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A picture of SCP-3014 taken using Schlieren photography1 .

Item #: SCP-3014

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3014 is contained within two concentric spheres composed of a sound proof thermoplastic. The radius of the inner sphere is 11m, the radius of the outer sphere is 11.5m. Both spheres are 2.5cm thick. The .5m area hermetically sealed between the spheres is in a state of vacuum. Six playback devices2, each attached with a Schlieren imaging device3, are directed towards the containment cell from each direction.

Working procedure:
Assigned personnel are required to wear ear defenders, cancelling sound at 150 decibels, when SCP-3014 is not contained. Interacting with SCP-3014 by physically hearing it is a last resort. When SCP-3014 is contained the Schlieren imaging devices and playback devices will remain inactive, as the containment cell can not be breached naturally.

Should containment procedures fail, phase cancellation4 should be considered as a means to neutralize SCP-3014 however due a limited understanding of SCP-3014 this might not possible. The playback devices are designed to be capable of this procedure.

Treatment from exposure to SCP-3014:
The withdrawal syndrome caused by SCP-3014 is cured by treating it as a normal drug withdrawal syndrome. Alternative treatments for the withdrawal syndrome are not viable. There is currently no permanent cure nor treatment for the physical alterations caused by SCP-3014.

SCP-3014 is a highly-mobile phenomenon of mechanical vibrations5 acting in a localized spherical-area with a radius estimated to be 10m. SCP-3014 is naturally invisible and can only be detected through sound or with Schlieren photography. SCP-3014 can not be detected by electronic equipment designed to detect sound, why this phenomenon is not detectable by certain electronic equipment is still in question

SCP-3014 behaves like an addictive drug that causes extreme bliss leading to a dazed trance, by increasing the amount and altering the cell structure of the hearing cells through sound to stimulate neurotransmitters in the brain. When SCP-3014 is no longer heard, subjects will instantly experience symptoms of severe withdrawal syndrome because of the rapid cessation of stimulation. Auditory senses, or hearing, still functions in the normal audiometry6 but there is a change of how sound is perceived, other than SCP-3014, which is considered ''unpleasant'' as told by the people affected by SCP-3014.

How SCP-3014 exactly functions is not known. In-depth studies have been postponed because certain electronic equipment is unable to detect SCP-3014. Sound waves of SCP-3014 deflect with no deterioration, resulting in the sound of SCP-3014 to remain within the 10m radius sphere of influence and never dissipate. Every five minutes the sound of SCP-3014 loses continuity and is garbled momentarily, possibly to prevent SCP-3014 from expiring by resetting itself. Sound introduced to SCP-3014 is severely deteriorated passing through but behaves as expected. SCP-3014 has a decibel count of exactly 70 decibels, regardless of location within SCP-3014. SCP-3014 sounds like a better version of music in general, leading to the expression music 2.0. No genre of SCP-3014 has been described nor any instruments which may been used to create SCP-3014.

Append; the entities affected by SCP-3014:
Nine people and eight animals (birds only) have had direct contact with SCP-3014. All were medically examined. The animals were dissected (standard carcass disposal), the people were quarantined and interrogated. The people were given the illusion of choice, pending approval to be administered class-A amnestics, to be relocated or become class-C test subjects specifically for SCP-3014 - except the three Foundation personnel who were reclassified as class-E. Five people became class-C test subjects with the remaining four relocated; having sufficient personnel to further testing. Regardless of career path, all affected by SCP-3014 are granted legally deaf privileges and are required to submit to medical examinations routinely.

From extensive testing, treatments and knowledge in general about SCP-3014 was learned. The test subjects often refused to leave SCP-3014's sphere of influence, requiring forceful removal from SCP-3014. It was noted that test subjects always knew where the center of SCP-3014 was, how is still in question. The withdrawal syndrome the test subjects experienced routinely was managed with drugs to allow further testing.

When testing of SCP-3014 was suspended, the test subjects were given a choice to end their employment for the Foundation or continue working for the Foundation as class-C test subjects. Two continued working for the Foundation, three ended their employment for the Foundation - amnestics were administered.

The following is a list of declassified tests that involved SCP-3014, people affected by SCP-3014.
For specific dates, unredacted lines, classified tests, other details, see add-on document ██████.
Further testing of SCP-3014, people affected by SCP-3014 is suspended until advanced testing equipment is developed.

Test: Determine if SCP-3014 is beneficial for deaf people.
Subject: ██████, ███████.
Procedure: Introducing a deaf person to SCP-3014.
Results: The deaf test subject regained lost auditory senses.
Test: Preview the difference between SCP-3014 withdrawal and standard drug withdrawal syndrome.
Subject: ████████, █████.
Procedure: Cure an SCP-3014 test subject's anomalous withdrawal syndrome then induce an ordinary drug withdrawal syndrome then reintroduce the test subject to SCP-3014.
Results: Ordinary withdrawal syndrome is cured when entering SCP-3014, expected anomalous withdrawal syndrome occurs when leaving SCP-3014.

Recovery log:
SCP-3014 was recovered during 1997-08-15 in Germany, Heidelberg - though not believed to be the originating location of SCP-3014 because of its mobile nature. The Foundation sent in a recovery team when reports that birds, that were not indigenous to Germany, had been seen in a group and people chasing them. After the recovery team had arrived, the recovery team attempted to apprehend the people chasing SCP-3014. Three recovery team personnel entered SCP-3014's sphere of influence and were incapacitated. The speed of SCP-3014 was ranging from, approximately, 1mph to 10mph. The speed of SCP-3014 was affected by the wind factor but the city acted as a shield against strong wind. Because the birds were fast enough to remain within SCP-3014 they constantly revealed its position. The recovery team deduced that SCP-3014 was sound. Acting on this information, the recovery team modified camera equipment into Schlieren photography. The Schlieren photography cameras allowed the recovery team to assess SCP-3014. The recovery team devised the means to contain SCP-3014 by jurry-rigging several local speaker devices7 from their own and random stores' equipment . The recovery team managed to contain SCP-3014 until a modified freight ship arrived to transport SCP-3014 to a containment site.

Addendum #1, 1998-04-07: It was theorized that SCP-3014 could be split into two anomalies using a range of different means, resulting in a SCP-3014-1 and SCP-3014-2, both with a radius of 5m. This would allow risky testing of one SCP-3014 instance and safe storage for the other SCP-3014 instance. In theory, the procedure could be replicated to split the SCP-3014 instances into more, smaller, SCP-3014 instances.

Addendum #2, 1999-██-██: One SCP-3014 test subject, in a now classified test, died when cross-testing with SCP-████.

Addendum #3, 1999-10-24: Testing of SCP-3014 has been suspended because of insufficient progress. All personnel, ███████████████████████████████████████████████, has been assigned to different projects.

Addendum #4, 2017-02-26: Due to a cataloging mistake by a Foundation employee, SCP-2471 was reclassified to SCP-3014. Old classification has been repurposed.

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