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Item #: SCP-3326

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-3326 are to be stored and utilized in conjunction with a second instance of SCP-3326 so that each unit is covered by both its own Scranton field and the field of its partner unit. All disassembly, transport, and deployment of SCP-3326 units must be overseen by the member of MTF Rho-2 (Leapfrogs) assigned to that particular unit pair. No movement of SCP-3326 units off or between sites will take place without authorization from the site director and escort from a contingent of MTF Rho-3 (Bullfrogs).1

Description: SCP-3326 is the collective designation for the remaining products of Project Mainstay. Project Mainstay was proposed by Dr. Scranton in 1989 with the intent to utilize anomalous artifacts, processes, and entities to create a device capable of hindering or preventing anomalous changes in local reality.

By 1993 the first prototype Scranton reality anchor was produced and was shown to be capable of creating a 2 meter wide sphere in which manipulation of reality via anomalous means proved impossible.2 Further testing revealed the "Scranton field" produced was not only capable of protecting against conventional reality manipulation and all known classes of temporal erasure, but could also be used to nullify the powers of reality bending entities and artifacts within the field.3

As of May 3rd 2005, Dr. Tobias Scranton died in a car accident in 1964. It is believed that a large reality altering event or powerful reality altering individual/artifact altered what was a near death experience for Dr. Scranton in baseline reality to become a fatal accident. Due to this event, Dr. Scranton never made the proposal that would become Project Mainstay, the Scranton reality anchor and all inventions stemming from it were never created, and all reality anchors and reality anchor based technology outside of the field of an active reality anchor ceased to exist. The remaining ███ reality anchors have been designated instances of SCP-3326.

Provided an instance of SCP-3326 remains within an active Scranton field, any effects it has had on our current reality will remain. Anomalies contained and personnel saved in the past through the use of that instance of SCP-3326 will not suffer any adverse effects. Upon the removal of any instance of SCP-3326 from an active Scranton field said instance will cease to exist and reality will be restructured to reflect the non-existence of that instance. Every incident in which a SCP-3326 unit has been placed outside of an active Scranton field has resulted in retroactive deaths and containment breaches. It is calculated that the remaining ███ instances, particularly SCP-3326-██, have prevented at least █ potential K-class scenarios and the deaths of over 12,000 members of Foundation staff and uncountable civilians.

At the time of writing the remaining SCP-3326 instances have been distributed to Foundation testing and containment sites, O5 residences and places of work, data storage sites, and SCP-3326 housing.

Addendum: So far all efforts at replication of SCP-3326 technology have failed. Discrepancies between the behavior of exotic particles utilized within SCP-3326 units and those outside active Scranton fields indicate that in addition to the death of Dr. Scranton the events of 5/3/05 have altered the laws of our reality to make the production of ██████ particles (which are required for the manufacture of SCP-3326) impossible.

The attempts to upgrade larger SCP-3326 units to allow function while in motion have been a costly failure. The modification of smaller units into portable tactical gear, while successful, has produced an unacceptable amount of broken or cannibalized SCP-3326 units. Each of these units are precious and the loss of any of them is no longer considered worth the advantages provided by having MTF squads resistant to reality altering affects. All existing personal reality anchors will be allocated to MTF Rho-2 members and level 5 personnel.

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