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Containment of SCP-3482

As of 11/██/200█, containment specialists and the Ethics Committee are accepting proposals for containment of SCP-3482 from all qualified site staff. Inquiries and submissions may be directed to Dr. C Page. All containment proposals must be physically and financially viable, and meet general containment standards. Any unsuitable proposals will not be considered for mention or usage.
Only one system will be implemented, but any that are found contributing to the discussion of SCP-3482's containment may be included in the document for logging. Any contributing staff will be listed by their proposed procedures.

Item #: SCP-3482

Object Class: Euclid


SCP-3482-JOPHIEL undergoing exploratory surgery on their esophageal anomaly.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3482-JOPHIEL is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell. They should be situated in a hospital-grade cot and connected to a physiological monitor, mechanical ventilator, specialized tracheal vacuum connecting to the temporary holding area for SCP-3482-SAMAEL2, EEG, and EKG at all times. SCP-3482-JOPHIEL is to be kept in a barbiturate-induced coma. Research has indicated unconsciousness reduces PERDITIO incidents likelihood by 56-73%.3 An anesthesiologist and EEG technician should examine EEG trends daily to determine when the next injection may be administered ideally to continue the simulated comatose state. Medical personnel assigned to maintenance of SCP-3482-JOPHIEL must check no less than five times a day to ascertain the following:

  • SCP-3482-JOPHIEL's areas of tracheal intubation, IV catheters, and other sites that connect SCP-3482-JOPHIEL to monitoring, containment-related, and life sustaining equipment is undisturbed.4
  • SCP-3482-JOPHIEL's intravenous fluid drip is full.
  • SCP-3482-JOPHIEL has been fed within the past 6 hours.5
  • SCP-3482-JOPHIEL's vital signs are within acceptable parameters.6

SCP-3482-SAMAEL are only produced during PERDITIO incidents. These will be signaled by specialized monitoring equipment as soon as they are expelled, allowing a containment team to collect them and place them in the current temporary containment wing for them. At this time, they are to be kept in a state of coma until further procedures are planned and approved. Early termination of instances through intentional overdose of barbiturates is currently prohibited. Further deliberation on how to contain these instances most efficiently and humanely is a project underway by Ethics Committee and Containment Specialists assigned to this case.

Should any mature SCP-3482-SAMAEL break containment, all security teams are approved to use lethal force and should not try reasoning. Any personnel injured by SCP-3482-SAMAEL may be treated by medical staff using standard procedure.

As of 11/██/20██, testing requests for any type of SCP-3482 should be made out to the Ethics Committee.

Description: SCP-3482 is divided into 3 subcategories.

SCP-3482-JOPHIEL is a 24 year old human, 156 cm tall and weighing 138 kg. They have been kept in a medical coma almost continuously for 8 years. They have a mutation that affects the lining of their esophagus, causing an organ of indeterminate evolutionary origin to grow from the front of the esophageal tract. This causes some respiratory issues due to the growth pressing into the lungs.7 Within this sac, SCP-3482-SAMAEL are produced and subsequently expelled. See description of PERDITIO incidents in addenda for further information.

SAMAEL are humanoid entities of considerable biodiversity. They typically resemble humans with varying deformations, such as the omission of organs or limbs. Intact genetic strands show they are human, and are genetically similar to SCP-3482-JOPHIEL.8 They have minimal healing capacity, with extremely weak tissue throughout their bodies.9 Due to these factors, instances of this type have an average lifespan of 23 days and rarely live beyond 6 months.

Instances of SCP-3482-SAMAEL are sentient and do not exhibit sapience.

They have extremely aggressive tendencies towards all parts of their environments; they will attempt to attack and destroy both inanimate objects and other living organisms.10 They have been noted to throw themselves at walls, floors, and furniture when they have fractured their fingers from digging at their surroundings.

Addendum: Special designations have been made for incidents involving the creation of SCP-3482-SAMAEL, along with theoretical incidents involving systemic failure in SCP-3482-JOPHIEL.

  • Incident - VENENUM: SCP-3482-JOPHIEL displays a drop in a vital life signs,13 signalling potential death. Several factors of current containment are potentially detrimental towards the health of SCP-3482-JOPHIEL. Comatose state, physical stress of PERDITIO incidents, and atrophy due to immobilization are all potentially shortening their lifespan. All proposals on how to avoid accidental neutralization should be addressed post haste to Dr. C Page.
  • Incident - PERDITIO: Instances of SCP-3482-SAMAEL begin forming within the anomalous sac along SCP-3482-JOPHIEL's esophagus. They begin as a presumably asexually produced zygote14 and undergo similar growth to normal human fetuses. However, this process happens significantly faster and results in varying degrees of genetic decay, possibly due to the speed of cell division. Once the instance is 2.5-3cm in length, the muscles around the sac contract and simultaneously trigger SCP-3482-JOPHIEL's gag reflex, expelling the instance via the mouth. To minimize choking hazard, SCP-3482's containment team developed a device similar to a tracheal intubation attached to a breathing machine, that instead attaches to the mouth of the sac and applies a vacuum when monitoring equipment detects expulsion of instances of SCP-3482-SAMAEL. These are deposited into a holding pod via the intubation, and will continue to develop and grow until maturity. This occurs within several hours.
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