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Item #: SCP-3046

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All individuals reported to be infected by SCP-3046 are to be located and administered specialised hallucinogenic suppressants, and the infected individual and individuals aware of the infection are to be administered Class A amnestics and are to be put under surveillance for two months. If the individual continues to display signs of infection, the individual is to be terminated to prevent further awareness of SCP-3046.

In order to prevent staff from being infected, Foundation-wide distribution of photochromic visors is in effect. The Foundation's Scientific and Medical Departments are currently collaborating on a joint project to devise procedures to biologically, genetically, or technologically alter human eyes, specifically corneas, crystalline lens, and retinas, to remove the appearance of diffraction patterns. To date, no methods of achieving this result have been effective, but efforts are ongoing.

Description: SCP-3046 is a Class X cognitohazard that affects individuals who observe diffraction spikes1 when observing a light source of 1100 lumens2 or brighter, for longer than three seconds. Despite the fact that observation of any light source can result in contracting infection of SCP-3046, reports of its effects on the civilian population are low in number, with monthly cases averaging between three and five individuals. Upon activation of SCP-3046, the diffraction pattern of the light being observed instantaneously changes colour to a bright red, regardless of the colour of the light being observed. Approximately fifteen minutes later, the affected individual begins to experience alterations in their eyesight. Multiple affected test subjects have reported different effects, such as:

  • Change of colour of any objects, rooms, or people in the direct vicinity of the affected subject, as well as the subjects' irises.
  • Alteration of objects in the vicinity of the affected subject, including colour change and liquidation.
  • Appearance of humanoid shadows that form into three-dimensional creatures, with skin consisting of different textures and various anomalous effects.
  • Presumably cognitohazardous or intense subliminal images, which can cause infected individuals to become extremely violent and resistant to physical force, as well as [DATA EXPUNGED].

In approximately ██% of test subjects of SCP-3046, subjects have reported effects on the surrounding environment rather than images displayed in their eyesight. Effects have included certain or all objects within view changing colour, or melting in a fashion similar to wax. Despite these effects, subjects are able to interact with objects in a regular fashion, although efforts are hindered due to the visual effects of SCP-3046.

History: SCP-3046 was brought to the attention of the Foundation by Technician ████, who was stationed at Site-██ for maintenance. While observing one of the lights due for repair in Chamber ███, Technician ████ squinted his eyes while observing the light, and immediately noticed the diffraction pattern in the lights change colour to a bright red after 3 seconds, exited Chamber ███, and reported the occurrence to the nearest supervisor.

Interviewed: Technician ████

Interviewer: Dr. █████


<15:23> Dr. █████: So, you observed one of the lights in Chamber ███, then what?

<15:23> Technician ████: You know how when you squint at a light, those little beams of light that stretch out of the light bulb?

<15:23> Dr. █████: Yes, I am aware of diffraction spikes, go on.

<15:23> Technician ████: Well, after a while, those lights suddenly turned bright red! I blinked a couple of times and the lights turned back to normal, and…

<15:24> Dr. █████: And what?

<15:24> Technician ████: What the hell? What’s going on?

<15:24> Dr. █████: Please calm down and explain what you’re experiencing.

<15:24> Technician ████: The whole room has turned green! Even you! What the fuck?!


Closing Statement: Technician ████ became aggressive after the conclusion of the interview, and had to be sedated by security. Technician ████ is now being held in [REDACTED] for further review. Testing of SCP-3046 and its anomalous properties has begun.

Addendum 3046-1: On ██/██/2017, Dr. █████, one of the heads of the SCP-3046 research team, reported brief visions of [REDACTED], located in the Andromeda Galaxy. Foundation deep space assets have been dispatched to the coordinates for further analysis and investigation regarding SCP-3046's origin. In addition, request to resume testing of SCP-3046 to determine potential sentience/sapience in currently pending. See Addendum 3046-3 for further details concerning results of deep space analysis.

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