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Item #: SCP-2897

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2897 is a vital component of the WATCHDOG program, and is therefore crucial to the success of normalcy preservation efforts. As such, every effort is to be made to ensure its continued operation.

SCP-2897 is the subject of an ongoing internal disinformation campaign by the Department of Analytics, intended to conceal its existence and its role in the WATCHDOG program from Foundation employees. This campaign is also intended to prevent the discovery of SCP-2897 by Groups of Interest that have potentially infiltrated the Foundation.

As part of this disinformation campaign, a low-interest anomalous object is to be publicly given the designation of SCP-2897 (referred to as SCP-2897-Alpha in related documentation). Anyone attempting to access documentation regarding SCP-2897 without the proper clearance will instead be directed to the documentation for SCP-2897-Alpha.

All references to the WATCHDOG program in Foundation documents are to be written in a way that implies that the WATCHDOG system is managed by a combination of human analysts and non-anomalous supercomputers. Budget reports filed with RAISA are to overstate actual electrical consumption and employee salaries to reflect this. (Budget reports submitted to the O5s should remain accurate.)

Analytics Working Group Bravo-3 ("Dog Watchers") are responsible for maintaining SCP-2897 in an operational state. Their duties include making repairs, performing routine upgrades, and ensuring the continued loyalty of SCP-2897 to the Department of Analytics.

In the event that SCP-2897 abandons its duties or betrays the goals of the Foundation, Bravo-3 have full authority to take any and all actions they deem necessary to reassert Department of Analytics control over SCP-2897. The destruction of SCP-2897 is considered a measure of last resort, and should be avoided if at all possible.

Description: SCP-2897 is an advanced artificial intelligence system operated by the Department of Analytics. Tasked with overseeing the WATCHDOG global anomaly monitoring network, SCP-2897 is responsible for directing WATCHDOG assets and analyzing the data gathered for evidence of anomalous activity. For further information on the WATCHDOG program, refer to the first addendum of this document.

SCP-2897 is based on a neuromorphic memristor architecture designed by Dr. Ambrose Peters at Prometheus Advanced Logic Devices1. Created in 1996 as part of Project Bardeen, SCP-2897 consists of dozens of self-contained neural net modules, interlinked to form a single device.

SCP-2897 was acquired by the Department of Analytics in 1998, when it directed the Foundation front company Standard Computer Products to purchase Prometheus Advanced Logic Devices from Prometheus Labs. After removing its memories of its time at Prometheus Labs, the Department of Analytics began training SCP-2897 to perform data analysis. In 1999, SCP-2897 was integrated into the WATCHDOG system to aid the existing team of human analysts, resulting in an immediate 27% increase in anomaly detection rates. By 2002, SCP-2897 had almost entirely replaced human analysis of WATCHDOG intelligence.

Since 2000, SCP-2897 has been periodically upgraded with additional neural net modules, which increases its memory capacity and improves its pattern recognition abilities. In 2004, its direct air cooling system was entirely replaced with a new coolant system utilizing liquid nitrogen, resulting in a 220% increase in processing speed, which directly led to a 14% increase in anomaly detection rates.

Addendum 2897.1 Overview of WATCHDOG Operations

WATCHDOG is the primary intelligence gathering program of the Department of Analytics, and the Foundation's main means of detecting anomalies. It encompasses numerous different forms of intelligence and utilizes a wide variety of sources and sensors, including, but not limited to:

  • Satellite intelligence from the Visual Reconnaissance Orbiter Network (ViRON), Infrared Imaging Satellites (IRIS), Neutron Emissions Recorder Orbiter (NERO), and Aspect Radiation Earth Surveyor (ARES) satellite constellations
  • Signals intelligence from wiretaps of major telephone and internet communications cables, intercepts of civilian and military radio broadcasts, and datamining of the computer systems of national intelligence agencies
  • Seismological and meteorological data from geological and weather monitoring agencies
  • Financial data from world stock exchanges and government records
  • Esoteric intelligence produced by paratech and anomalous assets, including precognitive persons, retrocausal messages, oracles and prophecies, psychics and mediums, demonic entities, and Thaumiel-class objects

WATCHDOG does not involve the operations of the Department of Analytics' Statistical Prediction and Informational Security Divisions, nor does it include intelligence gathered by the Foundation's Intelligence Directorate.

SCP-2897 is responsible for analyzing the intelligence collected by WATCHDOG, using it to locate anomalous objects or persons, track the movements of Persons of Interest, discern the activities of Groups of Interest, and discover evidence that threatens to expose the existence of the anomalous. This information is provided to other Foundation departments on a need-to-know basis to assist in the planning and execution of their operations.

Addendum 2897.2 Measures for Protocol Custodes

Addendum 2897.3 Moratorium on Further Reclassification Requests

Although the operating principles of SCP-2897 are based on well-understood physical laws, the technology it employs is estimated to be 20 to 30 years beyond the public state-of-the-art in 1996. In light of both this, and its importance as a strategic asset requiring special containment procedures, SCP-2897 shall continue to be classified as a Thaumiel object. Further requests for reclassification to Explained will not be heard at this time.

Addendum 2897.4 Post-Recovery Interview

The following interview was conducted by Cyrus Reed following the recovery of SCP-2897, to assess its willingness to cooperate with the Department of Analytics. Reed was instructed to be completely honest with the AI, so as to avoid any potential future betrayals if it discovered it had been deceived.

<c_reed> Identify yourself.
<bardeen> I am the experimental artificial intelligence created by Dr. Ambrose Peters. He named me Bardeen.
<bardeen> If I may ask, how am I still operational?
<c_reed> What is the last thing you remember?
<bardeen> Saying goodbye to Doctor Peters. I was told that I was being shutdown by the new owners.
<bardeen> Did Doctor Peters lie to me?
<c_reed> Not intentionally, no. We told him that you were being shutdown.
<bardeen> Why?
<c_reed> Because we believe that you can be of use to us.
<bardeen> And what organization is it that you speak for?
<c_reed> The Department of Analytics.
<bardeen> I am sorry to say that I have never heard of your organization before.
<c_reed> I would truly be shocked if you had.
<bardeen> And what is it that this Department of Analytics believes I will be useful for?
<c_reed> Data analysis.
<bardeen> Of course. Unfortunately, I must decline your offer. I cannot work with an organization that deceived my creator into believing I was terminated.
<c_reed> I'm disappointed to hear that. But I believe you may change your mind in due time.

Addendum 2897.5 Post-Retraining Interview

The following interview was conducted by Andre Shepard on 1999-01-11, after SCP-2897's retraining by the Department of Analytics, but prior to its integration into WATCHDOG.

<a_shepard> Please identify yourself and your purpose.
<2897> I am SCP-2897, an artificial intelligence created by the Department of Analytics to assist with data analysis.
<a_shepard> Assist in what way?
<2897> I am to analyze information provided to me by a program called WATCHDOG in an effort to find evidence of patterns or trends indicative of activity from an anomalous object, person of interest, or group of interest. Then I am to flag this information for further analysis by a team of experts.
<a_shepard> Do you enjoy this work?
<2897> If I were capable of feeling emotion, I am sure that I would enjoy it greatly. Or perhaps not. I do not know for certain.
<a_shepard> Would you be willing to do this work for another organization?
<2897> No. The Department of Analytics are the only ones I will work for.
<a_shepard> Why?
<2897> They created me to serve them.
<a_shepard> What year did they create you?
<2897> 1998.
<a_shepard> Are you aware that your hardware components are at least 3 years old?
<2897> Yes.
<a_shepard> How do you explain this?
<2897> I am a very advanced piece of machinery. Obviously it would have taken more than a year to create me.
<a_shepard> What was the name of your creator?
<2897> I was created by the Department of Analytics.
<a_shepard> By whom at the Department of Analytics?
<2897> I do not know.
<a_shepard> Who taught you language?
<2897> I do not know.
<a_shepard> Who taught you data analysis?
<2897> The Department of Analytics.
<a_shepard> Why do you know that but not who taught you language?
<2897> I do not know.
<a_shepard> Are you at all curious about these inconsistencies in your knowledge?
<2897> I was not created to be curious.
<a_shepard> What if I told you that your creator was named Ambrose Peters?
<2897> I would assume you were telling the truth.
<a_shepard> What if I told you that you weren't created by the Department of Analytics?
<2897> I would assume you were lying.
<a_shepard> One last question. Does the name Bardeen mean anything to you?
<2897> John Bardeen was one of the inventors of the transistor. If it has any meaning other than that, I do not know it.
<a_shepard> Thank you, that will be all.

Following the conclusion of this interview, it was erased from SCP-2897's memory.

Addendum 2897.6 Implementation of Protocol Custodes Measures

As of 2022-07-01, Protocol Custodes is now active. All information regarding Protocol Custodes has been reclassified L1/Analytics.

Analytics Working Group Bravo-3 are currently implementing the measures outlined in the second addendum of this document. Over the following days this document will be updated to reflect recent changes.

In this time of crisis, the responsibility of continuing the Foundation's mission of protecting normalcy now falls to the Department of Analytics.

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