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Project Midgard

3/3193 LEVEL 3/3193
Item #: SCP-3193
Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-62 Lektor Fonstein Carlos Capualo MTF ∑-32

Special Containment Procedures

All physical copies of SCP-3193 are to be held within Storage Locker-17 at Site-62. The original copy of SCP-3193 is kept within the Laboratory-7 Security Chamber while not being utilized by Site-62's Research and Development Team. Access to SCP-3193 is limited to Project Midgard personnel with Level 3/3193 Clearance or higher.

All reported Berserkir Events are to be considered a Level-3/Keneq Priority Response Situation and appropriate concealment efforts will be enacted.

The investigation of POI-70617 is being conducted by MTF Epsilon-32 and the Project Midgard Investigation Department. All information regarding the investigation is available upon request to Project Midgard Personnel with Level 4/3193 Clearance or higher.


A frequency analysis of the isolated cognitohazard within SCP-3193.

SCP-3193 is an auditory cognitohazard in the form of a 49-second infrasound1 melody. Analysis of SCP-3193 revealed a complex thaumic ritual composed of audio cues, harmonies, and tones, commonly known as audiothurgy. This specific ritual shares key features with those historically used by seiðmenn2 during the Viking Age.

When heard in its entirety, SCP-3193 induces a state of hyperarousal3 by prompting a release of norepinephrine and adrenaline. These chemicals are produced in amounts far exceeding baseline human capability. In this state, subjects (designated SCP-3193-A) are susceptible to hyper-fixations on visual or verbal triggers.

When instances of SCP-3193-A are congregated in groups of 10 or greater, SCP-3193-A instances will experience a Berserkir Event, during which subjects will demonstrate feral behavior. Subjects will begin to divide into subgroups and engage each other in combat. In this state, SCP-3193-A instances' sensory nervous system will experience a decrease in activity, causing analgesia4. SCP-3193-A instances experience a complete lack of reasoning caused by decreased activity in the cerebral cortex. The Berserkir Event lasts 2-hours after initiation unless additional exposure to SCP-3193 occurs.

Attached Addenda


The Williamsburg Walmart at the initiation of the Berserkir Event.

SCP-3193 was discovered within a song used in a holiday sale promotional by Walmart Incorporated. The song containing SCP-3193 in 30-second radio advertisements to promote the "Holiday Cheer Blowout Sale", at the Williamsburg Walmart department store. This incomplete version of SCP-3193 had no anomalous effect on exposed individuals. On 1995/12/15, the day of the aforementioned sale, the Williamsburg Walmart played several informational pieces over the store intercom with the song containing SCP-3193, in its entirety, as the background music. These were played in half-hour intervals causing a 6-hour Berserkir Event.


DATE: 1995/12/15

NOTE: This log is a compilation of excerpts taken from the Williamsburg Walmart security camera system during the Berserkir Event, as well as the personal cameras of Jack Doris and Julie Doris, two amateur filmmakers making a documentary on the struggles of deaf individuals in America.5


8:01 am SCP-3193 begins to play over the store's loudspeakers. All customers begin to indiscriminately attack people nearby. Familiar connections seem irrelevant, as a group of children is seen forcing their mother into a freezer and barring the door. Seven deaths are recorded during this period.

8:36 am: SCP-3193-A instances cease combat and divide into two groups, gathering at opposite sides of the store. This event is also seemingly random. Ten minutes later, each group sends twenty-five people out into the store, where they appear to be gathering materials, such as baseball bats, shelving, and kitchenware. The pharmacy is also raided at this point. Post-incident examination showed that SCP-3193-A instances primarily took narcotics and other painkillers from this sector.

9:06 am Using the materials recovered, SCP-3193-A instances begin to construct crude weaponry and armor, coating it and themselves in red or blue paint. The East side of the store used exclusively red paint, while the West side utilized blue.7 After this, SCP-3193-A instances begin to ingest large amounts of narcotics and painkillers and begin to enter a frenzied state.

9:19 am A brief skirmish occurs in the Electronics Department, resulting in the deaths of two people. The Dorises can be seen moving into the Pharmacy Department and taking large amounts of bandages and sleeping pills before grabbing rope from the Hardware Department.

9:30 am: Both teams meet in the center of the store. After several minutes of screaming, they each push forward a combatant, with Blue selecting a middle-aged man and Red selecting an elderly woman. These combatants circle each other before engaging directly. The man is unable to strike the woman with his bat and gets his arm caught in a shelving unit. The elderly woman cuts his hamstrings with two serrated steak knives and repeatedly slams his head into the ground. Blue team withdraws and the Red team surrounds the man. Five minutes later, the man can be seen flayed and hanging over the entrance to the Garden Department with the Elder Futhark Runes for "Coward" written above his head in pieces of his skin. Despite these injuries, he remains alive for the next two hours.

9:45 am: For the next two hours, the SCP-3193-A instances repeat this ritual every fifteen minutes, with the losers being subjected to increasingly horrific torture methods, such as the removal of the entire digestive tract, being force-fed pins and needles, limb centered immolation, removal of teeth and reinsertion into the eye sockets, and forcing one woman to take a bite of her still-beating heart.

11:48 am: After completing nine single combat trials, the SCP-3193-A entities moved the shelving units in the center of the store into a circle twenty-five meters in diameter. They then began to engage in combat again, with three people from each group participating. The losing team was skinned by the victors, regardless of whether they were still alive. Any members of the winning team were placed on the shelves, arms crossed over their chest with their weapon over their hearts. The skins were then placed on the floor, ringing the circle. This ritual repeated every thirty minutes.

12:11 pm: Jack Doris was seen collecting several bottles of cooking oil, two t-shirts, and a can of paint thinner before heading towards the maintenance section of the store.

12:15 pm: A fire in the maintenance area had damaged the building fuse boxes, deactivating the automated loudspeaker announcements and the event concluded 2-hours later.


The Foundation response arrived at the conclusion of the event at which time MTF Epsilon-32 ("Jaw Droppers") and the Site-62 concealment team took control of the situation. The initial investigation led to the song containing SCP-3193 being determined as the cause of the event. Interviews with the remaining staff focused the investigation to Walmart's Regional Manager Lenny Fricke, who was responsible for the advertising campaign. An interview with Mr. Fricke revealed he had purchased the song from Valkner Njorder, owner of the "Seven Seas Advertising Agency", under the premise that the song would encourage customers to buy products.

Out of the 190 civilians involved in the Berserkir Event: 112 were injured, 59 were dead, and 19 were unharmed at the conclusion of the event; of those injured, 29 succumbed to their injuries. The Foundation confiscated all the security tapes and personal audio/video recording devices present during the event.8 All remaining civilians were amnestisized and all injuries were attributed to a gas line explosion.

Investigation Summary: POI-70617

Since 1995 there have been 16 reported Berserkir Events with varying levels of casualties, POI-70617 and its various shell companies have been implicated in each event. As of 29 Jan 2020 15:35, all attempts to locate POI-70617 have failed and its investigation is currently ongoing.

Further information regarding the investigation is available to approved Project Midgard personnel.

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