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Sketch taken from account of instance SCP-3337-E1's experience within [CENSORED BY ORDER OF THE O5 COUNCIL]

Item #: SCP-3337

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-3337 is currently being held in a black lead container in Cell Block 63 located in Sector 9 of the main SCP Foundation building. The metal plate SCP-3337 is placed on drains any and all bodily fluids, both arterial and amniotic, that continuously seep from its orifices into a second hidden container underneath for testing purposes. To ensure the integrity of samples taken from SCP-3337 a small shower head affixed right above SCP-3337 regularly sprays filtered mineral water every 30 minutes in order to keep SCP-3337’s conditions moist.

In the case of a containment breach SCP Upper Level Administration has authorized the use of armed guards to keep those who have achieved eye contact from reaching SCP-3337’s location and consuming it by any means necessary. If the consumption of SCP-3337 were to be achieved, the individual must be captured at all costs and taken into Foundation custody immediately for retrieval.


SCP-3337 is a human placenta 22 cm in diameter and weighing about 475 grams. Due to being more than 2 cm thick, it can be assumed that the fetus that SCP-3337 originally housed did not suffer from intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR). However, concrete evidence on whether or not the fetus which SCP-3337 originally produced managed to exist for any length of time after its birth continues to elude Foundation scientists. The humans involved in the creation of SCP-3337 [DATA EXPUNGED].1

Although SCP-3337 looks like an average human placenta would when not connected to a host, any human life form that achieves visual contact with SCP-3337 will be overcome with what has been described by survivors of SCP-3337 as a “near irresistible urge” to consume its flesh. Once consumption of SCP-3337 has been accomplished, the individual will fall into a coma and undergo what SCP scientists have dubbed an SCP-3337 Eva Duplicare “(re)birth-event.”

During an SCP-3337 Eva Duplicare “(re)birth-event” the individual will go through a series of stages that are similar in nature to the stages of birth normal human beings experience when pregnant. However, Eva Duplicare is distinctive in that SCP-3337 will first transform into a functioning uterus and accompanying female reproductive system within its host, regardless of whether or not the individual had one before consuming SCP-3337.

Foundation scientists see this as a replacement for the normal first stage of labor, as the actual birthing process initiated by SCP-3337 is on average much faster than a regular birth/gestation period. In fact, the individual hosting SCP-3337 in its uterine state will gestate a human fetus over the span of a couple of hours, after which they will give birth to a human child. Said human child, labeled from this point on by Foundation Personnel as an instance of SCP-3337-E, will be an exact physical and genetic copy of SCP-3337's host.

Stage 2 of Eva Duplicare does not begin until SCP-3337-E leaves the birth canal, wherein SCP-3337-E's development will accelerate, gaining the exact age of the original individual by the seventh day out of utero. SCP-3337-E will remain completely comatose during this time and connected to SCP-3337 via SCP-3337’s umbilical cord.2 In contrast, the original individual will undergo an extreme deterioration in health and physical appearance. During the Third Stage of Eva Duplicare SCP-3337 will leave the body as normal in it's original state, with the exception that the host will continue to deteriorate until they expire.3

Upon separation from SCP-3337, SCP-3337-E will immediately begin to gain consciousness. SCP-3337-E will not only retain all of the memories of the original upon awakening, but will also be able to recall even the minutest of details of every single moment of the original’s life, including the nine months they spent within the womb. The only exception is SCP-3337-E's memories after the original host activated SCP-3337's anomalous properties.

Instead of simply recalling themselves consuming SCP-3337 as multiple testimonies have stated takes place, instances of SCP-3337-E only remember being coerced by a disembodied voice into eating of the fruit of a large tree (please see Addendum 1 for more information regarding scientific speculation behind said “fruit tree.”) It has also come to the attention of the Foundation’s scientists that SCP-3337-E, although birthed from SCP-3337, continues to think that it is in fact the original individual. This is due in part because of this memory as well as their recollections of being conceived by the original individual’s biological parents.

Although Foundation scientists explored the idea that SCP-3337’s abilities could include a memetic component, after much testing it seems that "the voice" instances of SCP-3337-E claim to hear is another entity entirely and that SCP-3337 is able to allow the human consciousness to astral project rather than plant knew information. What this entity is exactly, Foundation scientists may never know as experimentation has yielded few results and many of the interrogations of instances of SCP-3337-E about "the voice" have proven faulty. To the Foundation's surprise, application of amnesiacs of varying intensities have no effect on the minds of surviving instances of SCP-3337-E.

The fact that SCP-3337 is capable of the Eva Duplicare process at all is both notable and perplexing, since SCP-3337 is non-sentient and its anomalous properties keep itself from naturally decaying. The Eva Duplicare process without interference by "the voice" simply causes human beings to successfully astral project, although most instances of SCP-3337-E who have managed to speak to SCP Personnel before expiring immediately after Eva Duplicare fail to hear "the voice" or experience visions of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Foundation scientists have deduced that SCP-3337's purpose is to act as a functioning link between humanity and "the voice" through its effects on available human hosts.4

Only a few instances of SCP-3337-E have withstood the severe mental breaks usually felt upon gaining consciousness. It is important to note that many of said survivors have been female, 99.9% of which immediately lose interest in having children themselves.5 Those who are able to obtain a semblance of a normal life after their interaction with SCP-3337 and [DATA EXPUNGED] often choose to undergo radical hysterectomies.6


SCP-3337’s anomalous properties were activated upon its discovery, wherein lead archeologist Dr. Martin █████ and his team first came into visual contact with SCP-3337 on a dig site located in the Great Rift Valley of East Africa days after new human fossils were discovered in Morocco (please see Addendum 2 for a more in-depth discussion on the anthropological origins of SCP-3337). The group quickly degenerated after succumbing to SCP-3337’s abilities and began to fight amongst themselves in their attempts to reach SCP-3337’s location. After one of the individuals was eventually able to properly consume SCP-3337, all activity ceased and the rest of the team minus the one individual regained normal brain functionality for a short time before succumbing once more to SCP-3337’s anomalous properties.

Once the SCP Foundation finally heard word of the missing team after several months agents were secretly dispatched to the dig site. Only one member of the original group was found alive. To date said member is the first known existence of a surviving example of SCP-3337-E in Foundation custody. Her written account of her experience as well as her artwork of her visions of SCP-3337 in the early stages of Eva Duplicare remain the most intelligible of all known SCP-3337-E instances currently in containment (please see Addendums 3A-C for notable interview logs).


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