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A non-anomalous specimen of Homarus americanus.

Item #: SCP-3085

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As of ██/██/2017, there is no way to physically contain SCP-3085. However, due to SCP-3085's current location and low threat level, minimal containment procedures are needed.

As SCP-3085 is outside of the range of all non-anomalous telescopes, disinformation protocols are not required. Civilian astronomical institutes are to be monitored for the chance discovery of SCP-3085.

Description: SCP-3085 is the designation for a supermassive specimen of Homarus americanus located within the Scutum–Centaurus Arm of the Milky Way galaxy. SCP-3085 is over 5 x 106 kilometers in length. For reference, the sun is 6.95 x 105 kilometers in diameter.

SCP-3085 is unaffected by the conditions of the vacuum of space. In addition, SCP-3085 shows behavior typical for that of a non-anomalous specimen of Homarus americanus. SCP-3085 is able to navigate space as if it was navigating in water. SCP-3085 shows several differences from non-anomalous specimens that allows it to survive on a diet of objects found in outer space. SCP-3085 does not seem to be impeded in any way by its large size.

Four planets have formed around SCP-3085. The first three planets are terrestrial. The third planet from SCP-3085 contains a Class-III1 civilization than has developed in its oceans. The fourth planet is a gas giant similar to Jupiter. It is of note that the fourth planet is home to alien technology similar to that of several other advanced alien civilizations discovered by the Foundation.

SCP-3085 was discovered during regular containment of SCP-1795-E. SCP-1795-E began to create an exoplanet on RTI-78494028, which was within 0.77 light years of SCP-3085. Analysis via SCP-███ has revealed that SCP-3085 spontaneously materialized in what is now designated the Orion Arm ██ million years ago, before the formation of the solar system.

Addendum 01: Analysis of SCP-3085 System

Using technologies designed to traverse deep space, five teams belonging to MTF Eta-19 ("Avarita") were transported to each body within the SCP-3085 system for analysis. The results of the analysis are recorded below.


Secure. Contain. Protect.

Level 2/3085 Clearance is required to continue.

Addendum 02:

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