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Item #: SCP-3277

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The area surrounding SCP-3277 is to be guarded with a set of fully-armed naval crafts. A no-fly zone is to be established near SCP-3277; any aircraft or ship attempting to cross the area are to be advised to not traverse it under threat of fire.
SCP-3277 is to be known outside of the Foundation as a military base maintained and owned by the government of the United States.

Description: SCP-3277 is an absence of water located in the north-east Pacific Ocean with 36° 14' 7.4832'' North 139° 23' 40.3116'' West as its coordinates on the geographic coordinate system. SCP-3277 has a volume of approximately 400kl3. It is mostly composed of oxygen, nitrogen, and neon. SCP-3277 has an approximate depth of 5600 meters, extending to the ocean's seabed. Its vertical shape is devoid of any irregularities. From a map viewpoint, SCP-3277 is dagger-shaped.

Both SCP-3277 and its surrounding area is devoid of any marine life. Through satellite observation, no avian life has been seen crossing SCP-3277 and its surrounding area. Aviary life has been shown to avoid SCP-3277 even if it is necessary to traverse it. Marine life when placed near SCP-3277 actively seek out to leave SCP-3277's surrounding zone.

Any object present within SCP-3277 for a prolonged period of time deteriorates rapidly. Biological matter such as animal or human flesh has been shown to be immune to this effect, the only exception being wood and other vegetal material. Any human or animal in a two meter vicinity of the seabed in SCP-3277 is instantaneously transported to the western coast of Mexico, and the initial velocity of the individual is removed.

Any body of salt water entering SCP-3277 will either evaporate, decompose into hydrogen, oxygen and salt or disappear. Despite its properties, the water of the surrounding ocean does not enter SCP-3277. The surrounding water reacts to tidal lunar forces but is not affected by tidal waves, wind-driven or surface waves. Waves only form nine km away from SCP-3277. There are no currents present in the sea surrounding SCP-3277.

The average pressure found at the bottom of SCP-3277 is 202650pa or twice the air pressure found at sea level.

Several carvings have been found on the bottom floor of SCP-3277 seemingly forming a language unknown to the Foundation. The carvings do not resemble any dead or spoken language known to exist on Earth. Their origin is still unclear.

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