wearing SCP-2867 for a time of 5 minutes will cause dry eyes. Wearing it for 10 minutes will cause blurred vision. Wearing for a time of 15 minutes will cause temporary blindness. Wearing SCP-2867 for 20 minutes will cause full blindness in the eyes. Wearing it for 30 minutes will cause your eyes to melt out of there sockets and turn the subject into SCP-2867-2. SCP-2867-2 will become hostile and attempt to kill in order to get another pair of eyes. Any Class D Personnel that becomes SCP-2867-2 should be escorted to Dr. [Redacted] immediately, where they will be tested on.

During transport, SCP-2867 should be contained inside the box it was found in. The box should be kept with the mask because it needs further testing. Any testing done on SCP-2867 should be constantly monitored via camera system. Cleaning of SCP-2867 should be done regularly, as to preserve the silver and gold linings.

Description: SCP-2867 is a silver sleep mask with gold stitching. After turning into SCP-2867-2, no blood can be found on SCP-2867. After wearing SCP-2867, the subject reports having seen into what seemed to be the future. Class D Personnel who tested SCP-2867 (and survived) have reported seeing older versions of themselves doing whatever they find the most comforting. They also reported hearing a mysterious voice tell them, “don’t be afraid of the dark…” Researchers have not yet concluded exactly what this means, but guess it has something to do with the blinding effect. Based on these reports, SCP-2867 seems to be merciful to its victims before killing them.

Addendum 2867-1: SCP-2867 has been given the unofficial name “The Dream Mask” since it puts you in a dream like state.

Addendum 2867-2: We found during testing that SCP-2867 starts to glow when exposed to water. It is unknown why it does this, but further tests are being carried out.

Addendum 2867-3: So far, SCP-2867 has taken the lives of 12 Class D Personnel.

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