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Image of 'SCP-3498' supplied by SCP-3498 Inhabitant (see Interview 3498-1)

Item#: SCP-3498

Object Class: Explained Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-3498 is not necessary. As of the time of writing, containment of SCP-3498 is impossible due to the nature and origin of SCP-3498.

Description: SCP-3498 is a version of earth in parallel dimension - ███ in which the SCP foundation and all SCPs (other than SCP-823) do not exist. Other than this, there are were no other known differences between our Earth and SCP-3498. Then on Wednesday the ██th of January 20██ in their dimension, a post on a website titled 4chan describing the containment procedures and overall description of SCP-173 was uploaded. This post is identical to the SCP-173 file on our version of Earth yet the circumstances on how the information was obtained is still unknown. It is believed to be the creation of an anomalous user and is believed by the inhabitants of SCP-3498 to be fiction.

Over the coming year, the post gained a large audience and rose substantially in popularity to the point where it had it's own established fanbase. In January of the next year, a Wiki was founded where all other SCP descriptions and containment protocols were uploaded word for word at the same time the files were added to our database. It is still unknown how the information was obtained although it has been stated that the writers of these copied SCP files believe they are coming up with the concepts for these SCPs and writing them themselves (see Interview 3498-2). Research into SCP-3498 has been halted following the information acquired during Interview 3498-2. Interview 3498-1 has since been redacted due to the risk that SCP-3498's file is leaked to the population of SCP-3498.

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