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SCP-3441 in the wild before growing its shell

Item #: SCP-3441

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3441 is to be kept in an enclosed room at Site 14. The enclosure is 18m x 18m x 9m with a triangular glass roof to allow natural light. The floor of the enclosure is filled with a 1m deep mixture of sand and dirt. The only entrance to the enclosure is through an observation room requiring Level 2 or higher clearance. Guards and personal with Level 3 Clearance or higher may enter into the enclosure with a weapon No personal other than Class-D may enter into the enclosure for research purposes.

Description: SCP-3441 is a member of the Solenopsis (Fire Ant) family that is roughly the size of a Galapagos Giant Tortoise. The specimen is 1.5m long and 0.7m tall. SCP-3441 has a protective 'shell' surrounding its thorax, comprised of hardened dirt and other as-of-yet unknown materials. Located on the top of the shell is a large ant hill that houses a colony of non-anomalous Solenopsis. Instances of SCP-3441 burrow underground for the purposes of hunting, leaving only its anthill visible. Upon a living animal arriving within a certain distance of the anthill, SCP-3441 instances emerge from the soil and attempt to bite the animal. When bitten, 50 to 100 Solenopsis eggs are introduced into the affected organism's bloodstream. SCP-3441 also injects venom to render the victim temporarily comatose, in order to prevent its movement from disturbing the injected eggs. Hatching takes roughly 1-2 days. During this time, SCP-3441 waits near the body for the eggs to hatch, at which point, the ant larvae will move through the body,usually bursting organs open from hatching and overcrowding of the larvae, and exit through the nearest orifice and join the Solenopsis colony. SCP-3441 does not appear to need to eat or drink, though the Solenopsis colony gathers food while SCP-3441 waits for the Solenopsis eggs to hatch.


SCP-XXXX in the wild burrowed while hunting

Through various studies, it has been determined that SCP-3441 will live roughly for 80-100 years. Before it succumbs to symptoms of aging, SCP-3441 will attempt to reproduce asexually, laying four to six eggs which will hatch in two to four weeks. When they hatch, the instances of SCP-3441 will try to gather up as much of the parent SCP-3441's ant hill as possible and place it on their back. The newborn instances of SCP-3441 will then fight one another, injecting eggs into one another to kill, until only one is left alive as the primary specimen of SCP-3441. The young SCP-3441 will grow at a fast rate, gaining its shell after 1 year and reaching full size after 5 years. SCP-3441 appears to lay eggs only when it is near death, as observed during Incident-739-A(See Addendum A-1).

Addendum A-1: On █/█/19██, Agent █████(later found to be a member of the Chaos Insurgency) disobeyed orders when directed to retrieve Dr. ████ from the SCP-3441 observation room. Agent █████ entered SCP-3441's enclosure and proceeded to open fire on SCP-3441. After being alerted by Dr. █████, guards disarmed and removed Agent ████ from SCP-3441's enclosure. Due to Agent █████'s actions, SCP-3441 suffered heavy blood loss and was able to lay only one egg before death. This event and later experiments, which involved using poisons on SCP-3441, have proven that SCP-3441 will only lay eggs when near death as a self-preservation act. Afterwards, SCP-3441’s containment procedures were revised to include a clause of only D-Class personnel entering the enclosure. During closer examination of the corpse of SCP-3441, it was found that SCP-3441 is almost completely hollow, lacking the normal physiology of a Solenopsis ant. The ant colony living on its shell controls it in lieu of muscles and a nervous system. Further research is to be conducted to determine the process by which SCP-3441 produces its eggs.

Addendum A-2: SCP-3441 was obtained on █/██/19██ during an SCP recovery mission from a Chaos Insurgency base. SCP-3441 was found wandering around the outside area of a base with a shock collar, it has been theorized that it was being used to eliminate intruders on the base. After the mission, SCP-3441 was transferred to Site 14 for research and containment. During the mission, documents on SCP-3441 were found accounting the discovery and capture of SCP-3441. On ██/█/19██, reports came from ████ Park in █████ of disappearances of visitors, Solenopsis ant infestations, and sightings of a strange creature in the woods of the park. In response to the reports, Chaos Insurgency members conducted a search of █████ Park. In a search of the forest, Chaos Insurgency members discovered SCP-3441 waiting by a comatosed victim of its bite. Agents immediately attempted to neutralize SCP-3441 with tranquilizer guns, to no success, then with non-lethal shots with their weapons. SCP-3441 was contained at Base-█████ until being captured by The Foundation. The true origins of SCP-3441 are as of yet mostly unknown, where it originated from, how it was created or born, research may suggest that SCP-3441 is artificial and not born by nature. Investigation on the creator of SCP-3441 is being conducted, but as of yet has not returned any results.

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