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SCP-2914 during testing

Item #: SCP-2914

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Only personnel who submit a formal request and receive approval from site command may operate SCP-2914. SCP-2914 is to be stored in locker 2109-B when not in use.


SCP-2914 is a glass-fronted wooden cabinet, 66 cm in height and 38 cm in width, composed of unremarkable materials. The cabinet contains contains three glass shelves. The back of the interior of the cabinet is a mirrored surface.

The cabinet contains twenty-two stoppered glass bottles, each with a capacity of approximately 0.1 liters. Under normal, non-testing conditions these bottles are empty.

SCP-2914's primary anomalous attribute manifests when a human subject physically touches the glass front of SCP-2914 while specifically recalling a particular memory. Under those circumstances, the glass front momentarily becomes opaque, then transparent again to reveal that some or all of the bottles within the cabinet have been filled with various substances.

Partial test log of SCP-2914 (deconstruction configuration) follows:

Test reference: 0001
Subject: D-3804
Description of Test: Subject was asked to recall a pleasant memory. Subject stated that he would think of a trip that he had once taken to Key West, Florida.
Result: Bottles were filled with the following substances/materials:

  1. Beach sand
  2. Liquid identified as low-quality tequila
  3. Seawater
  4. Strip of terrycloth
  5. Cigar ash
  6. Sunscreen (coconut-scented)

Test reference: 0023
Subject: D-4962
Description of Test: Subject, a military veteran, was asked to recall an episode during his combat service in Chechnya.
Result: Bottles were filled with the following substances/materials:

  1. Concrete fragments and dust
  2. Diesel fuel, comparable to that used by Russian army for BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle
  3. Vodka, contaminated with soil
  4. Substance tentatively identified as partially-digested military rations
  5. Ice
  6. Human blood
  7. Human blood (from a different person)
  8. Small, folded map of a valley near the city of Grozny
  9. Page of the Koran, cut into thin strips
  10. Several disassembled components of magazine of AK-74 assault rifle
  11. Sandy soil

For test log of SCP-2914, see SCP-2914 Test Log (deconstruction configuration)

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