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Item#: 3464
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An instance of SCP-3464 during transformation, as photographed by Agent Orenda.

Special Containment Procedures: All 449 instances of SCP-3464 are kept in a cold storage unit at Site-201. As no new instances of SCP-3464 have been produced, and all instances have ceased to display anomalous properties, further containment is dedicated to the suppression of information about SCP-3464's true nature.

Mobile Task Force Delta-13 ("Undead Bread Redemption") is currently implanted within Toronto Public Health to assess irregularities in bread production and preparation in the city of Toronto.

Description: SCP-3464 was a large quantity of garlic bread disseminated throughout the Toronto area between April and September 2018.

Each instance of SCP-3464 was baked using ingredients typical of garlic bread, which includes mozzarella cheese, garlic shavings, parsley, and yeast. SCP-3464 instances vary in mass from a 0.2 kg slice to a 2 kg loaf; in total, 449 instances have been located.

SCP-3464's anomalous properties manifest upon serving, before consumption. Each instance expands to 10 times its initial size; a proportionate mass of garlic bread is newly generated.1 After its growth, SCP-3464 vocalizes about the impact of food waste using the voice of acclaimed voice actor Don LaFontaine. Vocalizations occur for up to 5 minutes. The following is an excerpt from one such vocalization.

In a world, where we could have our cake and eat it too, we savoured every last bite. Now, when the stakes have risen, our final feast may be eaten alone. Every day, we face hunger. Paranoia. Shortage. And the most horrifying struggle of all. Sharing. With our final meal fast approaching, we look to you as the last line of defence. Take the bite, or suffer the consequences.

SCP-3464 is safe for consumption before, during, and after the anomalous effects manifest. 15% of persons consuming SCP-3464 reported feeling pressured against wasting food for 1 month after consumption.

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