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Item #: SCP-2945

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2945 can be safely stored in a standard containment unit at Site-49. SCP-2945 is not to be connected to a USB-compatible power source without authorization from Site-49 administration.

Description: SCP-2945 is a blue 4-port USB hub structurally designed in a humanoid shape. The object consists of 4 female A-type USB ports which serve as the object's hands and feet and are connected by adjustable appendages to a central "torso". A cable ending in a male A-type USB connector is attached to SCP-2945's "head" to allow for connection to USB-compatible power sources. No branding or label is present on the object with the exception of small white text on the back of SCP-2945's torso reading: "USB ██.0 (Beta)".

SCP-2945's anomalous effects will manifest only while in a powered state via connection to a USB-compatible power source. When an external hardware device is plugged into any one of SCP-2945's USB ports, the individual doing so will exhibit one or a number of anomalous effects depending on the type of connected device and which of SCP-2945's extremities the device is plugged into. Multiple simultaneous effects have been proven possible if the individual connects more than one device to SCP-2945. The effect(s) last until the external device(s) are disconnected or SCP-2945 is disconnected from its power source.

Testing of SCP-2945 was conducted in a 5m x 5m x 3m testing chamber with an observation room. SCP-2945 was placed in the chamber and connected via a 2m USB extension cable to a compatible power source in the observation room. Individual D-Class subjects were instructed to enter the chamber with a prepared electronic device which, when prompted by the researcher, they were to plug into a designated port on SCP-2945.

Subject External device USB port used Result Addendum
D-6789, 45-year-old male (Test 2945-01) A color inkjet printer Right hand Subject exhibited the ability to imprint color images onto any surface with his right hand. It is believed that images produced are projections of the subject's current field of vision. No traces of any substance were found on subject's hand. Subject's last printed images were increasingly discolored and faded. Subject appeared exhausted and pale before eventually losing consciousness. Testing was concluded and subject was sent for medical evaluation.1
D-9754, 21-year-old male (Test 2945-03) A ██████-brand cell phone charger (Subject was also provided with 4 rechargeable electronic devices but was ordered to not attach them to SCP-2945.) Left foot The electronic devices entered a charging state upon contact with any part of subject's bare left foot. Breaking contact with the device immediately ceased the effect. Subject reported a slowly increasing feeling of "refreshment" while the charger was connected to SCP-2945.
D-8635, 38-year-old female (Test 2945-06) A 1GB USB flash drive containing the song "Cars" by Gary Numan Left hand The song began playing immediately with the subject's ears appearing to act as loudspeakers. Subject had the ability to control the song's playback with the movements of her left hand. (Close/open fist = pause/play song; Curl in thumb = rewind; Curl in index finger = fast forward; Curl in middle finger = increase volume; Curl in ring finger = decrease volume; Curl in little finger = no effect2) Subject stated that the audio was in "the best quality she had ever heard", later expressing discontent with the "inferior" sound quality of normal sounds.
D-3233, 26-year-old male (Test 2945-08) A ██████-brand instant digital camera Right foot Small flashes of light were emitted from an unknown source whenever subject blinked. A large wide slit opened up on the sole of the right foot, causing great distress to the subject. 8 seconds later a small instant photograph, approximately the size of a credit card, was expelled from the wound, developing fully in the space of 5 seconds. An additional 9 photographs followed in quick succession. Similar to Test 2945-01, the instant photographs depicted the subject's field of vision. When SCP-2945 was disconnected from its power source, the wound had instantaneously healed without leaving a scar. Subject was sent for medical examination. Subject described the experience as painless but distressing. Medical examination of subject's right foot provided no explanation for how the photographs were created, but showed significant atrophy of the plantar fascia tissue. Research into a possible correlation between the tissue and the material of the photographs is ongoing.
D-7366, 34-year-old male (Test 2945-09) A USB microphone; a USB webcam Right foot (microphone); Right hand (webcam) Subject stared at his right palm and claimed that he could "see himself" through unknown means that caused visible distress. Subject also reported hearing low rumbling sounds in his ears, described as "vibrations". After approximately 3 minutes, subject suddenly covered his ears and screamed. Testing was concluded. In questioning, D-7366 claimed to have heard a sudden loud screeching sound, which may have been feedback noise due to subject's proximity with the connected microphone at the time. Subject claimed he could not describe how he was able to see with his palm.
D-9163, 22-year-old female (Test 2945-10) A ██████-brand digital television, connected to SCP-2945 via a HDMI-to-USB adapter Left foot Subject's personality, behavior and voice changed immediately, becoming those of American actor David Hyde Pierce's character of Niles Crane from the sitcom Frasier, and behaved as though acting in the show. This lasted for 5 seconds before abruptly changing to another persona, being that of British adventurer Bear Grylls. Subject continuously changed personalities every 2-5 seconds until SCP-2945 was unplugged from its power source. It is theorized that the subject's left foot was capable of "changing channels" involuntarily, explaining the sudden persona changes. It is also worth noting that the connected television did not deviate from the static screen it displayed. When questioned, D-9163 claimed she could not recall the events.

SCP-2945 was discovered in ██████████, Vermont, at the home of 32-year-old O█████ Svennson, who was reported as missing on 12/21/20██. A trail of printed images in the shape of left footprints became a major clue in the investigation. The trail led down █████ Street and towards a nearby wood before abruptly ending. Traces of an unknown multicolored substance visually resembling matte paint were also found along the trail in fingertip-sized streaks and as right handprints. Local authorities conducted a widespread search over a 50km radius from where the trail terminated; however, Svennson's body remains unaccounted for.

Several residents of █████ Street where Svennson's trail was found reported hearing music at a loud volume outside their homes for a short period of time on the night of the disappearance. T███ ████████, a close relative of Svennson, also gave an account to the police. She stated that Svennson has recently been "acting weird, like he'd known or seen some serious shit, like, fucked-up serious". She goes on to say that his paranoid behavior gradually increased until his disappearance.

A Foundation agent within the local police force, among a group of officers examining the home, discovered the human-shaped USB hub connected to Svennson's home computer, noting that a printer was linked to the object's left foot. The hub was also connected to an internet modem, a fully-charged Apple iPod and a Wacom graphics tablet. Establishing a connection between the attached devices and the circumstances of Svennson's trail and disappearance overall, the object was confiscated by the Foundation, with further testing being required to grant the object SCP classification.

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