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Item #: SCP-3382

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Delta-66 ("Poster Boys") are to monitor highways in the state of Arkansas for SCP-3382-A appearances. Instances are to be relocated to containment at Site-64. Testing has revealed SCP-3382-A instance are non-anomalous in nature, and personnel are authorised to disassemble and repurpose material in the interest of storage. Foundation webcrawler DjinnSpotter is to monitor social media and forums for mention of the name or number featured on SCP-3382-A instances, and flagged posts are to be deleted with class-A amnestics administered to all involved individuals. Information warning against make-a-wish scams is to be disseminated throughout Arkansas in order to discourage civilian interaction with uncontained SCP-3382-A instances.

Description: SCP-3382 refers to the anomalous appearance of billboards across the North American state of Arkansas, designated SCP-3382-A, featuring advertisements for a phone hotline titled "Ill wishes".

SCP-3382-A instances feature the name of the charity as well as a phone number1 and the slogan "Dreams fulfilled for the terminally ill". Frequency of SCP-3382-A appearances correspond with the proximity to the center of the state, with manifestations occurring at least once every 14 days within a 10km radius. Local city council members do not recall authorising the construction of suspect billboards and cannot recall how long they have been present.

Children under the age of 10 who dial the number on SCP-3382-A are greeted by a female voice2, designated SCP-3382-B, and asked for their wish. Subjects who have already made a wish, or subjects over the age of 10, will instead be alerted that the number is disconnected. Once a wish has been made SCP-3382-B will wish subjects a nice day and the call will end, with the specifics of the wish actualising within seven days3.

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