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Item #: SCP-3068

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3068 is to be contained in a Standard Hardware Containment zone, with argon outlets on the ceiling. SCP-3068 itself is to be suspended in cleaning gelatin in a 15x15x15cm glass box. Usage of SCP-3068 is not granted under ANY circumstances unless permissed other wise by a minimum of (2) O5 members on a designated decryption site.

In the event of a breach, MTF Gamma-3 "Skynet" are to activate the Electronic Redaction Countermeasure (ERCM) modules placed at strategic points at Command Site-01. Gamma-3's current assignment is to encrypt the floppy disc that is SCP-3068 from external access through a closed circuit terminal.

Description: SCP-3068 is, upon preliminary inspection, a 5x5x5cm "floppy disc drive", manufactured by Hewlett-Packard in 19██. SCP-3068 is mildly damaged and scratched, however still functional.

Notable about SCP-3068 is that it will fit into any disc drive on a device considered a computer. Testing has shown CD drives to work, USB Expansion slots as well.

SCP-3068's main anomalous function is displayed when a certain amount of encryption is displayed on the computer monitor. Trigger phrases for this often contain the words "Redacted, Expunged, Removed, Classified", and many others.

Upon insertion of said disc, SCP-3068 will offer a command prompt to decrypt all information, upon acceptance, all information discovered will be exposed, regardless of how small.

Additional: SCP-3068 was first discovered being auctioned off in 19██, Canada. No further information has been retrieved.

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