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Item #: SCP-3482

Object Class: Keter - Sentient - Violent

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3482 is to be kept in a stainless steel room with a set of 2, 3.2cm copper vault doors with no more than 0.10mm gap between the door and the wall. If there is a gap larger than this there may be a risk of SCP-3482 of escaping containment, SCP-3482 does not to be fed as it is entirely made of tar and has no muscles, organs, or brain.

Description: SCP-3482 is a creature made entirely of tar, with an eyeball, and teeth. It can transform itself and manipulate to any shape or form it likes, SCP-3482 has a desire to entangle and strangle or suffocate its prey to death, with no need to eat SCP-3482 has only a desire to kill, not to devour. SCP-3482 can lift up to 24 tonnes of weight, and can entangle its prey with tentacles it creates with its sticky tar. SCP-3482 hides in regular pools of tar and sometimes near concrete; to disguise itself.


First Test:

Conversations between D-2475 also known as █████ and Dr.█████ before testing took place on 7th September █████.

Dr. █████: Alright the first set of doors should now be - open, there you go, head on in.

D-2475: A-Are you sure I have to do this? You know I'm going to die. I-I-I know I'm going to die!

Dr. █████: As long as you follow my instructions you should be okay. If anything goes wrong we'll send MTF to stop 3482.

D-2475: I'm still going to die! Doesn't matter if that… thing listens to MTF or not I'm going to die.

Dr. █████: Look, think of it as hentai, I mean like tentai as me and Dr Featherstone used to say, ha, look, just go in, or we'll have to extend your time here by another (REDACTED) months.

D-2475: Okay, I'll go in, you know what; I'll think of it like that. Thanks.

Dr. █████: No problem, first doors. - closed, right, second door is going to be open. Ready?

D-2475: Ready.

After D-2475 entered the container, SCP-3482 Immediately tried to escape containment; but failed. After this, SCP-3482 Trapped D-2475 and said: "Now you are stuck, no escape for you haha." and entangled D-2475 with its tar tentacles, D-2475 screamed for help, but no lethal action was taking place, so MTF did not interfere.
Tentacles crawled their way up D-2475's body, Dr. █████ recalls seeing D-2475 smiling, and struggling at the same time. After the tentacles reached D-2475's neck, he seemed to scream for help, but struggled to say so. After (REDACTED) minutes with no response from D-2475, 3 MTF guards were sent in to back SCP-3482 off and leave D-2475 alone.

After MTF were sent in, SCP-3482 moved over to them and said "More? haha, your just giving me a treat!" and immediately trapped 2 guards in tar, and started entangling them, and picked one of them up, the 2 guards that were being entangled started shooting SCP-3482, but SCP-3482 reacted with nothing; after this, SCP-3482 tangled Guards █████ and █████ so they could shoot no more. 2 more MTF guards were sent in to stop this massacre, the 2 MTF guards shot SCP-3482's eye in hopes to startle it, SCP-3482 started to show pain and reacted by saying "Stop, stop! I'll Stop!" and Immediately dropped D-2475 and Guard █████, and let go of the other 2 MTF guards.

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