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SCP #: 3352
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures:
SCP # is to be kept in a standard Containment box. SCP 3352’s box must be spun at three rotations per hour on a robotic metal platform. Magnets must be placed around SCP 3352 in such a way that that the platform would continue to spin in the event that the engine is disabled. Level two staff and above may access SCP 3352 after reading a briefing on the risks of SCP 3352. SCP 3352 may not be consumed or placed near edible items. SCP 3352 is to be moved away from high usage areas as new storage areas become available.
Description: SCP 3352 is an object that resembles a ovum, that if not moved for thirty minutes it will inflict compulsion on any person within 60 meters. This compulsion requires them to destroy the egg with maximum force possible. If the egg is not moved within another thirty minutes, the range will double. The foundation first became aware when a agent placed in the executive branch of the United States Government reviewed a letter requesting a tactical nuke strike on Red Lodge, Montana.

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