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Item #: SCP-2964

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2964 is to be contained in a reinforced titanium cell in Site-███. SCP-2964's is never to be removed from containment under any circumstances. Due to SCP-2964's unpredictability, it must be always monitored via security cameras. Doctor █████ is the current responsible for research regarding SCP-2964 and its peculiarities.

Description: SCP-2964 is canine in appearance, measuring 2,5m long and standing over 1,4m tall, it resembles a large wolf with abnormally dark fur covering its whole body, with the exception being a circular spot of white fur located in the toraxic region and what appears to be a white mask covering all of the head except for the lower jaw, with empty eye sockets being the only facial features present on the mask. No eyeballs have been seen inside the eyeholes in the mask and it is debatable whether or not SCP-2964 has eyes at all. Further examination has revealed the white mask to be part of SCP-2964's skeletal structure, although it looks like ceramic. SCP-2964's origins are unknown and most details about the subject are yet to be discovered.

SCP-2964 has not been recorded or seen howling, barking or making any other sounds other than a low growl, almost inaudible in frequency. This growling sound has shown to be hazardous to human hearing.

Further research on subject is yet to be made, hence the lack of information regarding SCP-2964.

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