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An SCP-3102 specimen as it swims into view of Site-113's deep-sea submersible PETRA. SCP-3102-1 is visible behind.

Item #: SCP-3102

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3102-1 is to be monitored daily. Vocalisations recorded from SCP-3102 specimens during deep-sea surveillance are to be submitted for analysis.

Human exploration of SCP-3102-1 is currently prohibited. Sightings of undocumented SCP-3102 specimens or any SCP-3102-35 in the surrounding areas are to be reported immediately. (See Addendum 03)

Description: SCP-3102 is a complex localized ecosystem of deep sea organisms inhabiting the carcass of an adult gray whale (designated as SCP-3102-1). Since its discovery, SCP-3102-1 has remained intact, despite appearing in an advanced state of degradation and continuous consumption from SCP-3102.


SCP-3102-32 during recovery.

During initial observation, SCP-3102 was considered an ordinary ecosystem of benthic organisms due to their indistinguishable physiology from non-anomalous specimens. However, after prolonged observations, in-depth analysis revealed complex social structures and relationships between SCP-3102 organisms. SCP-3102 includes organisms commonly found in deep sea whalefalls such as giant isopods, squat lobsters, prawns, shrimp, hagfish, boneworms, crabs, sea cucumbers and sleeper sharks.

SCP-3102 organisms are sapient and can communicate using infrasonic vocalisations resembling English. Although these vocalisations are detectable from any standard equipment capable of recording audio, it is unknown if communication is possible since specimens in captivity appear to be unresponsive during testing.

Addendum 01: SCP-3102-1 was discovered by a team of marine biologists led by Site-113 oceanographer and acoustic ecologist Imogen Casbolt in 1987. The remains were identified using scanning sonar technology at 1,240-m in the Cascadia Basin, northern Pacific Ocean. On 02/09/1987, during a deep-sea robotic exploration, the first series of vocalisations from SCP-3102 have been incidentally recorded. The following video logs have been selected for brevity. For the complete video log, see Exploration Log 3102-01.

Addendum 02: On 02/16/1987, three personnel from Site-113 were sent to SCP-3102-1 in order to retrieve specimens for documentation. Thirty-four SCP-3102 specimens were successfully recovered without incident, including the specimen from Video Log 3102-07. Below is an incomplete list of currently studied specimens. For the complete list, see Document 3102-B.

Addendum 03: On 02/27/1987, two personnel from the previous retrieval returned to SCP-3102-1 in order to recover additional SCP-3102 specimens. However, upon their arrival, an unidentified predatory species of Osedax (designated as SCP-3102-35) attacked the aforementioned personnel, resulting in one casualty. Evolet Hayder survived the incident with only minor injuries, although currently experiencing [REDACTED].

This should be a warning. I know these things seem peaceful and fascinating, but they are anomalies. They’re anomalous, so they should be treated like anomalies. Incidents like this happen because people are careless. Before initiating further retrieval attempts, request permission from the currently acting site director or supervisor. —Site-113 Director Scarlet Winters

Addendum 04: Over the course of three weeks, specimen SCP-3102-32 was carefully monitored. From the total of 19 recorded vocalisations, six mentioned particular subjects of current interest from site researchers. These vocalisations are available below. For the complete audio log, see Audio Log 3102-32-A.

Addendum 05: On 03/01/1987, Fifty-six SCP-3102-35 instances swarmed SCP-3102-1, resulting in 118 SCP-3102 casualties. Deep-sea surveillance drones were immediately dispatched to intervene, successfully terminating thirty-two SCP-3102-35 instances. Research of the recovered remains is ongoing.

Addendum 06: 03/22/1987: Research from the recovered SCP-3102-35 remains indicates 78% resemblance to [REDACTED]. Study remains ongoing.

Addendum 07: 04/07/1987: Fifty-nine new organisms were sighted on SCP-3102. Request pending for retrieval of these new specimens. —Senior Researcher Kenoma Versoza

Addendum 08: 04/19/1987: Request granted. —Site-113 Director Scarlet Winters

Addendum 09: On 04/23/1987, six personnel from Site-113 were sent to retrieve new specimens sighted on SCP-3102 from two weeks prior. Sixty-eight specimens were successfully recovered without incident. However, before reaching the surface, an indeterminate number of SCP-3102-35 attacked two personnel handling the containment vessels. Although no casualties or serious injuries were reported, all captured specimens expired due to infestation by SCP-3102-35. Below is the only recorded vocalisation during the incident:

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