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SCP 3461

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3461 is to be locked inside a low-value anomalies locker and at least two guards armed with nonlethal weapons will be assigned to protection duties1. In the event of an SCP-3461 inferno event, fire control personnel will begin fire suppression procedures immediately. Any personnel caught conducting unauthorized tests with SCP-3461 will face disciplinary actions. automatic fire extinguishers will be constantly armed and inspected at least once a month by maintenance. Any researchers who test on SCP-3461 are required to wear fire proximity suits.

Description: SCP-3461 is an unbranded edition of the Nvidia GTX 480 with the words "Caution Hot As Fuck" scratched on the heatsink which appears to have extensive burn damage the GPU, however, appears unharmed. SCP-3461s anomalous properties manifest when installed on a computer the words "Things Are About To Get Hot" appears on the monitor screen of the computer along with a timer counting down from one minute2. When the timer reaches zero or if a computer game is running on the computer instant combustion of any material in an enclosed room will occur regardless of flammability of the material. The only countermeasure of this anomaly appears to be fire proximity suits rated for temperatures of 1000°C. Once a month SCP-3461 will undergo spontaneous combustion regardless of power status. These events being dubbed SCP-3461 Inferno events should be responded to immediately.

Addendum-A Discovery: On ██/██/████ SCP-3461 was activated by a computer programmer named █████ ███████ during a police raid on his house following reports of suspicious activities. When SCP-3461 was obtained by mobile containment teams █████ ███████ and the four police officers attending the raid were killed. Object was put in containment without further incident.

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