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SCP-2917, during its launching.

Item #: SCP-2917

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

Updated at ███/██/1973
All maintenance of SCP-2917 will be done in Site-140.

Site 140 will station Mobile Task Force X-17 ("Pacific Force"), security guards, naval aircraft, spare parts, and nuclear fuel.

Should SCP-2917 be required for operations, it will be deployed with Mobile Task Force X-17. This must be approved by the site director prior to deployment.

Description: SCP-2917 is a CV-6 USS Enterprise aircraft carrier, formerly owned by US Navy. She was launched on September 20th, 1937 as a second vessel of Yorktown class aircraft carrier. She was utilized by the US Navy on 1938 and took part in the Pacific War. SCP-2917 was on duty till 1947.

On 1947, postwar, SCP-2917 displayed her anomalous property and was purchased by the Foundation on September 17th of the same year. She was recorded as retired and scrapped in the official records.

Regardless of its original form, SCP-2917 has shown an anomalous ability to remain a state-of-the-art aircraft carrier. This generally presents herself as isolated incidents in which the object transforms into an "upgraded" iteration as the time passes.

The anomalous property of SCP-2917 is an ability to 'upgrade' according to the current technology.

The object initially had load displacement of 32,000 tons and was holding F4F fighter. However, the current load displacement of the object is 110,000 tons. The object is now equipped with and possesses the capacity to launch or land F/A-18E/F and F-35B/C aircraft. The wooden flight deck was replaced with steel, diesel engines have been replaced with nuclear propulsion, and the original armament 40 and 20mm machine guns have been replaced with SM-3 anti-air missiles and 30mm GAU-8 machine guns. This load-out puts the object in line with the fighting strength of a Gerald R. Ford class aircraft carrier.

All attempts to record the moment of 'upgrade' had been futile. All eyewitnesses describe the phenomenon as taking place instantaneously.

All combat planes and armaments of SCP-2917 do not display any anomalous behavior, and they cannot be regenerated when destroyed or removed from the ship.


Incident log 7217-01
Sep/10/1947, the flight deck of SCP-2917 was replaced with steel, and F8F fighters were generated on the flight deck. The object was found by the foundation during the process.

Incident log 7217-12
███/██/196█, the displacement of SCP-2917 was increased to 60,000 tons. The propulsion system was replaced by nuclear propulsion, and F-4 fighters were generated on the flight deck.

Incident log 7217-15
███/██/197█, SCP-2917's secondary equipment was substituted with up-to-date versions. F-14 fighters and A-6 combat aerial vehicles were generated on the flight deck.

Incident log 7217-18
███/██/198█, SCP-2917 sallied a bomber that suppressed and contained SCP-███ effectively.

Incident log 7217-22
███/██/199█, the equipment of SCP-2917 was replaced with up-to-date versions and displacement was increased to 90,000 tons. FA-18 fighters were generated on the flight deck.

Incident log 7217-26
███/██/200█, SCP-2917 terminated SCP-███ utilizing anti-air missiles.

Incident log 7217-31
███/██/201█, SCP-2917's displacement was increased to 110,000 tons and F-35B/C fighters were generated on the flight deck.

Request document 2917-01 ███/██/197█ addressee: O5 Council

We have contained SCP-2917 for twenty-five years, but beyond the upgrades there have been no anomalous phenomena associated with the object. I request permission for the military use of the object. - Mobile Task Force X-17 Pacific HQ Commander Colonel ███████ "Gordon" ███

Response of O5 Council ███/██/197█ addressee: Colonel Gordon

We have considered your request and have reached the conclusion that SCP-2917 is safe. Your request is granted. SCP-2917 will be designated as 'SCPS Enterprise.'

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