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Item #: SCP-3272

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the unpredictable nature of SCP-3272 no adequate containment procedures have yet been devised. Persons known to have communicated in any conventional way with SCP-3272 are to be immediately terminated to prevent the spread of its memetic effect. The only exception to this applies to Foundation members of clearance level 4 and above, as well as all persons deemed to be critical to world government, who are to be administered class-A amnesics.

To prevent the generation of SCP-3272-A a minimum of one infected is to be secured at all times.
Instances of SCP-3272-A are to be quarantined by MTF Eta-10 ("See No Evil") until its inevitable self degeneration. Termination of all infected in an aggravated state is justified.

In the event of an SCP-3272-A instance manifesting within a Foundation site, Emergency Procedure Hyperion is to be executed. All sites known to be frequented by level 4 or above personnel are to be fitted with emergency evacuation tunnels to aid escape for non-infected of high ranking. If a new SCP-3272-A instance is believed to be in a state of random generation these tunnels are to be constantly patrolled by armed agents provided with portable amnestic treatments.


  • All communication methods to the affected site are to be cut immediately. Power to the site is to be disconnected as well. All sites known to be used by level 4 or above personnel are to be fitted with emergency evacuation tunnels to aid escape for all non-infected.
  • The area surrounding the site is to be evacuated with a cover story relating to weapons testing; alternative housing is to be provided by the Foundation. A border is also to be constructed around the site to prevent escape of infected.
  • Long ranged missiles are to be used to terminate all entities vulnerable to kinetic assault. The missile is not to contain any form of AI or guidance systems as these would be affected by SCP-3272.
  • The anomaly is then to be "starved" of sentient life forms until it degenerates.
  • Clean up crew and containment specialists are to arrive at the blast zone to secure all breached SCPs.

Description: SCP-3272 is a memetic anomaly which spreads through the stimulation of basic senses such as sight or smell. Infected feel forced to transmit SCP-3272 by any means, often producing unwarranted vocalizations or physically assaulting others. Affected are somehow attracted to each other, seemingly meeting by accident. It has been recorded that SCP-3272's effects are not immediate and take an approximately 6 hour period until becoming noticeable; this makes testing possible with infected still in the early stages. The bearers of SCP-3272 have been found in custody on charges of antisocial behavior; they have also been found within psychiatric hospitals misdiagnosed with insanity or schizophrenia as a result of the anomaly. If a number of infected make physical contact they will conjoin into a SCP-3272-A instance; this property has accounted for the creation of 100+ SCP-3272-A instances.

SCP-3272-A designates a visual and auditory anomaly existing seemingly for the sole purpose of spreading SCP-3272. SCP-3272-A, according to D-class reports, appears as a massive, roughly spherical object entirely composed of light. Extensive D-class testing has shown them to not produce any radiation or have any mass, this - combined with extensive reading of the documents under Addendum-A - has led to the development of a theory stating they exist purely in the conscious mind. SCP-3272-A's "outbursts" show similar nature to that of the infected although on a much larger scale. Logical communication with the anomaly has proven impossible although it does appear to show some form of semi-sentience; on the arrival of Foundation personal it was found to begin the output of information regarding multiple Keter class entities and remarking on its own proposed designation as an SCP, stating "I'm not one of them, I am art, they are monsters I am beautiful. You are terrible." SCP-3272 infected have been found to be drawn to SCP-3272-A, on contact they are absorbed into the anomaly. If the instance is not provided with sentience for a prolonged period of time it will cease to exist. If no beings with sentience in some form are infected and no "lights" are active a new SCP-3272-A instance will spontaneously generate in a random location; as a result of this a minimum of one infected must be contained constantly.

Addendum A: Several documents regarding SCP-3272 were discovered on ██-██-2017 on a Foundation database created by three unidentified anartists going by the online aliases "JoysHeartbeat", "SynthesisEve" and "A Humble Glass of Water". For some seemingly satirical effect the artists chose to automatically expunge all cursing found in the messages in a style and tone similar to that of the Foundation; all other censoring is done through Foundation protocol.

Addendum B: Research into the possible danger posed by the phenomenon described in the final document is currently awaiting O5 approval. Foundation operatives discovered the corpse of Jerry Haffleson, identified to be "JoysHeartBeat" by the address expunged in one of his messages, hung at his home in London, the machine seeming to be the source of SCP-3272 was not located. Research into the location of the machine is currently awaiting O5 approval. The possibility this document being a modified conductor of SCP-3272's anomalous properties is currently being investigated.

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