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Mission Parameters: Determine the reason behind the disappearance of D-4f68a, locate any anomalous objects located by D-4f68a, and identify any anomalous entities present within SCP-3333.

Personnel: MTF Mod-0 ("Characteristic Eigenspaces")

Additional Information: All members of MTF Mod-0 were equipped with standard-issue survival gear and recording equipment. No special items were deemed necessary. All batteries and backups were triple-checked. Doctor Williams supervised from base camp.


Mod-1: Mod-1, check.

Mod-2: Mod-2, check.

Mod-3: Mod-3, check.

Mod-4: Mod-4, check.

Mod-5: Mod-5, check.

Mod-1: Ok, everyone. Standard-issue tower approach. Two ahead, one in the middle, two behind. Let's go.

Mod-1 and Mod-5 take the lead, with Mod-2 and Mod-3 trailing behind. No major abnormalities are observed in the following forty-five minutes of their ascent, with one exception: despite D-46f8a's previous ascent, every trapdoor after the first has been shut.

Mod-1: Base camp, I don't know if you can hear this.

Doctor Williams: Mod-1, what do you hear?

Mod-1: The wind's picked up. A bit of a downdraft coming from each door we're opening.

Mod-3: Is this normal? Doctor, please advise.

Williams: The interior might have shifted. That could create eddy currents, depending on where the air is displaced. It's nothing to worry about.

Mod-3: We'll pan the rooms as we go. Doctor, you know best. Tell us if anything's amiss.

Williams: Noted, Mod-3.

Mod-5 swings open the next hatch, approaching the 185th level.

Mod-1: Damn. Wind's getting a little warmer. You guys feel that?

Mod-2: A little from down here. Feels like someone left the heating on.

Mod-5: Do you smell that?

Mod-1: Burning hair.

Mod-5: That's certainly cheerful.

Mod-3: Doctor, please advise.

Williams: Everything is within parameters. Please proceed.

Mod-1: Let's go.

After several hours of climbing, Mod-4 and Mod-2 encounter the room where D-4f68a attempted to exit SCP-3333. The furniture is still in a state of disarray. The door is wide open, but the wind blowing through it appears to have died down.

Mod-2 approaches the open door cautiously. He removes one of his gloves and sticks his hand out.

Mod-2: It's still blowing. Just a little bit. Still a little warm.

Williams: The pressure must have equalised. Here seems as good a place as any.

Mod-1: On it, doc.

The members of Mod-0 gather and attempt to mount an expedition outside of SCP-3333. Mod-2 is attached to a rope and exits SCP-3333. There is no strong wind, and Mod-2 is easily able to reach the bottom.

Mod-2: There's nothing here.

Mod-1: Let's go. I'll join you in a minute. The rest of you keep watch.

Mod-3: Roger.

Mod-4: Roger.

Mod-5: Roger.

Mod-1 and Mod-2 descend the side of the Fremont lookout. Estimated height above the ground is 80m. As expected, the ground is bare dirt with occasional exposed rock faces; Mod-2 stoops down and sweeps some of the dirt into a sample vial. They proceed southwest for approximately two hundred meters, with Mod-2 stopping to collect another sample every 20 meters.

Mod-2: Nothing but rocks and dirt.

Mod-1: Let's head back.

A faint knocking sound is heard over the microphones of Mod-3, Mod-4, and Mod-5. Mod-3 jumps. It seems that the sound is coming from directly above him.

Mod-3: Doctor, please advise!

Mod-4: Heads up. It's coming from the trapdoor.

Mod-1: Mod-3, what's going on?

The knocking sound stops, then resumes—more loudly, now, and in a regular rhythm: long-short-short.

Mod-4: Sounds like something's blowing against it.

Williams: This is new. Keep a look out.

Mod-1: We're on our way back.

Mod-5: [static]

All camera feeds inside the Fremont lookout cut out simultaneously.. There is the sound of the trapdoor being opened. Over the microphones, Mod-3 and Mod-4 both scream.

Mod-1 moves quickly, dragging Mod-2 behind a low rock.

Mod-2: What the hell is that?

Mod-1: Keep it down. Mod-3, what's going on?

Mod-5: [static] wind's too hot! It's too hot!

Mod-3: [Screaming]

Mod-1: Mod-4? Mod-5? Please respond.

Mod-4: It's full of ash and smoke. Can't see. We're bugging out.

Williams: Mod-1, stay where you are!

Mod-1: Please respond, Mod-3.

Mod-5: It's too hot! [static]

Mod-1 peers over the edge of the rock. Base camp zooms in to the windows of the Fremont lookout. It appears that nothing is amiss — but the camera's resolution is again too low, and base camp cannot confirm if Mod-3, Mod-4, and Mod-5 are still inside.

Williams: Do not enter the lookout, Mod-1. Are you listening to me?

Mod-1 does not respond to Doctor Williams. He gestures to Mod-2 and prepares to break cover. Mod-2 pulls him back down.

Mod-2: Eyes up, sir! There, by the right window!

Mod-2 points towards the lookout. True to his word, there is a flash of reflected light behind one of its windows. Before base camp can zoom in to it, it disappears.

Mod-2: They're still in there. It must be one of their binoculars, or the edge of their goggles.

Mod-1: Low approach, keep to the ridge. Mod-3, if you can hear this, sit tight. We're coming back.

Williams: Stay where you are, Mod-1!

Mod-2: Doc, do you copy? [Pause] Doc?

Williams: Mod-1? Mod-1!

Doctor Williams calls several more times for Mod-1 and Mod-2 to keep away from the Fremont lookout, to no avail. The remainder of Mod-0 is similarly unresponsive in their panic. At this point, it is apparent that the team's communications have been entirely compromised.

Mod-1: Let's go.

They crawl along the ridge, approaching the foot of the Fremont lookout. Its stairs appear to be functional. Mod-1 takes the lead and the two operatives swiftly ascend.

Williams: Stay away. Stay away! Do not go up! Mod-3, if you're in there, you need to get your team down! Do not stay in the tower!

Mod-1 reaches the top of the steps. Mod-2 follows suit. Mod-1 tries the door handle. It swings open easily, and the two operatives rush inside.

Mod-2: I see them!

Mod-1: Open up!

Although the camera feeds show that both operatives are inside the lookout, their footsteps are not heard. Instead, there is the sound of knocking against a door — as if Mod-1 and Mod-2 are still trying to enter.

Mod-1: Mod-3, open up!

Mod-2: What happened? Why is it like this?

Over the microphones, the wind begins to blow.

Mod-1: Windows aren't budging. Mod-3? Mod-5?

Mod-2: [Knocking] Let us in!

On the camera feeds, Mod-1 and Mod-2 pan the room. The floor is strewn with orange fur. There does not appear to be any wind in the room.

Mod-2's camera goes still. There is a shape under the table at the far end of the room at D-46f8a's last known position.

Mod-1: Open up! Let us in!

Mod-2: Oh God, it's getting hot!

Mod-1 and Mod-2 are knocking furiously on the door now. The wind intensifies. Both operatives begin to scream.

At the same time, on the camera feeds, Mod-1 and Mod-2 approach the table. They move with an odd calmness and their cameras do not shake. Slowly, Mod-1 and Mod-2 lower themselves, letting the shape beneath the table come into full view.

Mod-1: [Gunshot] Open up!

Mod-2: It's not working!

Both operatives' cameras come into focus on the figure under the table. It is shuddering slightly. It is covered in orange fur, like a cloak, matted and caked with black specks.

Williams: Mod-1? Mod-2?

Mod-2: [Screaming]

The figure turns. It has the head of a fox and the body of an old man, hunched over on all fours. Its chest, hands, and feet appear to have been severely burned; some of its digits are missing, with the tips of charred bones exposed at the stumps.

Doctor Williams gasps: she recognises the body as D-4f68a's.

Mod-2: For the love of God, do something! Open the door!

Mod-1: Doc, there’s something—in the fire!

Mod-2: I see it too! It's—it's a tower! No, a castle!

Mod-1: We're burning! Let us in! Let us in!

The figure lifts its right hand and paws at the ground. It knocks once, and then twice. The camera feeds cut out.

Meanwhile, the microphones continue transmitting. A crackling noise is heard in the background, growing in loudness along with the wind. Mod-1 and Mod-2 continue screaming to the point of incoherency.



Exploration 2, camera 2, timestamp 09:40:39.

Conclusion: The mission was aborted when no further meaningful communication could be established with MTF Mod-0. However, Mod-1 and Mod-2's microphones continued transmitting the sounds of their screaming for the following 5 hours. As a precaution, Doctor Williams ordered that the trapdoor at base camp be locked and barred.

9 hours after the mission's abort, base personnel heard frantic knocking and voices coming from the other side of the trapdoor, followed by a burst of sporadic gunfire breaking the trapdoor's lock. Mod-5, followed by the rest of MTF Mod-0, then emerged from the other side. After their identities were ascertained, they were attended to by base medical personnel and subsequently debriefed.

Though they were visibly shaken, the members of MTF Mod-0 bore no physical injuries. They expressed confusion over the events within SCP-3333 and showed a definite unwillingness to reenter. Given the circumstances, and the possibility of a memetic agent, a special counter-memetics operative was brought in for further exploration over the objections of MTF Mod-0.

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